Twist of Fate 30 July 2020: Twist of Fate update thursday 30TH July 2020, The Episode starts with Pragya thinking if Abhi was signing at something with his words and thinks he might know something surely which Disha and Purab don’t want me to know and thinks if King have told them anything. King asks Servant about Pragya and Kiara. Servant says they didn’t return from school yet. Pragya thinks why King will tell anyone. King calls Pragya and asks where is she? He says he got worried as they didn’t come home. Pragya tells him about Kiara’s accident and a fb is shown. King asks what? He says Kiara met with an accident and you didn’t tell me. He says today you made me realized that I am not her real father. Pragya says it is not like that. King says I am not real father, but my love for her is real and tells that his priorities are her. Pragya thinks she has done wrong with King and don’t think of anyone when she is with Abhi and questions herself why she loves him so much. Abhi comes to pragya and says sorry. He says I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Pragya thinks if Purab, Disha are planning something.

King comes to the hospital and his car collides with Tanu’s car. King says sorry to Tanu and tells about Kiara’s accident. King says sorry to Tanu and tells about Kiara’s accident. Tanu says its ok and thinks why Pragya didn’t tell him. Purab and Disha are outside the ward. Purab says Abhi should be here. Disha says jiju shall not be here as if he comes here then Pragya will come behind him and DNA test can’t be done then. Purab says you have become intelligent. Doctor comes out and tells that Kiara is out of danger. Disha calls Dr. Anjali. Dr. Anjali comes there and says she has talked to the technical staff. She tells that CCTV camera is everywhere in the hospital and asks her to take Kiara’s saliva, hair and nail. She asks her to take the sample and go to lab. Disha says ok. Abhi thinks how Disha convinced Doctor and smiles. Pragya says something has happened to you and asks why is he behaving weirdly. Abhi says what happened? Pragya says you are smiling. Abhi says I am smiling as kiara is out of danger, He says if she likes his angry look then he will become angry. Pragya goes. Purab and Disha come to Kiara’s room. Purab says your Mama is proud of you. Disha says she is a fighter and says she is a perfect combo of di and jiju. She thinks I am doing this without your knowledge and thinks everything will be fine when she gets up. Purab talks to the nurse and signs Disha. Disha takes saliva and hair sample secretly and signs purab. Purab tells that they shall go out. Disha says lets inform Jiju that the work is done.

Twist of Fate update thursday 30 July 2020: Abbi calls Pragya and stops her. He thinks now he understood why kids play hide and seek, it is fun. Pragya thinks he is not here. King comes and holds Pragya’s hand, asks her to take him to Kiara. Pragya asks if he is upset until now. King says I am disappointed and upset. Tanu comes to Abhi and tells that she came to know about kiara’s accident. Abhi asks her to do her work and not to walk around him. King asks pragya if he was careless for Kiara and says he can’t bear that he is not her real father. Pragya says you are a good father and says she forgot to inform him. King says if you forget me again and again then he will think that she don’t think him as her father. Pragya says sorry. King says my relation with Kiara is stronger and I am possessive about her. He says I should have been here in the hospital. Pragya says I just didn’t…it slipped from my mind. King asks her not to forget that he is Kiara’s father. Pragya says Kiara is your daughter. King says I will be with you always.

King sees Abhi walking towards him and thinks of Chachi’s words. He asks do you want to say something. Abhi asks him to leave her. King looks at him surprisingly and then at Pragya. Pragya looks tensed.

