Twist of Fate 16 January 2022: The Episode starts with Pragya thinking how to go back. Just then someone comes there and collides with designer Mandira. Mandira asks if she came to pick her. Pragya says no, my mother is coming to take me. Mandira thinks they like such clothes. Tanu asks Mitali to leave the tension. Mitali asks who will handle Abhi, you. They argue. Aaliya blames Tanu as Gayatri left. Tanu says she was not good. Mitali says we didn’t just want a maid, but want someone who can take care of Abhi. Mandira comes there and asks whose engagement is this? She tells that your Servant is standing outside and tells that she will give her dress complimentary. Tanu tells that she will prove that Gayatri was not handling Abhi, but dress matters. She asks Mitali to take the stick and bring Abhi down. Aaliya asks what is going on in your mind. Tanu asks Mandy to come with her.

Prachi cries and tells Shahana that Ranbir was her first love and tells that when he broke their relation then her heart broke. She says why I couldn’t bear it, knowing that he is engaging to Rhea. She says I don’t know why I couldn’t bear to see this. Shahana says you had loved him much and asks her to tell the truth. Prachi refuses and asks Shahana not to tell. She says God is great, says he has control in his hand, what I will do by keeping him in my heart, when he is not in my destiny. Shahana says she will tell Maasi? Prachi asks her not to tell her and says she is already stressed about Papa. She recalls her convcersation with Pragya that Abhi needs her and that’s why she is going there as household help. Prachi says why are you doing this? Pragya says nobody can identify me, when I am in veil. She says Abhi needs a wife and not a Servant. Prachi worries. She tells that she has to fulfill promise made to him after marriage. She recalls everything.

Tanu comes downstairs wearing clothes like Gayatri. She sends Mandy and asks Aaliya if she is looking good. Aaliya says good job. Tanu says Abhi will listen to me. Abhi comes downstairs and hides behind Tanu, thinking her to be Gayatri. Tanu shows her face to Mitali. Mitali thinks she is fooling a mad person. Tanu tells Abhi that she will take her measurement. She takes his measurement and calls him Abhi. Abhi realizes she is not Gayatri and runs behind her holding the floor wiping stick. Raj comes and takes it from his hand. He is about to beat him, when Abhi runs to his room. Aaliya asks Mitali to call Gayatri.

The designer comes to Kohli’s house and meets Dadi and Pallavi. Ranbir comes there. Dadi asks what happened to your hand. Ranbir says slight hurt. Pallavi says your Dadi has searches designer reference for your engagement and asks him to choose. Dadi shows Ranbir. Ranbir says its ok, if you have no problem with the girl and engagement then I have no objection with dress. Dadi asks if he is engaging for his mum’s happiness. Ranbir says Rhea is ready, so he will get engaged to her, now everyone has someone and even Prachi has Parth. Dadi looks on. Aaliya tells Tanu that she is worried and wonders if Gayatri will return or not. Tanu asks what is the need to call her back. Pragya comes back with Mitali. Aaliya apologizes to her. Mitali says Gayatri has a condition. Pragya says she has problem with Mitali. Aaliya asks Mitali not to listen to Gayatri. Pragya then asks Tanu to call her back. Tanu refuses. Just then Abhi comes out and is about to slide on the railing. Pragya rushes to him and asks him to come to show her painting. Abhi asks her to scold them. Pragya says later.

Aryan asks Ranbir to talk to him, as he comes to now everything. Ranbir refuses to talk to him. Aryan gets upset and goes. Prachi shows the friendship band and cries, tells Shahana that Ranbir had made her wear it, she can’t live without him. Ranbir takes out his anger on the boxing bag and cries. Prachi also thinks of him and cries. He cries.

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