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Twist of Fate 13 August 2020: Twist of Fate update Thursday 13th August 2020, The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that today she is looking very beautiful. Pragya says it is good that you didn’t bring Kiara here, and says she wouldn’t let us sleep. Abhi says sleep? He asks how she can ignore the most romantic person? She asks who? Abhi asks her to see love, passion and romance in his eyes. Pragya says I can’t lie seeing in your lies. Abhi says I have to do something and tells Pragya that he wants to have 7-8 daughters. Pragya says why? He says my daughters will be Devi. He asks why don’t want a son. Abhi says no, as I don’t want son like me. Pragya says ok and asks him to leave her, as it is not romance, but comedy. He picks a flower from the water and touches her with it. Pragya says she is feeling tickling. Abhi says I don’t get it, but gets it. He shouts as the rose thorn hurts him. Pragya and Abhi fall on the bed. She kisses on his cheeks. Tum ho pass song plays……He signs her to kiss on his other cheeks. Pragya kisses on his cheeks and smiles. Abhi kisses her. They unite…In the morning, Pragya wakes up Abhi and asks him to get up and go to office. Abhi says which office? He says manager will handle office and says we shall have some romance. He says today they will celebrate kiss day. Kiara comes and asks what is he doing? Abhi says he was cleaning the mess, and hides her face, and kisses pragya. He tells that he wants to sleep. All of them lie on the bed.

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Twist of Fate 13 August 2020: Days are seen passing by. Abhi plays with Pragya. Saathiya song plays…Abhi, Pragya and kiara spend quality time altogether. Purab comes to Abhi and tells that he shall go to the meeting tomorrow. Abhi says they are newly married now and asks him to go. He asks Pragya if there is any chance. She nods no. Abhi gives her flying kiss and goes to bathroom. Tanu comes to Aaliya’s room and says I came to ask about you. She says you are being nice to Pragya now and getting close to Kiara. Aaliya says she is my bhai’s daughter and she will not hear anything against kiara or let her do anything against her. Tanu gets angry and leaves. Pragya checks her pregnancy test in the bathroom. Abhi calls her and asks where is my jacket. Pragya says you are becoming papa again and is doing childish things. Abhi asks what do you mean by childish things and then realizes what she said and gets happy. He says our one more baby and gets happy. He hugs Pragya and says he will be with her every second, as he was not with her during her first pregnancy and asks if she will let him enjoy her pregnancy and will make her ward boy. She nods. He runs out happily to inform everyone.

He comes to Disha and Purab and laughs. Disha asks what is the matter? Abhi says I am going to become Papa again. Disha and Purab get happy. They call everyone. Kiara asks what happened Daddy? Everyone come out and ask what happened? Abhi excitedly tells Kiara and others that Pragya is pregnant. Everyone is happy. Dadi says I knew it, but I want to hear from him. Abhi asks him to cancel his meeting and says he will be with her during the pregnancy months. Dadi asks what is pregnancy. Abhi tells what he knows. Dadi says it is not a disease and asks him not to over protective about her and asks him to keep her normal. She says Mitali will handle kitchen. Disha will make food for Pragya and others will also take care of the work. Pragya comes downstairs hearing them and smiles. Abhi says I will do all her work.

Pragya says I want him to take care of me. She says as we were not together during Kiara’s time. Dasi says but he don’t want anything about Pregnancy. Abhi says Dasi is right, I don’t want any mistake to happen. Pragya asks him never to change and hugs him. Dasi teases her. Purab says they will have party. Abhi says lets do it. Everyone is happy. Tanu hears them angrily.

Twist of Fate 13 August 2020: Tanu coming to King’s house. King gets surprised to see her. Tanu says it is good that you recognized me and says I thought you have forgotten me. King says it is 2 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. Tanu says wow, and says your condition is also like of Abhi, he used to do the same when Pragya left him. King asks why did she come? Tanu tells that she came to invite him for the celebration, thought Pragya might forget to invite him. She says Pragya is pregnant. King looks on. Tanu asks him to do something and says if you don’t do anything then I will do something very bad and then you will be responsible for the consequences. Tanu thinks of Pragya accusing her for having pregnant with someone else baby, and says she will not let her have this pregnancy. She hits her car with someone’s car and elopes. She reaches home. Tai ji tells that she will give juice to Pragya. She tells that Doctor checked her and said that baby is fine. Tanu says she will give juice to Pragya and will meet her. Tai ji says she will give juice and asks her to give flowers to Neha. Tanu comes to pragya’s room and sees Disha convincing Pragya to beauty treatment. Beautician tells that once she keeps cucumber on her eyes, she shall close it. Tanu thinks to mix poison in the juice.

She comes to kitchen. Tai ji searches for sugar. Tanu tells her that Dadi wanted you and Mitali to try a necklace. Tai ji says it will suit me. She is about to take the juice, but Tanu stops her again. Tai ji says let her give to Mitali, I will give juice to Pragya. Tanu says there is no sugar here. She opens the fridge and sees Papaya. She gets an idea and recalls Doctor telling her that Papaya is bad for pregnancy ladies. She asks Tai ji to send Servant and thinks to make Papaya juice, and mix orange flavor. She says Pragya will drink the juice and will have miscarriage. She says I want to see you crying and Abhi might kick you out thinking you to be careless, and says this is great idea.

Twist of Fate 13 August 2020: Abhi comes to King’s house. King greets him. Abhi says how can I forget you. King asks about Kiara. Abhi says they are fine. King says he met Kiara last week. Abhi invites him for the party and says Kiara is going to have a baby sister or brother and says Pragya is pregnant. He says I have to go and invite more guests. King asks him for the drink. Abhi says I have to drive and leaves. Tanu sends Sarita to Pragya while the latter is having cucumber on her eyes. Sarita asks Pragya to have juice. Tanu eyes her and threatens. A fb is shown, Tanu blackmails Sarita and asks her to give papaya juice to Pragya. She tells that she will tell everyone that she has stolen her bracelet on your father’s orders. She says you and your father will be arrested. She says Police beats gents badly and asks if your father will feel insulted and die. She asks do you want this to happen.? Sarita nods no. Tanu asks her to give juice to pragya and gives her money. She asks her to be happy. Fb ends.

Tanu signs Sarita to make Pragya drink. Pragya asks Sarita to take the juice as she can’t drink it now. Tanu nods no. Sarita asks Pragya to drink. Pragya says I am not feeling good. Sarita insists her to have juice. Pragya says ok and takes the juice asking her to go. Tanu thinks Pragya telling her that she have to lie to her baby always. She thinks you called my pregnancy as illegitimate, I will not let you have pregnancy.

Twist of Fate 13 August 2020: Abhi talks to Kiara. Disha comes there. King says Daddy is gifting bracelet to Mamma and Dada is also coming to party. Abhi says it is a surprise. I called King as Pragya will be happy to see her. Disha tells him that Pragya is having facepack and asks him not to disturb her. Tanu thinks this is the good way to revenge. Pragya is about to drink. Tanu hides seeing Abhi. Abhi comes to room and asks her to have juice. He eats cucumber which Pragya kept off from her eyes. Abhi says it might have become drowsy. Just then juice glass falls down because of Abhi. Tanu gets angry. He asks where is that dress which I gave you? Pragya says I kept it in Disha’s room. Tanu thinks she shall do something to terminate this pregnancy.

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