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Twist of Fate update Sunday 3rd October 2021: Twist of Fate 3 October 2021 Abhi and Vikram with Abhi’s men. Vikram says if they have to counter someone, they must know how to use the gun. Abhi says they have to get the marriage stopped at gunpoint. Vikram says they must call the police. But Abhi teases him, then instructs the goons to only frighten them.

Riya runs on the streets. She requests a man to give her the phone as she needs to make a call. The man spots Madan and his men follow her. Riya was hit by a lady in the car. Some people gather around. The lady requests them to help her take her to the hospital. She dials Abhi’s number who ignores. The lady sends a blood-ridden photo of Riya. Abhi calls back and was concerned. The lady tells him to come to City hospital.

Madan and mates decide to leave the place before police arrives. Maya was still inside and recognizes one of them as Chandan. He unties her and says she is Mr. Chaubay’s daughter. Maya slaps Madan saying she is the only daughter of her father. Madan was tensed. His men suggest that they must leave now.

The wedding was about to complete. Prachi whispers Ranbir to stop the wedding as her mother does not know she is here, marrying him. Ranbir convinces her that he is the real marriage material. Maya reaches the wedding and announces that this wedding is not possible. Vikram stops his men. Pallavi was shocked that if Maya is here, who is there with Ranbir. Ranbir explains to everyone that he never had to marry Maya. Pallavi questions who the girl is. She asks Prachi to remove the veil. Aliya goes to look for Riya. Vikram says Riya had an accident.

Dushyant asks who did this. Maya blames Prachi. But Ranbir defends her saying he brought Prachi here. He brought Prachi only because he does not want to marry Maya. Dushyant fires in the air. Vikram with his men shot a fire and forbids Dushyant to cross his limits, he will decide what will happen. Dushyant calls his men inside. He deters Vikram that his men can not do any harm in front of his trained goons. Chandan snatches the gun from Vikram, while they ask his men to leave. Dushyant calls the police station.
Pragya was angry at Saritha Bua on call. She asks why they did not tell her they were going to Ranbir’s wedding. She hurriedly leaves home.

The lady brings Riya to the hospital. The nurse tells her to fill the accidental form and wait till the police arrives. Pragya and Abhi were both hurried towards opposite venues. Their cars strike each other and collide. Pragya thinks she will be late in their quarrel. She leaves the Taxi. Abhi goes to speak to the lady in the car but Pragya had already gone in opposite direction. Both were stopped as they feel an aura of each other’s presence around. Abhi recalls his memories with Pragya. By the time Abhi turns around, Pragya had already left. Abhi wonders how it can be Pragya. Abhi hands his some money as compensation but the taxi driver argues this is not enough. Abhi leaves anyways.

Ranbir’s family was moved that Prachi took a huge step to stop Ranbir’s marriage with Maya. Prachi fears what if it is not all well. The police come to the venue and ask about Dushyant. Dushyant tells the inspector that the bride is a fake one who kidnapped her daughter and came to Mandap in her place. Prachi says this is all a lie. Maya pushed her out of the window. Instead, she fall off herself and fainted. Ranbir convince that he brought Prachi along. Dushyant had deterred to kill him if he came out of the room without a bride. Dushyant doesn’t agree and mocks this accusation. Maya tells the inspector that neither Ranbir nor her family is to be blamed. Ranbir is only favoring Prachi because she is his friend. Maya’s mother also asserts the police to arrest Prachi. Ranbir says he has already clarified he does not want to marry Maya but no one listens. Dushyant confronts Ranbir if he does not marry Maya then… Ranbir shows the inspector his tone. Maya forbids Ranbir to misbehave with her father. Ranbir tells Maya to shut up. Maya says she loves Ranbir. Ranbir shows the inspector who is creating all the drama. The police order the arrest of Prachi. Pragya arrives there forbidding anyone to touch her daughter.

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