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Twist of Fate 9 July 2020: Twist of Fate update Thursday 9th July 2020 Abhi tells Pragya they must have met for some reason surely. He tells Pragya that he also stands where she left him. He requests her to trust him and hold his hands. Both look towards each other hopefully recalling their past moments. Pragya thinks about King and Kiara, then was concerned that Tannu and Aaliya still hate her and she can’t let Abhi and Kiara in problem again. She denies holding Abhi’s hand.

Twist of Fate update thursday 9 July 2020 Kiara was passing across the corridor and felt afraid. The curtains around her were getting fire. Disha comes there. Kiara says she wanted crackers from Disha and Tannu told her she was in kitchen. Tannu was now suspicious. They come towards the kitchen but finds the door locked. They leave the corridor.
Pragya tells Abhi that her life has changed drastically, there is no place for him. She doesn’t feel for him anymore. Abhi turns her towards himself and confirms if she really doesn’t feel for him. Pragya stammers while repeating she doesn’t love him anymore. She was furious over his wife Tannu, and poured that fury over him. Abhi says he knew only Tannu could say so. Abhi doesn’t let Pragya leave as her eyes and words say different things at a time. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand, dragging her closer and asks if she still doesn’t feel for him? She denies. He holds himself further close to her face and asks if she doesn’t feel for him, why her heart beat is racing and eyes are closed? He can feel that she still feels for him. Pragya backs up and says its all useless. Abhi was about to tell Pragya about his marriage with Tannu, buy they sense smoke around.

Aaliya hurries to Tannu and thinks Aaliya found the fire. Tannu tells Aaliya she planned the fire. Aaliya was angry over Tannu. Tannu was about to tell the details when they find Disha and Kiara pass by. Aaliya was afraid what if the fire spreads across the house. Twist of Fate 9th July 2020 Mitali notices smoke filling the room. Poorab came in a panic and rushes everyone out of the house. There was chaos everyone around the house due to smoke. Kiara comes running to King who stood worried. Poorab and Disha look for Pragya and Abhi. Disha asks King to take King away. King sends Kiara home with the driver, promising to bring Pragya home.
Abhi and Pragya were in the kitchen. Abhi tries to put the fire off and make way for them, Pragya was protective for Abhi. Poorab calls Abhi concerned for him. Abhi asks about the kids, Poorab replies that he sent Kiara home and Sunny is also not home. The call was disconnected.

Aaliya and Tannu were tensed as the look for Abhi. Aaliya slaps Tannu got get her in her senses. King had called the fire brigade. Disha goes to bring the bucket.
Pragya and Abhi indulged in argument while in the kitchen. They get severe cough due to increasing smoke as both shouted at each other. Soon, Abhi fell into Pragya’s lap as his condition worsens. Twist of Fate 9 July 2020 Pragya tries to wake him up out of concern, she promises to tell him everything and never call herself the second woman in his life anymore. She feels afraid of losing him. Abhi weakly opens his eyes. Pragya cries and asks him to wake up, no one can part them. She still loves him dearly, she never moved on in life. She had promised to stay besides him in life, how she could move on.

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Twist of Fate update thursday 9th July 2020 Pragya cries requesting Abhi to open his eyes and wake up, her world might else be ruined. He opens his eyes to weakly says I love you. He gets cough again and goes unconscious. Pragya tells Abhi they have a daughter he has already met, she calls him a Super Man. She is now ready to hold his hand as well.
The rescue team had reached the Malhotra house. Later, Abhi was carried to the hall on stretcher while Pragya on another stretcher. Both held hands which Tannu removes. The doctor says the lady covered Abhi’s mouth with her dress and saved him from the smoke. King says Pragya always thinks about others before herself. He was sorry that he wasn’t around Pragya when she needed him. The doctor instructs them to take both into the room, they need fresh air.
Tannu sat with Abhi and wish Abhi wasn’t there in the kitchen. He always get to save her. She recalls how they held hands. Abhi wakes up with weak cough. He asks Tannu about Pragya. Tannu complains that he is concerned about Pragya. She was curt over Abhi and leaves the room.

zee world Twist of Fate update thursday 9 July 2020 Outside the room, Tannu was fuming over Abhi. Aaliya comes there asking about Abhi. Tannu curtly replies he is fine, Pragya is with him to support him in his thoughts. Aaliya blames Tannu that the more she tries to part Abhi and Pragya, they are moving closer. Tannu says she dreams and tries to accomplish them as well, she will lecture Aaliya the day she has accomplished her dreams. Aaliya thinks it was a huge mistake that she married Tannu to Abhi.
Abhi stood in the window of his room and recalls whatever Pragya said while he was unconscious. He wonders if she really said so, of if he was imagining. He wonders what if it was all real.
Pragya lay in bed with Kiara and cries while thinking about Abhi’s promises. She decides that Abhi was unconscious and hadn’t heard anything she said to him. Pragya was thinking about waking Abhi up in morning times and how he used to frown. She looks towards Kiara and smiles that her daughter is exactly like them.

Neha calls Tarun and asks where he had been yesterday. He says he went with his mother and couldn’t come over. They plan a meet up in a restaurant and were excited.
Abhi was leaving for office. Disha says the doctor had forbidden him to work. Abhi asks if she really thinks Tannu will stop him from leaving home. Disha only stares Abhi with a smile. Abhi asks if she now claims to bring Pragya in, he isn’t afraid of Pragya as well. Disha teases that she didn’t take Pragya’s name, Abhi brought her in.

Twist of Fate 9th July 2020 Downstairs in the hall, Mitali wasn’t ready to let Neha meet Tarun alone while the family advocated Neha. Abhi comes there and tells Mitali he is also going with Neha, this way Mitali’s reservations would be addressed while Neha can also meet Tarun. Mitali leaves the table, Neha thanks Abhi. Abhi tells Neha that she and Tarun are lovers, she can’t let them suffer.
There, Tarun asks Chachi to let him meet Neha. Chachi wasn’t ready to allow him as well. Pragya seconds Chachi and offers to go with him. Tarun says even she isn’t coming over alone. Pragya wonders who can it be, she wish its not Tannu or Aaliya.

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