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Twist of Fate 25 March 2021: Twist of Fate update Thursday 25th March 2021, The Episode starts with Purab asking Abhi if he proposed Tanu to the media? He says what you have done? Abhi says I had no other way. He tells that his name, reputation and everything were at stake after the party incident. Purab says you would have asked me before making an announcement. He asks if Dadi agreed? Abhi says she was hesitant before, but agreed. Purab says you can’t marry her. Abhi says you are saying as if she is a criminal. Abhi says she is a model, we both will earn money together. Purab says you don’t love her. Abhi asks how do you know? Purab says yes I know. Abhi says I am confused thinking if I love her or not? He says I shall give her time, may be I will love her. Purab says whose idea is this? Abhi says Aaliya, my only well wisher. Purab thinks I should have understand that this is Aaliya’s doings. Pragya tells Beeji that Abhi saved himself and told to media that Tanu is his girl friend and he will not misbehave with her.

Janki switches on TV and sees Abhi making an announcement to the media that Tanu is his girl friend. Beeji says you didn’t stop him. Pragya says what I would have done? His fans would have think him villain. She says Sarla shouldn’t know about this, else she will take out her anger on him. Janki thinks if Pragya know this, thinks she would have been crying if known this. She thinks to hide this fact from Pragya. Pragya tells Beeji that they have to hide this fact from Sarla. Beeji tells Pragya that she will not tell Sarla.

Purab comes to meet Aaliya. Aaliya thinks he came to fight with me. She opens the door and asks what happened? Purab says you know why did I come here? Aaliya says I know and says I am not interested to explain you. Purab says I thought you think Tanu is not suitable for Abhi, but I was wrong. Aaliya says Pragya have done this, why did she come back and interfered in our life. Purab asks what do you mean? Aaliya says Pragya has become Abhi’s secretary and that’s why I have done this. Purab says so you got insecure. Aaliya says I have problem if she comes closer to my Bhai. She says I thought of this to execute on you, but have done this with Bhai. She says I will find some other plan to trap you. Purab is angry. Aaliya says I will do as you say, if you surrender yourself to me. Purab says never. He says you don’t know what do you need from life, and you will be punished all your life. He says I know a doctor who can treat Abhi, and says once he is fine, then your and Tanu’s drama is over. Aaliya is angry.

Twist of Fate update Thursday 25 March 2021

In the morning, Abhi asks everyone why they didn’t tell him about Dussehra. Dadi says we are not celebrating this time. Abhi asks why? And asks if they are hiding something from him. He asks if something happened last time. Aaliya tells that last time fire broke out during Dussehra. Abhi says we will not leave celebrations, and says I want everyone of us to celebrate altogether. He asks Aaliya to call sponsors, and asks them to send his secretary once she comes. He goes. Dadi tells Aaliya that she will not forgive her if anything happens to Abhi. Aaliya thinks to harm Pragya during Dussehra.

Aaliya tells Tanu to impress Abhi with simplicity and wears clothes like Pragya. Tanu says she has never worn clothes like her. Aaliya says if we make Pragya wear modern dress then also she will not look hot. She says you will look hot and happening from inside. Tanu says she has to mentally prepare herself. Tanu asks her to wear simple clothes for Dussehra, and says she will get the dress made for her. Tanu thanks her.

Pragya is going to Abhi’s room. Aaliya asks her to operate from outhouse, and asks her not to go to his room. Pragya laughs at her, and says you have become insecure and thinks of chances to keep me away from him. She says did I do anything when Abhi made an announcement? No. She says what you will do if I become his wife. Aaliya asks her to stay away from him. Pragya says she is doing her duty. Aaliya thinks very soon he will not take her name also. Abhi is searching for the contract papers and sees papers mixed. He thinks what to do everything alone and wonders where is Pragya?

Tai ji asks Robin to bring pomegranate juice and asks what did you bring? Robin says it is pomegranate juice only. Taya ji asks him to add tomatoes in it to make it red. Mitali asks her to drink it, else Abhi will get angry. Tai ji asks what you are saying? Abhi comes there. Tai ji drinks seeing it. Mitali asks what he is planning? Abhi says he is waiting for his secretary. Mitali says she came half an hour before, and tells that she has shifted office to outhouse. Abhi says I will take her class. Taya ji scolds Mitali.

Pragya is getting bored in the outhouse and thinks there is no work here. She takes a quick nap. Abhi comes there and sees her sleeping. He thinks I got tired searching for papers, and you are sleeping here. Pragya says she was not sleeping. Abhi scolds her.

