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Twist of Fate 15 July 2021: Twist of Fate update Thursday 15th July 2021 Purab asking Abhi not to fire Meera. Abhi says he will not do. He tells that when Rhea used to be small, he was about to fire her three times. He says once Rhea gets married, he will focus on his love story and will love openly. Purab says love happens openly and what is hidden is a sin. Aaliya tells Rhea that Prachi is a middle class girl and will support the girl for her respect. Rhea says but Ranbir’s respect will also go infront of Dad. Aaliya says we will make Maya confess later that she was lying and if needed, I will tell that Prachi did everything. She says she won’t let anyone be happy if they go against her niece and bhai. She tells that you will get Ranbir’s love and trust. She thinks bhai and his daughter are everything to me, I will not care for Prachi and her happiness.

Shahana tells Prachi that she is searching Ranbir as she didn’t meet him properly. Prachi asks her to come. Ranbir tells that he was nervous and scared when he saw Prachi and couldn’t speak. Aryan says Shahana came suddenly and you panicked. Ranbir tells that he is in love and has become gentleman. He asks for his advice. Aryan says I didn’t have any girl in my life, what to advice you. Ranbir says you are black spot on brotherhood. Aryan says I will have an affair with someone to give you advice. Ranbir says by that time, my children will be big. Aryan says we shall take advice of someone who is in love. Ranbir asks shall I ask my dad for advice. Aryan stops him and asks him to talk to his dad here. Ranbir asks him to send him here. Aryan goes.

Pragya sees Purab and goes towards him. Abhi and Pragya cross each other and sense each other’s presence. They turn to each other. Humdum song plays…..They come near each other. Abhi says you was ignoring me and asks if she is upset with him. She nods no. He asks how are you? Pragya says she is fine. She asks how are you? Abhi says you have shifted your house and didn’t tell me. Pragya says that was not my house, I came back to my old house. Abhi says I didn’t know.

Purab sees them and thinks what to do so that they don’t argue. He calls Abhishek Prem Mehra and says if Abhi’s dance during this lohri celebration then it will be double celebration, but he is not a dancer so he will sing now. Abhi asks Pragya if she asked Purab to take him away from her. He says Purab always supports you. Pragya smiles. Purab says I called you on public demand, everyone is asking you to sing. Purab comes to Pragya and tells her that he saw Abhi fighting with her and that’s why made him busy. Pragya says he was not fighting with me. Meera collides with beeji and something falls on her.

Abhi sings the song. Meera admires him as he sings. Abhi sings kaise hua…..Pragya looks at him. Aaliya comes there. Meera imagines dance with him and smiles. Abhi comes to Pragya, holds her hand and dances with her. Aaliya is upset and angry. Abhi and Pragya continue to dance. Everyone claps for them. Pragya is about to fall, but Abhi holds her. He tells that she got sprained and asks Purab to send someone from hotel staff with first aid. He lifts her and takes her to room.

Vikram comes to Ranbir and asks if he is fine? He says Aryan said that you are in love, loveria..Ranbir says if Dad comes to know then everyone will know, if Prachi comes to know then she will refuse. Vikram says I will not ask the girl’s name and says you can’t love anyone and is a flirt. Ranbir says my friend is in love and is scared that time will flow out of his hands. Vikram says it is a problem. Ranbir asks him to give solution so that the girl says yes. Vikram asks what is his name?

Ranbir says what is in name and tells that his friend is in tension. Vikram asks if your friend want to marry the girl and keep the love limited. Ranbir says I didn’t think of this. Vikram says you. Ranbir says my friend didn’t think. Vikram says you know so much about your friend, but don’t know his name. He says if you tell the first initial of your friend’s name then I will give the solution. Ranbir says if I tell him, then he will figure out. He says my mummy is calling me and goes with Aryan. Vikram says very soon you will come to me and tells that your friend name is Ranbir Kohli. He says one day you will say that I am in love and tell me the girl’s name.

Ranbir calls Vikram and asks him to send Vikram fast. Maya comes there and calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to come inside and introduces her to Rhea. She says you knows what to do? Maya says yes. Aaliya asks Maya to accuse Ranbir of molestation charges. Maya says she needs medicine to make him drowsy. Aaliya says ok, you will get it. She says today this work shall be done.

Maya asks what is the reason, why you want to blame him. Rhea says you are paid and it is your profession. Maya says she is doing this for money and is profession. She says you said yourself that you are in love with him and he loves someone else. Aaliya asks her to be professional.

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