Twist of Fate 20 January 2022: Twist of Fate update Thursday 20th January 2022 The Episode starts with Dadi asking Pandit ji to see Abhi’s kundali whenever he gets time. Pandit ji says ok. Aaliya asks them not to waste time and make it a happy day. Ashok comes there as the waiter and thinks to complete the work, he thinks to take revenge for Varsha’s death.

Aryan asks Ranbir why are you hurting Prachi? Ranbir says he has sent her selfie so that he wants to convey her that he is getting engaged to Rhea. He says now he can see everything clearly and there is nothing like love. He says he wants to show her that he is doing as she wants. Aryan says I don’t trust you. Ranbir says I want to see the world from her perspective. Aryan says Prachi is not such a girl. Ranbir says she was standing with the guy who made the MMS and I got insulted and fighting with everyone. He says when I need her, she was not with me. Aryan asks him to fight for his love.

Ranbir says you are changing the track. Aryan says you are showing that you are lost by showing Rhea and your selfie. Ranbir says I am showing that he is happy with Rhea and says Rhea loves me and Prachi doesn’t value me. Aryan asks him if he don’t love Prachi and says what is more important to him. he says Prachi should be important to you and asks what is important, Prachi or Rhea, who doesn’t know about love. He says mom said that if there is no love then there is no validity of marriage. Ranbir says I am not your mom. Ashok is going upstairs. Ranbir stops him and asks him to go to kitchen. He says I will do what I want to do. He thinks of Prachi.

Shahana comes to Ranbir’s engagement and comes to him. She asks why are you doing this? Someone asks what did he do? Shahana takes him to side and asks why are you doing? She says when you sent photo to Prachi, I have understood that you have moved on. Ranbir asks if Prachi sent you to stop the engagement. Shahana nods no. He goes. Shahana asks Aryan to help her unite Prachi and Ranbir.

Aryan says Prachi is with Parth. Shahana asks did you agree? She asks him to help her break this engagement. Someone hears him. Aryan promises her and tells that he will call Ranbir there. Aaliya is the one heard them and comes to Aryan, tells that Ranbir had fallen down in the bathroom. Aryan is going there, when Aaliya tricks him to give the mobile. Aryan gives the mobile and rushes to the room. He couldn’t find him there. Aaliya closes the door and says she will not bear anyone going against her decision, says Rhea and Ranbir’s engagement will happen and you can’t stop it.

Abhi sees her locking him and says she has locked him like locking me. Aaliya hears him and says they are playing a game, asks him not to take him out else their game will be ruined. She asks him to go to Gayatri and goes. Abhi comes to the room where Aryan is locked, but goes out seeing Aaliya coming there. Aaliya says she shall focus on the engagement.

Ranbir calls Prachi and asks why did you send Shahana to stop my engagement. Prachi says she didn’t send her. Ranbir says he will do his engagement. He ends the call and calls her again. He says he has gone out of her life like the boiled milk. Prachi says she is happy with his engagement and that he is going away from her life. Ranbir says don’t try to return to my life or send anyone. He ends the call. Manmurade…song plays….The guests take selfie with him. He gets teary eyes. Aaliya says Mehras and Kohlis are together and welcome all to the engagement. Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words. Abhi tries to take out the chandelier’s marbles. Pragya asks him to come. Ashok aims gun at Abhi.

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