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Twist of Fate 4 February 2021: Twist of Fate update Thursday 4th February 2021, Abhi asking Aaliya not to worry and says the deal which you have sealed, I will not let it ruin. Aaliya thanks him and asks to sing song. Pragya dreams dancing with Abhi in the studio. Hua Hai Aaj Pehli Baar plays………She imagines Abhi leaving her and gets up. Sarla asks her to have water and asks if she saw any bad dream. She asks her not to go to office today. Pragya says no and rushes to go to office. Sarla tells Beeji that Pragya always dreams about Abhi. She asks when will Abhi get his memory and when will he unite with her. Beeji says it will happen for sure. Dadi prays to God and asks him to do some miracle and make Abhi remember his wife Pragya. Aaliya tells Abhi that he is looking rocking today, and asks him to record half song only. Abhi asks why? Aaliya says if you record full song then he will not give us remaining amount. Abhi says okay and asks if you are coming with me. Aaliya says no, and asks him not to take tension as 5 bodyguards will go with him. Dadi asks Abhi to take aarti before going. Abhi says I don’t believe on this, but will take aarti for you. He takes Aarti. Dadi prays to God for his progress and says you shall get what is in your heart. Abhi says okay, you ask your God to give me what is in my heart. He says I am going. Dadi says I want Pragya and you to unite.

Manager asks Pragya if she has good morning wish with Abhi. Pragya says it is just a poster. Manager says I know everything and praise herself. Boss comes and says Abhi is coming today to record song. He tells Pragya that she is lucky to welcome Abhi, and says you are lucky even for us. Manager Sara says that he said right and says your dream guy is coming here. She goes to make the arrangements. Pragya thinks why is he coming here? He shall not see me. She thinks he should not see me and thinks to hide in the canteen when he comes. She silently goes to canteen and sits hiding her face. Sara comes and asks her to hurry up. She says Boss is calling you. Pragya refuses to come. Sara says you are his big fan. Pragya says I can’t meet him. Sara says Boss will get angry. Pragya says I will not go even then. I will leave the job, but can’t go.

Sara reminds her that she has signed on the papers and says she will be barred to work in any company. She forcibly takes her with her. She gives flowers plate to Pragya asking her to welcome Abhi nicely.

Twist of Fate update Thursday 4 February 2021: Abhi comes in his car….Everyone surround him to get his autograph. Pragya sees him and recalls their happy moments….a fb is shown, Abhi says my dreams is fulfilled….I got my fuggi. Abhi asking her if he can stay as her husband all their lives. She gets emotional. Abhi walks towards her. Allah Wariyan song plays……………..Pragya hides her face with dupatta and showers flower petals on him……Abhi looks at her surprisingly as she has hidden her face. Abhi gets Purab’s call and start talking. Pragya continues to shower flowers on him. Abhi looks at her surprisingly as her dupatta moves from her face. Abhi tells Pragya that flowers are finished. Sara tells Abhi that Pragya is his big fan. Abhi says I can see that she is crazy about me and says I like my fans. Pragya continues to stare him. Abhi gives her autograph on her hand and sets her specs right on her face. Pragya is happy and smiles.

Dadi comes somewhere. Sarla and Beeji also come there. Beeji asks Dadi, how she can take decision alone and is upset with her. Sarla tells Dadi that Pragya is happy as Abhi is alive. Dadi says we want them to live together and cries. She says I feel even if Abhi sees her then also he will not remember her. Beeji tells that Abhi has the same heart and will feel his love on seeing Pragya. Pragya looks at her hand and asks if it was a dream or reality. She sees Abhi’s autograph and thinks what did I do? I went infront of him. She thinks I can’t let anything happen to him and recalls Doctor’s words.

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