Twist of Fate 20 February 2022: Twist of Fate update Sunday 20th February 2022 The Episode starts with Pragya coming to Shahana and Sarita behen. She asks how are you? Sarita behen asks why did you come? She says the circumstances are not good. Pragya says I have reached safely and asks her to show her foot. Sarita behen shows her foot and asks her to think about her problem and says your husband’s court hearing is after 3 days, and we have just less time left. She asks her to think about how to save her husband and how to expose Tanu. She says Tanu understands all your trying and executes a new trick. She says you shall be more scared than me and asks her to focus on the case, as Tanu is eager to snatch your everything. She says this is 20 years old eagerness, now she is dangerous for all the family. She says Aaliya had told that they have to handle Tanu differently else they can’t win the case.

Pragya says Aaliya suggested I do a compromise with Tanu. Sarita behen asks what did you say? Pragya says I said that she will think. Sarita behen asks her to go to Tanu and understand how to calm down her ego, anger, etc. She says the judge has taken his verdict, and it needs to be declared just. Pragya recalls the judge’s words. Sarita behen asks her to think and asks if you met him to part away with Mr. Mehra. She says this is not the truth and wrong game but became Dharm yudh. She says it needs sacrifice. Pragya says I will apply your medicine first. Sarita behen asks her to go and meet Tanu, tells that she shall not think anything and Mr. Mehra shall get freed too. Shahana takes the ointment and says she will apply. Pragya calls Tanu and says send me your address, I am coming there. Tanu asks did you call me by mistake, or did you accept your mistake? Pragya ends the call. Does Tanu think why Pragya wants to meet me?

Pragya comes to meet Tanu. Tanu says you came and does poetry. Does Pragya recall Abhi and Aaliya’s words, judge believing that rape had happened? Tanu asks why she is crying like a weak cat and tells that today night is qayamat night, says she is so scared. Pragya recalls her promise made to Abhi and sits down pleading with Tanu to leave Abhi. She asks her to take out her anger on her, took revenge on her, and leave him. Tanu checks her mobile and says I am checking if you are recording the video. Pragya says I will not do anything. Tanu says you have analyzed well, that you can’t get him out of the jail and the charges, says you have broken or say I have broken you..I was waiting for this day, you were proud of your kumkum, husband, and used to say that the kumkum-filled head feels proud. She tells that she is happy to see her kumkum head bent down in front of her. She says Abhi told me so much and threw me out of the house. She forces her to say that she has done a mistake by returning in Abhi’s life and stopping her marriage. Pragya cries and accepts that she has done a mistake by returning to Abhi’s life and apologizing to stop her marriage. She asks her to forgive her and take Abhi out of the lock-up.

Rhea comes to Abhi. Abhi asks her to come. Rhea says how did you come that I have come. Abhi says just as you come to know. Rhea says she is scared of the judge’s verdict. Abhi says Judge is like Principal. Rhea says how will you save yourself from this punishment. Abhi says why will I save myself and tells me that her mom will save him. He says she is like a legendary warrior and has saved me from Tanu many times. He tells that Pragya had brought Tanu home once, and says what to tell you. He says then she came back as a Hitler and rescued him. Tanu likes to see Pragya pleading in front of her and says I said like that that I will forgive Abhi and let him go, to make you stop crying. She tells us that we will start with your love story and says Abhi used to say that you were his inspiration etc and asks do you really love Abhi. Tanu asks how much? Pragya says which you can’t think of. Tanu says I will ask you to do something which you can’t think of and asks her to rub her nose on her feet and apologize to her. Pragya is shocked. Tanu says what happened, you can’t do this and says you will have just some trash on her nose and asks her to see her kumkum then.

Pragya says nothing is more important to me than my husband and will rub my nose on your feet so that you take back the case, says I love him so much. Tanu stops her and says I made you so helpless that you agreed to rub your nose. She says you are doing this, as Judge has decided. Pragya says she is ready to give her anything and asks what she wants, his property, money. Tanu says she just wants one thing, her kumkum. She asks her to get Abhi married to her, else she will send him to jail. She says if you love him, then leave him and go away from his life. She says Abhi was mine before you got married to him. She says he was with me on your first night, the time has come for you to leave. She asks her to forget all her promises, kumkum and marriage, and tells that she has broken everything. She asks her to get married and leave here. She says you have today’s day time, think and take a decision else judge will make his decision. Pragya is shocked.

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