Twist of Fate 1 February 2022: Twist of Fate update Tuesday 1st February 2022 The Episode starts with Rhea and Aaliya’s photo frame falling down in the former’s room. Rhea thinks when I told Vikram’s uncle and Pallavi aunty about dad’s recovery, they were happy, but when I told Buji, Tanu, and Mitali, they got tense. Mitali tells Aaliya that she will hide Tanu in her room. Aaliya asks her to let her think.

Mitali says you both are mad, she asks them to understand her and says Abhi just knows that Pragya had taken care of him as Gayatri, but Dadi didn’t tell that you want to marry him. Tanu tells that Pragya might have told Abhi by now. She says my destiny is bad, I thought Abhi will get fine after marrying me, but he got fine before marriage. Aaliya blames Tanu for drinking that day. Tanu says I didn’t drink. Aaliya says you can drink and blames her for spoiling her plan.

Tanu says it was not my mistake, you didn’t plan well. She says I am the victim, don’t know how he will behave when he returns. Mitali asks Aaliya to give some solutions. Just then they hear Abhi throwing Aaliya and Tanu’s bags. Tanu hides and looks at Abhi. Aaliya asks what is he doing? Abhi says clearing the house. He asks Aaliya to tell him if her stuff is still in the house. He says I came to know everything whatever you had done with Pragya. He says he will not be separated from Pragya, and they have forgiven each other for Kiara’s death. He then scolds Mitali for siding with Aaliya and Tanu and accusing Pragya of bad names. He asks her to get out with Aaliya and Tanu. He says Pragya is his everything, his wife, love, and the owner of the house. He says he wants to give rights to Pragya which she deserves and asks them to get out. He calls Tanu and asks her to leave. Tanu says Abhi. Abhi says I don’t have any relation with you, I don’t want to have even hatred relation with you. He says I didn’t let you come near me when I was not in my senses. He says how to bear you when I am in my senses. He asks them to leave and says else he has to throw them out.

Mitali changes the party and tells that Tanu had provoked her and Aaliya brainwashed her mind against Pragya. She pleads in front of him to ask Pragya. Dadi says let Mitali stay here, as she is bahu. Abhi says ok, you can stay. Dadi and Rhea look on. Abhi asks Tanu to leave. Tanu picks her bags and starts walking out. Abhi asks Aaliya to get out and says Pragya is my wife and whoever wants to stay here, shall respect and love Pragya. Mitali says she will respect Pragya when she comes home. He tells Rhea that he knows that she loves her mom very much. Rhea smiles. Abhi tells Dadi that he will bring Pragya home, not only as his wife but also as the owner of the house. He hugs Dadi and says everything will be fine. Aaliya picks her bag and goes inside.

Prachi thinks she shall not feel bad if Ranbir is meeting Rhea. Pragya comes in front of Prachi. Prachi asks what happened, why are you crying? Pragya says I have good news for you. Prachi says even I have. She says, my Papa….Pragya hugs her and says I am very happy and tears are coming in my eyes. Prachi says let it come. Pragya says tomorrow your Papa will come and take us home. She asks who told you. Prachi says Rhea called Ranbir and she told him. Pragya tells her that Ranbir knew that she is Pragya in Gayatri’s avatar, but didn’t tell anyone. She tells that she was wrong about Ranbir, but if she had decided to separate from him, then it is her decision.

Prachi goes to their room and cries. Shahana comes to her and tries to pacify her. Prachi tells that she is very bad and Ranbir is really good. She tells them that he is changing and she is responsible for his changed behavior. She says it was my helplessness to hurt him and I shall be punished for hurting me. She says my Ranbir shall get the happiness of the world and I shall get tears of the world. Shahana says there is still a chance as Ranbir hasn’t married Rhea still. Prachi says you are not understanding and tells that only time can heal his wounds. Shahana asks if you can forget him. Prachi says she will try. Shahana says you couldn’t take off his pic from the book, then how you will take him out from her heart. Prachi thinks she will live without her love, though it is not easy.

Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks him to tell them where to go? Abhi says wherever you want. Aaliya blames him for making Pragya his priority and making her the less priority. Abhi says he doesn’t want to hear and asks her to go. He says I got you married and have completed my duty. Aaliya says you never tried to know how I am? She says I become stubborn and fought when I didn’t get your love. She says you never tried to know the reason. She says you married Pragya due to my wish. She asks how can you change so much after marriage. She says when Rhea didn’t get her mom’s love, she made mistakes. She tells that when I saw you going away from me, I kept Pragya away from you. She says if I had done 10 mistakes, then you had done 2 mistakes. She holds him responsible for her approach and thinking. She says I had beaten you as you were as a child then and I tried to handle you. She says I didn’t let Pragya come inside, as she left you on a stretcher in the hospital. Abhi says Pragya might have gone to talk to Doctor at that time, etc, and tells that her explanations can’t change his decision.

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