Abhi asking King to leave Pragya and go and meet the doctor as he wants to meet him. He tells Kiara is fine now, surgery is done. Pragya goes to meet Kiara. King asks Abhi if he came before him. Abhi says I was here since the beginning, you came later. King says in the hospital and says now you can go. Abhi says it is not necessary that I shall go as you have come. Purab asks Disha to keep the sample safely. Disha says it is in the bottle, nobody will know. They collide with the nurse and the sample falls down near Tanu, who have just come. Tanu picks the bottle and asks if this is new trick to unite Abhi and Pragya. Purab asks her to give bottle. Tanu says your faces are showing all and you will not get this bottle until you tell me everything. Pragya comes and asks if they met Kiara. Purab says yes. Disha asks her to meet her. Tanu asks if their new mission is related to Pragya and Abhi. Disha says we are here for Kiara. Purab says this bottle is not of us, but of the ward boy and if that ward boy goes then someone’s life will be in danger. Disha asks her to remember that whoever belongs to whom, gets back. Tanu follows Disha and Purab while they go. King thinks to find out what is happening. Tanu thinks they are looking at me. Purab asks Abhi to handle Tanu. Abhi says I will see her. Tanu thinks it is confirmed, their plan is working. She thinks Abhi will not let me go if he sees me. She hides.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 29th July 2020 on zee world

King goes to Kiara. Pragya asks her not to do this again. King thinks Pragya must be shattered seeing Kiara in that condition and I told her enough. Nurse asks King to bring something from Lab. Pragya says she will go. Nurse tells King that Kiara’s father loves her a lot and he lifted her in his arms after the accident. She says I have never seen such a father. King asks did he tell you that he is her father? Nurse says no. King says I am her father. Nurse says sorry. Purab and Disha come to the lab and give DNA sample to the lab Doctor and asks when they will get the report. Lab doctor tells that it will take one week. Purab says it is a small test. Disha says but result is big. Purab tries to bribe him. Doctor smiles and says it is secret time and shall be off record. He tells that he will keep the secret safely and asks about Abhi’s sample. Disha says we forgot and asks Purab to call Abhi. Abhi comes there. Purab says I will pluck his hairs. Disha warns Purab. Tanu comes and hears them.

Disha gives Abhi’s hair sample to the doctor. Purab tells Doctor that he wants test for his sister. Tanu thinks why they are so happy, I have to find out. She thinks if they see me then I will never find out. Abhi asks about the Doctor’s name. Doctor says Ganesh. Pragya comes there. Abhi tells that he will give his everything to him if the D…Purab stops him from saying further seeing Pragya. Pragya asks what is happening here. Disha says nothing. Pragya asks Doctor to give the report. Doctor goes. Pragya asks Disha and Purab to tell the truth. Purab says we are telling truth, we are not hiding anything. Disha says you are right, we are hiding something from you and tells that they came to do Purab’s blood test in the lab. Pragya asks why? Disha says Purab has become weak and fell twice, and that’s why she got his test done, while he refused. Pragya thinks if she is saying truth or not. King tells pragya that Kiara is getting discharged and asks Pragya to come. Pragya looks at Abhi and smiles. She leaves. King looks at Abhi.

Chachi tells Tarun that she is not happy with his alliance. Tarun asks her to accept Neha as her bahu. Chachi says I have mixed the mehendi and will come with you for your happiness. King brings Kiara home with Pragya. Chachi asks what happened to her? King tells about her accident. Chachi says we have to cancel the function and tells that even she has hurt her leg. King says nice try, but function will not be cancelled. Pragya takes Kiara and says she will make her sleep. King tells her that he will talk to her tomorrow. Chachi thinks don’t know when King talks to Pragya and clear everything.

Abhi talks to Pragya’s pic and thinks once report comes, then they will stay as a family. Disha comes there and asks until when she will talk to the pic. She says it is unbelievable that she is coming. Abhi says yes and tells that I love you to Pragya’s pic and tells I love you to Disha. Disha teases him and asks who will talk to her after di comes. Abhi thinks of Pragya.

King thinks of Nurse words that Kiara is very lucky as her father loves her a lot. Chachi comes to King and asks him what is he thinking? She says I know you are thinking about Abhi and Pragya. She says the matter is not about Pragya and you, but about Kiara. She asks if he can stay away from Kiara. King says you started again. Chachi asks him to keep his eyes open during the function.

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