Twist of Fate 6 March 2022: The Episode starts with Pragya and Abhi coming to the bathroom and finds Rhea’s phone there. Rhea tells that it is my phone, we thought it is his phone. Abhi calls Pradeep, but his phone gets off. Pradeep is unconscious still. Pragya tells that his engagement will not happen. Abhi says you have promised me. She tells that they shall take help of Purab’s friend and get his address and his stuff or any pic. Abhi says we can proof that Tanu is married. They leave from there. Mitali complains to the event manager that his arrangements are not good and tells that if I have to go and do work in kitchen then for what you have come? Aaliya comes there and asks him to check the cake for the ring ceremony, why it haven’t come till now. She tells Mitali that engagement is not happening here. Mitali says but they shall do the work. Aaliya asks her to talk slow and asks her to think that they are giving tip to them. Mitali says so much money as a tip. Pradeep gains consciousness and comes out of the cupboard.

He sees Tanu on the bed and tries to wake her up. Tanu is unconscious. Pradeep thinks he will punish her for her bad doings, by telling their truth to everyone. He goes out and asks Pandit ji about everyone. Pandit ji says I don’t know, I was asked to sit so I am here. Pradeep asks about Abhishek mehra. Pandit ji says he went that way. Pradeep is about to go. Manager comes there and asks him to stop. He asks who are you? Pradeep says I came to work on behalf of Mohan and asks him to come with him to see the ID. He takes him to the room and tells that he has kept the ID here. Manager asks him to show. Pradeep says you have to come with me, to see the ID. The manager says don’t show me attitude, you can’t work for me. Pradeep makes him smell chloroform and makes him unconscious. He goes out.

Tanu gains consciousness and runs to the changing room. She finds Pradeep missing and thinks if anyone took him from here. She thinks that Pradeep might have went himself and thinks to stop him. Ranbir is talking to someone about searching Pradeep and collides with Pradeep. Pradeep says sorry. Robin asks what is he doing here as party is going on downstairs. Pradeep says his boss asked him to check if anyone needs anything and goes. Aaliya comes there. Ranbir tells him that he saw a waiter, but he was not like waiter. He says when I questioned him, he gave a strange reply. Aaliya asks where did he go? Ranbir says that side. Aaliya says lets go there. Tanu comes there and tells that the waiter was strange, and says don’t know what he made me drink that I fell unconscious. She says he asked again if she wants something. She says I asked him to give me a knife to murder him, but then he apologized and she stayed silent. She says she was not expecting this kind of bad service and goes. Aaliya tells Ranbir that they shall tell bhai that Tanu got consciousness. Ranbir says he might be waiter only. Aaliya says your assumptions were wrong. Pradeep thinks to talk to a lady (might be Pragya) and tell her everything. Aaliya calls Pragya and informs her that Tanu has gained consciousness. Pragya asks her to come to the guest room. Pradeep is about to go to Pragya, but Tanu makes him unconscious by making him smell chloroform and takes him away from there. Pragya tells Aaliya that she thought someone is behind her. Mitali sees Tanu with Pradeep and asks what she is doing.

Mr. Singhania calls Abhi. Rhea tells Abhi that he will call Police after 15 mins. Abhi picks the call. Mr. Singhania asks why Tanu is not receiving my call. He threatens to call the police. Abhi asks him to talk to her after 15 mins. Ranbir tells that Tanu is very clever. Aaliya says we shall go there and pretend as if we don’t know anyone. Mitali asks Tanu why did he get unconscious? Tanu says she is trying to hide him and tells that he is the same waiter who made her drink? She says she has scolded him so much and that’s why he fainted. She says she is not wrong and that’s why calling Police, and tells that the family member will be caught who made her drink. Mitali says sorry and says I was handling kitchen, but I didn’t do intentionally and says sorry. Tanu says my engagement stopped due to you. Mitali apologizes. Tanu asks her to go and bring water for him. She says we will make him conscious. Mitali goes to get water, while Tanu takes him out. She takes him to the car parking and hides him in her car. Mitali returns and finds them missing.

Tanu tells unconscious Pradeep that he shall be here, until engagement is done. She says she will take him from here after the engagement and will punish him. She says what do you think that I am just a woman who loves to shop, no. She says I will show you, the real me. She hides him in the car decky. Mitali thinks if Tanu lied to her and thinks he was Tanu’s husband and came here to stop her engagement. Tanu returns. Mitali asks her to say truth and asks if that guy wants to stop her engagement. Tanu tells that yes, he wanted to stop the engagement and asks Mitali to say the entire truth. Mitali says she don’t know what she says and don’t know what is in her mind or is it empty. Tanu says that waiter got consciousness and went. She asks her to focus on her engagement. Abhi tells that Tanu gains consciousness. Pragya says we can’t be relieved. Aaliya says we have to be careful. Pragya says we have to behave normal with her. Pandit ji asks if the engagement will happen or not? Tanu comes there. Aaliya asks if she is fine? Rhea says we got worried for you and asks what did you eat last night. Aryan says I prayed for you. Tanu thinks acting is good, but I came to know everything. I will make every day difficult for you. She tells that she drank the drink and fell unconscious. She asks Pandit ji to get her engagement done. Abhi looks at Pragya.

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