Twist of Fate 18 September 2022: The Episode starts with Prachi coming out of the hospital and says I want us to hear the baby’s heartbeat at the same time. She gets sorrowful. Shahana sees Prachi and hugs her. A guy driver the car asks them to move from the way. Shahana argues with the driver and asks him to go. She tells Prachi that she had seen her before, and thought to hug her when she meets her next time. She hugs her again. Prachi cries. Shahana asks why is she crying? Prachi says there is so much which is unbearable.

Shahana asks what happened? Prachi says the matter is of happiness, but I can’t share this happiness with someone, who shall know it. She says I love Ranbir and can’t give him good news, that I am pregnant. Shahana says this is a big news, and asks why can’t you tell Ranbir. She asks what is going on in your life. Prachi hugs her. Shahana asks her not to cry and says they shall sit somewhere and talk. They come to the hotel, where Ranbir is doing meeting with someone. Prachi tells Shahana that she will go to washroom and come. She asks Shahana to sit. Shahana sits on the table. Ranbir looks at them and goes to Shahana. Shahana recalls Prachi’s words. Ranbir asks how are you Shahana? Shahana asks how is Prachi? She says did you take my help, to make her in this condition. She asks him to apologize to her and take her home. Ranbir asks if Prachi cried. Shahana says whatever happened, you might have known. Ranbir goes to Prachi. Shiv comes to Shahana. Shahana gets angry on him for taking her help to unite Ranbir and Prachi. Shiv asks didn’t you know what happened between them and says Ranbir got married to Rhea. Prachi stops seeing Ranbir and then walks past him. He holds her hand.

And asks what is she hiding? Prachi says nothing. Ranbir says she is surely hiding something from him and says Shahana told me everything. Prachi recalls sharing the good news with Shahana. She says Shahana is making stories and lying. He asks do you love me? Manmurade plays…..Prachi stops hearing him. He says I know that you knows that you love me even now, you got angry when I married Rhea and that’s why vent out anger. He says your pain came out and you was crying on the road. He asks what was the reason to return, what are you hiding from me? Mahiya song plays….He holds her face. She says I told what was left and says don’t show love and concern for me. He says we have some emotions that I came drawn to you. She says from your side, when relation is not left, then from where emotions will come. He says there is some pain in yourself, which is bringing tears in your eyes. He says I am feeling like crying seeing tears in your eyes, and says I know you hate me and want my bad, but I can’t see you sad. He asks her to answer and hugs her. Prachi cries and hugs him. She then recalls everything, gets tensed and pushes him. She takes her bag and leaves. Shahana asks what happened to Prachi? Ranbir says she is in pain and hiding something from me. She blames him and goes. Shiv asks Ranbir, if you haven’t told Shahana that you are married to Rhea now, and divorced Prachi. Ranbir says I haven’t divorced Prachi, she is still my wife. He says I will talk to you tomorrow. He goes home. Rhea greets him. Ranbir asks if Prachi came home. Pallavi tells that tomorrow is club event and she suggested them to have it in her house. She says they will meet you tomorrow and will know who is the real bahu of the house. Prachi comes and asks Pallavi to be careful. She says your impression might get ruined, and they will know that you are showing old stuff with new packaging. Rhea asks do you think that we will make you meet them.

Prachi says I am tired and going to sleep. Pallavi taunts her and invites Prachi to meet the guests, and says they shall know whom Ranbir has left and married Rhea. She says let them decide. Rhea says I will welcome the guests being the bahu. Ranbir asks if saas and bahus stay here, this doesn’t seem to be the house, but saas and bahu show. He says he needs a solution for this. Dida smiles. Aaliya comes there and says there is a solution and asks Ranbir to throw Prachi out from the house. She gets inside. Prachi says I didn’t hear properly. Aaliya says I didn’t come to talk to you, but to talk to Pallavi. She says you told me that you will get Rhea and Ranbir married and they will have best memories. She says then you let Prachi stay here. Pallavi says I understand. Prachi says I will make her understand like making the guests understand that day. Pallavi asks her not to interfere, when she is talking to someone.

Prachi says I will speak, she is my Buji and she is talking about him. Aaliya says I am not your Buji. Prachi says I am giving you respect by calling you Buji and asks her to break her relation with Abhi, and says our relation will be over. Aaliya says ask Bhai if he regards you as his daughter or not. Prachi says he will accept me. Aaliya says you wanted to get your sister’s husband and says do you understand why I dislike you. She says like mother like daughter. Dida asks her not to involve the elders. Prachi says it is ok, we are family. She says Ranbir is my husband and I am his wife. She says I came here to show my right on him.

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