Twist of Fate 14 April 2022: Sid and Prachi wonder where the smoke came from. A room’s door is locked. Sid asks Prachi to leave, but she says she wants to check whose inside. Sid tries to open their room’s door, but someone locked it from outside. Prachi sees someone with a mask in a mirror, but by the time she turns, that person disappears. Soon both Prachi and Sid faint because of the smoke. Rhea and Ranbir reach there. Ranbir asks staff to open the door saying he forgot his wallet. Ranbir gets shocked after the door opens. Rhea says I told you. Now you believe it? Ranbir is in shock and disbelief seeing Sid and Prachi sleeping together, holding each other’s hands. He screams, Prachi! Prachi and Sid wake up. Prachi says, thank God you came, Ranbir. He says, shut up. I don’t want to listen to anything. Don’t try to tell me a story because I saw everything with my own eyes. Does he ask when this is going on? Prachi asks what do you mean? He says, your extramarital affair. Prachi asks what are you saying? Rhea turns to leave.

Ranbir stops her saying Prachi and Sid should be ashamed. Sid asks what are you saying? Your wife is standing in front of you. Does Prachi ask Ranbir who put such nonsense in your mind? Rhea says, stop it Prachi. You found my home only to destroy it. Does Sid ask what’s going on? Ranbir tells him not to be so shocked. Rhea starts acting and asks Prachi, you didn’t think once about my husband? Ranbir says, she didn’t think about her own husband! Rhea cries and walks out. She sits outside and enjoys all the drama. Sid says I will go and explain everything to Rhea. I and Prachi just came here… Ranbir interrupts and says, to have fun. Prachi asks Ranbir isn’t ashamed of saying such stuff? He grabs her and says, did you feel ashamed before doing all this? Then why should I feel ashamed? Rhea smiles.

Sid tries to control Ranbir. Ranbir tells him to stay away otherwise his anger will burst on him. Ranbir asks Prachi, why did you do this? Was there anything missing in my love? You should have killed me if you wanted to do all this. I left my family, everything only for you. Generally, girls leave their homes after marriage, but here I left my home after our marriage. I took care of our home. I was fulfilling wedding vows, but you disobeyed them. Prachi says it’s not like that. This is wrong. He says you changed your character after marriage. Rhea gets happy. Ranbir continues, you betrayed me and that too with my brother? Prachi says you loved me, you trusted me, please listen to me. He says not to touch him with her dirty hands. You insulted my love. You never loved me, but I loved you a lot. I did so much to make you happy, but you just used my love as a tissue paper whenever you wanted and then threw it away. If you wanted to have affair with someone else, then why did you marry me? Why did you pretend to love me? I feel you married me and then you wanted to stay with another man. He grabs Sid’s collar. Prachi is in disbelief.

Ranbir continues, why I couldn’t see this before? Everything was happening in front of my eyes. I used to think our marriage was perfect. I wanted to be number one husband, but I became number one fool. I was stupid, fool, mad. You were working whole day with Sid and you wanted to be in office always. Even at home, you were talking to him and praising him all the time. When people used to ask me that your wife works in the night? I used to be proud to say that my wife was hard working. Now I understood what work my wife was doing. Sid tells him that he is crossing his limits. Ranbir asks, do you know what’s limit? If husband and wife are in their house, then there is a limit to enter the house. If you’re talking to your co-worker, then you have to talk in the limit. Did you think about that? If you didn’t, then why should I think about limit? It’s my mistake. I trusted you. You are Raavan, you always had eyes on my Sita (Prachi). You used to say that Prachi is very good and you wanted a wife like her. You used to say that you were jealous of my and Prachi’ relationship. You didn’t think about me before doing all this, right? I feel like punching you. He was about to punch when Prachi stops him. Ranbir says sorry, I spoiled your boyfriend, actually husband’s shirt. You must have accepted him as your husband. Prachi says, I don’t want to say anything as you don’t want to listen. Our marriage has been cursed by an evil eye. He says it’s Sid who had evil eye on her.

Prachi is crying. Ranbir tells her not to cry, those are fake tears. When a well is dirty itself, how can water be clean? And tears of shamelessness dry themselves, they don’t come out. He says, I trusted you both so much and you both broke my trust. There was someone who warned me about your affair, but I said they are just friends. He tells Prachi you fooled me by your sweet talks so that I don’t ask you where you were. What you thought was my foolishness, it was my love and trust in you. You first broke my trust and now broke my heart. You said you wanted to go to work, but actually, you wanted to go away from me. Prachi says, no one is going anywhere. You are here, I am here. Why can’t you see it? He says you were with me, yes. But you used to love someone else. I was planning our future together and you were planning where to go with Sid. When you two became too close, you started bringing gifts. Those gifts were actually for Sid and whatever Sid didn’t like, you gave to me. You gave me jacket one day and I was uneasy. That was because it was used by Sid. I don’t want anything that’s used, be it a jacket or yourself. Prachi says, enough! That’s enough. I won’t let you humiliate me more. What do you think that I betrayed you? Made fun of your love? It’s you who are making fun of our love. Did you forget that I have your name’s sindhoor? He says, who knows that sindhoor might be Sid’s name as well. Prachi says, not a word more. You have crossed all the limits. If you say a word more, then. He asks so what? You will kill me? Do you think you will go away from me after that? Do you think that I will keep you with me after seeing all this? Never. I am angry at myself. I hate your face. I don’t know how I married a characterless girl like you. I wish either I was dead or you were dead before seeing all this. I would have cried and lived my life after seeing the garland in your photo, but I can’t see this. Why did you do this with me? He falls to his knees and cries. What was missing in my love? She also sits on her knees. She holds his hands and says, I haven’t done anything. He looks at her. He touches her face saying I loved you so much, I always wondered how you are so beautiful. I understood today.

Betrayal is always beautiful. She says I know you’re very hurt. Your faith is broken. But what about love? Love stays in my heart only and the truth is I love you a lot. Keep your hand on your heart once and think about whether your Prachi can do this. She can’t because she loves you a lot. She kisses him on the cheeks and hugs him. She says I know nothing except loving you. I can’t remember anything except your name. Do you know why? Because I love you a lot and only you. Not just in this life, I will love you all my life. He touches her face and says, if you bring innocence on this face, then it will look even uglier. You should be ashamed that you lied by looking into my eyes. He warns her not to come close to him again. If she tries, then he doesn’t know what he will do. Prachi wipes her tears and leaves there.

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