Twist of Fate update Thursday 25 March 2021

Abhi calling Pragya lazy and says he will punish her. Pragya says I will see what he will do? Abhi says everyone is teasing me and calling you lazy. He says you are doing this as you are my fan no. 1 and thought I will not do anything. Pragya says you are just saying and not doing anything. Abhi sits on the chair. Pragya asks him why he is silent? Abhi thinks to make her sweep the outhouse to punish her. He then thinks to make her wash utensils, and then thinks no. He asks her to make the Dussehra decoration alone. Pragya says it will be done, and asks what else. Abhi says I will tell you if I need anything. Pragya says what will be the punishment for daily. She says I will put Ravan idol also. Abhi asks what?

Pragya says I am your secretary, but Aaliya sent me here. She tells him that she was coming to his room, but Aaliya sent her here and asks her to work from here. Abhi says Aaliya asked you to work here, and asks why didn’t you tell me. Pragya says I didn’t say as boss is always right. Abhi asks her to come with him. He comes to Aaliya and asks did you ask Nikita to work from outhouse. Aaliya says yes. He asks her to keep two chairs for Nikita and him.

Aaliya says you can talk to her via phone. Abhi says if everything happens on phone then I will do all the meetings on phone. He calls her dumb to set up office in the outhouse. He says she is my secretary and I will tell her what to do. He asks Pragya to listen to her orders only. Aaliya says she has done this on Tanu’s behalf. She tells Abhi that Tanu was crying after seeing him with Pragya in his bedroom. Abhi says I will handle her, and asks Aaliya to tell her to talk to him directly if she has any issues. Pragya asks Aaliya to give her purse from outhouse. Abhi comes to room and asks Pragya to enter his room. Pragya nods no and says your girl friend will get angry. Abhi says I will handle her, and asks Pragya to give fresh contract papers. He talks on phone.

Purab comes and sees them. Abhi tells him that she is his secretary’s secretary. Purab smiles and comes inside. He says if she is here then where is your secretary. He says I understood yesterday itself, and praises Pragya. He gives him contract papers. Abhi asks why did you lie to your family. Pragya says I was helpless. Purab says if she tells that she is rockstar’s secretary then people will ask her to introduce you to them, and will trouble her. Abhi agrees and says next time I will not lie.

Twist of Fate update Thursday 25 March 2021

He asks Purab to come with him for Dussera celebration. Aaliya comes to meet Sharp Shooter and thinks he kept me waiting. Shooter comes and asks her not to turn face. Aaliya asks did you do this work before. Shooter says he is no. 1 sharp shooter and asks her to give target name and photo. He says my work is to take life of the target and asks her to give remaining money after the death confirmation. Aaliya says how you will come. Shooter says he will manage. She thinks she will celebrate Diwali tomorrow. Purab comes to Dadi and asks if she is happy seeing Pragya, and asks why she is tensed now. He says Abhi brought Pragya home as a secretary. Dadi says I never had any problem with Pragya and says she is worried about Tanu and Aaliya’s reaction. He says if Abhi remembers anything then……Purab says I know a doctor who can treat his illness. Dadi is hopeful and happy.

Sharp shooter calls Dadi and congratulates her for Dussehra. She asks who are you? Sharp shooter says he is yamraj and will be coming to take his grand son’s life. He asks her to celebrate Abhi’s barsi with Dussera every year. Dadi cries. Purab takes the call and asks how dare you to talk about this? Man says I will come and kill Abhi, asks them to make preparation for Abhi’s last rites. Dadi cries and gets worried. Purab says nothing will happen to him.

Tai ji asks Mitali why she is sad? Mitali asks what about my heart burn? Tai says I will bring medicine. Mitali says my heart is burning and tells that she is worried about Raj. Tai ji says I talked to him, and he said that he will celebrate Dussehra with us. Mitali gets happy.

Purab asks Abhi to cancel Dussehra function. Abhi says I will not get scared with the threats. Purab asks him to keep the function limited to family. Abhi says it is business for us more than celebration. Pragya says it is not more than life. Purab says what you will tell to Dadi. Aaliya comes and asks what is happening. Abhi informs her about threatening call. Aaliya thinks I have hired goon to kill Pragya and asks who is threatening Abhi. She goes. Purab asks Pragya not to worry and says Aaliya will make something happened and will blame you. He asks her to keep eye on Aaliya. Pragya thinks if Purab is saying right? If Aaliya is trapping me, or if Nikhil is behind the attack.


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