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Twist of Fate 17 March 2022: The Episode starts with Tanu asking Pradeep how dare you touch me? Pradeep asks if she called Police here? Tanu says I don’t like anyone talk to me like this. He says Police is coming here. Tanu says they will take you. Pradeep says this betrayal will prove costly for you. She says let it be, I am getting rich and will get habitual to rich stuff. He says you will get rich if you get married, but I will not let you marry to Abhishek Mehra until I am alive. Police comes there. Tanu looks at Pradeep and finds him going through the window. Inspector asks if she is fine? Tanu tells Inspector that Somdutt and Pradeep Khurana are together and came here to steal here. She says they threatened to stop my marriage and Pradeep told that he will bring fake proof that he is my husband and if they stop my marriage then my life will be spoiled. She asks Inspector to come to her wedding so that they don’t stop her marriage. Inspector agrees and tells that they will be outside Abhi’s house and is on the lookout for Pradeep. Tanu says if they come again then? Inspector says we will be here for sometime. Abhi gets Tanu’s call and goes. Rhea comes there and asks Prachi if she told Maa. Prachi says no, I was waiting for you. Rhea shows the truth serum and tells that we will make Tanu confess the truth infront of judge. Prachi says I will come with you when you go to Tanu’s house. Rhea says I will go, I brought this truth serum. Pragya says she can’t take both of them and tells that tanu will get doubtful. They agree. Abhi comes back and tells that Tanu said that she has called Police too, it seems she is fighting the war. Pragya says she is trying to make sure that the marriage happens and tells that they will win.

Rhea thinks of her argument with Prachi, thinks she is doing wrong with her. She then thinks if she is stealing Ranbir from her, then tells herself that she is right and Prachi is wrong and trying to steal Ranbir from me. She asks Prachi to come to her room. Prachi comes there. Rhea asks her to sit. She then takes out a dress from her wardrobe and asks how is it? Prachi says good. Rhea asks Pallavi aunty liked it too, when Ranbir sent the pic. Prachi says it is good. Rhea says yes, it will look good on me. She asks her to tell how is their Jodi? What is the thing which defines us as a special couple Prachi says you both are good. Rhea asks if he will love me? Prachi says yes. Rhea says so sweet of you and asks if he will forget you. Prachi says yes. Rhea says I know you love mom and dad, but you didn’t get Ranbir, this house and status. Prachi asks her to stop it and says we are sisters but. Rhea says you can ask for my help, but not as a sister. She says I can never love you and asks her to save her crocodile tears. She says you had gone to temple wearing my bridal dress, and asks her to stop it else it will destroy her family. She asks her to leave, thinks this is mine, Ranbir is mine, everything is of mine.

Ranbir tries to cut the apple. Prachi sees him trying to cut the apple from far. Manmurade plays….She comes near him. He keeps the apple on the table and asks if she is hurry. Prachi says you got angry on me and took out anger on yourself. He says you are the first girl, whom I saw eating in kitchen late night. Prachi says sometimes. He says if we had got married, then I wouldn’t have let you fall and would have become your midnight meal partner. She cuts the apple and gives a piece to him. He takes it and eats. They get teary eyes. Prachi says something went into his eyes. Ranbir says even my eye, my dream went out of my eyes. Prachi looks on sad. Manmurade plays….

Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to wake up, says she has brought coffee for him. Abhi says I will not wake up and tells that he is very stressed for this day. Pragya asks him to think that this is his life’s test and he can easily pass. She says even I am giving this test. Abhi says if we fail then? Pragya says then we will elope, promise. She says I have to go and give bridal dress to Tanu. Abhi says I want to marry you infront of lawyer, judge and family. She says I will marry you 100 times and asks him to hope that she returns with Tanu’s confession. She asks him to drink coffee and says she will come. Mitali keeps the bridal dress in the tray and gives to Pragya. She gives her good luck and asks God to get Abhi and Pragya married and expose Tanu. Tanu waits for Pragya and thinks why didn’t she come until now. Mr. Singhania calls her and says I called to inform you that we have taken the case back against Abhishek Mehra. He says he will come to her wedding and give her papers. Tanu asks him to come to her house and give her papers here, tells that she can’t trust anyone at Abhi’s house. Mr. Singhania says ok. Pragya comes there.

Tanu asks if she wants her marriage to happen or not, takes the dress from her and says I asked you to come to the house in the morning and you came at 3 pm. She says mahurat of marriage is 4 pm. She goes from there. Pragya keeps her mobile and takes out injection from her purse. Tanu comes there and asks what is it? Pragya hides the injection. Tanu asks what are you hiding Pragya. She asks her to show? She finds the injection and asks if it is poison, you wanted to kill me. She asks her to go and says I have to do make up touch up. She says now your anger is revealed and you are fearing that Abhi might hate you. Pragya tells Tanu she has failed and Abhi also threw her out of the house, as he saw greed in her eyes and not love. She says he is marrying you as I asked him.

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