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Twist of Fate 19 September 2021: Twist of Fate update Sunday 19th September 2021 Abhi talking to his lawyer and asks why Prachi is not getting bail. The lawyer tells that her bail is difficult as the theft happened in her house, her mum will be blamed too for the theft. Abhi is shocked. Pragya comes to Abhi’s office and tells that she wants to meet Mr.Mehra. Sarita behen calls Pragya and asks her if she met Mr. Mehra and asks her to scold him less. 

Pragya says he has to hear me today. The receptionist informs Abhi that someone came to meet him and is angry. Abhi asks the Receptionist to ask her to wait. Pragya insists to meet Abhi and is going to his cabin. An employee stops Pragya. Pragya asks her to let her go if she doesn’t want to create any scene. The employee comes to Abhi and informs him that Prachi’s mom came here and is very angry. Abhi gets a call.

Ranbir brings Rhea home and asks if he shall bring something to apply on her leg. Pallavi comes there and asks them to continue, not to get embarrassed. Ranbir says Rhea got hurt. Pallavi asks you were in the room. Rhea tells that she met Ranbir at the Police station and tells that Maya had come there to meet him. Ranbir recalls meeting Prachi and tells her.

Pallavi says you met her. Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea tells that plan went exactly the way they thought. Aaliya says Sanju called her. Rhea tells that Sanju would have got caught today. Pallavi gets upset with Vikram for letting him go. She asks Ranbir not to meet her. Ranbir tells that Prachi is very upset with him and might have broken her friendship with me. He says she doesn’t like him, it is all over. he says I will not meet her again. He goes to his room upset. Rhea thinks Ranbir and Prachi’s relation is broken. Pallavi and Vikram go behind him. Pallavi asks him to open the door. Ranbir asks her to leave him alone. Pallavi blames Vikram for all this.

Ranbir pulls the blanket and finds Aryan on the bed. Aryan says did you meet Prachi. Ranbir tells yes and tells that he saw Sanju in the police station. Vikram asks Pallavi to leave Ranbir and tells that like Abhi and I are friends, and don’t talk for 2 days when we fight. He says Ranbir and Prachi will talk again. Pallavi tells Ranbir that they will talk later, blames Vikram and goes. Aryan says it seems Aunty went from here and tells that if Sanju was there, then he is 100 percent involved. Ranbir says why did he come there? He was 200 percent involved. Pragya is going inside Abhi’s cabin, when employee stops her, but Pragya asks her to move from her way.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and tells that she saw Ranbir going from the window secretly, hiding from Pallavi aunty as she doesn’t like Prachi anymore. She tells that Prachi was insulted badly then he also he didn’t get affected. She tells that she used her old trump card to let Prachi know everything. She says Maya told Prachi that Ranbir asked money from her. She says I knew it, Prachi shouted at him and Ranbir said that it is all over, their friendship is over. She tells that just like she planned, everything went well, God is with them. She tells that they are not looking at each other. She tells that she has won.

Aaliya says she is glad to see her happy and hugs her. Rhea asks about the bag. Aaliya asks her to give the money to Sanju and his men which she promised and tells that she would have gone, but Sanju asked me not to come. Rhea calls Sanju. Sanju thanks her for saving him and his men. Rhea asks where to bring money? Sanju asks her to come to his house and tells about the key’s place.

Rhea says ok. Aaliya asks her to be careful. Rhea tells that God is with her today. Sanju thinks that it is good that Ranbir is not behind me. Ranbir says I am behind you, I went intentionally behind you and you ran away, it is clear that you are involved in this case. He says I rewind everything and then Aryan’s questions cleared everything. A fb is shown, Aryan tells Ranbir that the thieves were that men, then how Sanju was involved. Ranbir tells that Inspector said that Prachi is not mastermind as she would have been bailed first than the thieves if she was mastermind. He tells everything and tells that he tried to catch Sanju and then…He then gets an idea and tells that Sanju’s address must be there in bail papers. Aryan says you will get it from Police station. Fb ends. Ranbir says I got your address from Police station and came to know that you went to shop for the bag. He says that’s how I track you. Sanju is also in his car and tells that it is not easy to track him, that’s why he brought this bag.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s cabin and asks didn’t you feel ashamed? You have ruined my daughter’s life and calling yourself busy. She says I told my daughter that in big cities, nobody is good, but she didn’t believe me. She says you called her as a family member and asks if anyone can do this with his family member. She says if you wanted then she wouldn’t have been in jail today.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and thinks she couldn’t understand her feelings, then what to tell him. She thinks she feels good when he is with her, he talks, his stupid face….She thinks if I really love him. She thinks this can’t be love as one gets sleepless in love, thinks I lost my sleep. She thinks nothing seems to be good without him if he gets upset when she doesn’t like that and wants him to be with her. She thinks if Maya had not come then I would have told him that I love him. She says I love Ranbir and smiles. Pragya sees a Lawyer in Abhi’s cabin. He asks who are you? Pragya tells that she is Prachi’s mum and tells that’s why she is feeling more pain. He tells that he is focused to bail her out.

Pragya says you didn’t care for her else you wouldn’t have got her arrested in front of your eyes. She says you would have talked to a lawyer instead of time passing here. Lawyer says you are misunderstanding me, I am not him. Pragya says I thought you wrong and tells that you told the secretary that you was busy. The lawyer tells that he is not Mr. Mehra, but his lawyer. Pragya asks him not to lie. He shows his visiting card and tells that Mr. Mehra went as Ranbir called him. He tells that he was referring similar case as Prachi on his mobile. Pragya says sorry. Lawyer says I can understand you are a mother. Pragya feels bad.

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