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Twist of Fate update thursday 18th June 2020; Twist of Fate update thursday 18 June 2020, King asks Disha to look after Kiara while he searches for Pragya, she wonders what will happen if he sees the two of them together, Sunny asks if she is happy that they won, and she says that she is really happy.

Twist of Fate Thursday 18th June 2020 Zee world Pragya and Abhi are both thinking in their minds about what would happen, Pragya says that she is okay, he says that he got afraid that he will die if she gets hurt, he says that if she asks questions then it will create problems then she must stay quiet, they both start to stare into each other’s eyes, Purab is looking and sees Abhi’s bracelet, he wonders where Abhi might have gone, he looks at the door of the store, Pragya thinks that this room might become their salvation, she starts to think, he asks her what she wanted to say, she says that he is not only the chief guest but as she is about to say, they hear Purab’s voice, he comes and they both stand up, he asks why they are here and that they must go out as it is getting very humid, they start to walk when Pragya stumbles and he holds her, he says that she must go with him, Purab is waiting for them outside, when they come out he asks why they were both in the store room, Abhi says that they were locked in by the peon, he asks him if he tried to call but Abhi say that there was no network, Purab ask Pragya IS Abhi did something with her, she says that nothing happened.

King calls Pragya and comes to hug her, he says that eh got really worried and was nervous because she has faced a lot of bad things and he felt that something might happen to her which will cause pain, she says that she is okay and that they must go to Kiara, eh says that she has won the prize and that he gave the trophy himself. Pragya looks at Abhi who is standing behind her and seeing that she is with King,. He leave dishearten. King asks where Pragya’s attention is and weather they should leave, she agrees.

Twist of Fate Thursday 18th June 2020 Zee world Mitali is talking with someone on the phone when Dassi comes and asks where Bubli is, Mitali says that she will soon come, Dassi asks that she must inform her as soon as she comes, Mitali is about to call her when she enters in the house and comes to hug her, she asks why did Mitali call, her from the hospital, she says that a proposal came and she wants her to get dressed, Neha says that she wants to talk with Abhi but Mitali says that she must not talk of this and she will not let her get married to any boy, the family which she has selected is very reputed and so she must not talk of this, Neha leaves after that Mitali prays that everything should go according to god’s wishes. Abhi gets into the car and leaves without listening to what Purab has to say, he leaves and Purab is left stunned.

Tanu and Aaliya thank god that their plan worked, Tanu says to Aaliya that their plan worked and what they wanted to do happened, as they played all their cards very well,Puirab is going and they stp him, he says that Abhi went as he could not see and is angry.

Twist of fate Thursday 18 June 2020 Update King is siting when Pragya asks if he has something to ask her, he says that he wants to ask how she got trapped,. She says that she was looking for Abhi when King asks why she went to look for him, he says that he was very afraid and would have done anything to protect her, she gets amazed and ask why he is begin so concerned for her. Abhi is driving and thinking of what happened with him and Pragya is the store room, he thinks of how King is so close to Pragya, his car gets out of control and is about to get into an accident, he car gets stuck on the road side.

Twist of Fate thursday update 18 June 2020 Pragya telling King that they know their relation truth and he is behaving as if they are husband and wife. King replies that you are right, I over reacted, but I can care and we are friends and very good friends. He says nobody is important to him than Kiara and her and if they would not have been in his life then his life would not be the same. He says I will always care for you even if you do something, have something or get fat, I will care for you until your life is in danger. Pragya says even I care for my life and worries about Kiara. She says she will inform him wherever and whenever she goes. King jokes and says don’t call me else I will think my old girl friend is getting tensed. Pragya says even I felt the same when you were worried and says their relation is unique. She goes to meet Kiara. King gets Ashish’s call and thinks of Pragya’s words.

Gangaa update tuesday 16 June 2020 on zee world

Pragya goes to Kiara and apologizes holding her ears. Kiara asks her not to cry and hugs her. She says I am not angry as you was not with me when I got the trophy, but I am angry as you couldn’t meet my superman. Pragya hugs her. Kiara praises Abhi and tells that he is my best friend, best buddy and fake dad. She hugs Pragya. Pragya feels she could have told her that he is her real father and thinks blood relations meet somewhere, although they give different name. Kiara goes to drink water. Pragya thinks he is her favorite too, but can’t tell both of them about their relation.

Twist of fate Thursday 18 June 2020 Update Abhi is in restaurant and drinking. He thinks about his moments with Pragya and the mouth to mouth resuscitation, their conversation etc. He talks to Waiter and says he thought to take drink’s help, but it is of no use. He says this is not the medicine for pain. A man announces that his girl friend agreed to marry him. Abhi hears them and tells waiter that a man cries later in love. Man comes to Abhi and asks if he has really experienced the love which he mentions in his songs. Abhi says how to make the love reach you if I had not experienced it. He says people are happy until they are not in love. He says it seems you are deeply in love, but love gives pain. King comes there and hears his words. Abhi says love will make you cry first and then will go far from you. He says my love went far from me, I don’t cry now, but my heart cries still. Man says my love will never leave me. Abhi says it is side effect of love, nobody will understand it. He says I thought I am lucky, but it is not. He sees King and says he is lucky. He tells King that he is jealous of him. King meets Ashish and says can we have a meeting tomorrow, as my friend needs me. He asks waiter to give lemon water for Abhi and says he will take him to a good place. Abhi says lets go.

Twist of Fate thursday 18th June 2020 Mitali is nervous for Neha’s alliance. Purab asks Raj, why didn’t he tell him. Raj smiles. Dadi jokes. Tanu and Aaliya come there and comes to know about the alliance. Groom’s family come to see Neha. Dadi likes the groom Rishan and says fix the marriage. Tai ji says first let them see Neha. Mitali comes to Neha and says groom’s family is waiting for you. Neha says I don’t want to meet them. Mitali says you have to else I will call your Papa. She asks her to smile and not to talk much. She tells her that the guy is from a very good family and earns much. Neha goes straight from the room. Disha hears them and gets tensed. Mitali asks Disha to give tea to guests. Disha asks if Neha don’t want to marry? Mitali says my decision will be right, she will be happy. She asks her to give tea to guests.

Twist of Fate 18 June 2020 King takes Abhi to a certain place. Abhi likes the place. King asks what is going on? Abhi says some storm is going on inside. King asks him to unburden his heart. Abhi says I don’t want to lighten my heart. He asks did you love someone anytime? He then says that I am a stupid guy to question this and says you must have loved Pragya as you got married to her. He says your wife is really good and love just happens when being with good people. He gives example of a rose. King smiles. Abhi says I am making you understand, but I don’t understand myself. King says it is difficult to understand you.

Twist of Fate 18 June 2020 update Abhi says if you think me of music nodes then will understand else it will be complicated. He says I never knew when I fell in love with..and thinks of Pragya. Abhi says I never thought that I will fall in love with her, as she was not my type, that is what I felt. I never cared about her or her feelings, but when love happened, I just cared for her only. Abhi says when someone is in love then his world is different and it is his love, but if his love is not near him then you go far from the world. He says if you get your love then you don’t need anything. King reminisces about Pragya and gets engrossed in her thoughts hearing about the true meaning of love from Abhi.

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