Twist of Fate update Tuesday 12 April 2022: The Episode starts with the flashback scene of Gaurav calling Sushma and asking her to send Pragya there to the hotel red zone’s cold storage room. Pragya gets informed by Sushma. She comes to the cold storage room. Abhi and Pragya are both locked in the cold storage room. Prachi saves them. She asks Someone to catch the goon who wanted to kill her parents. Sid runs behind the goon. Sushma comes there and the goons collide with her. Sushma asks Sid to catch the goon. Prachi checks Pragya and Abhi struggling to breathe and asks Doctor to check, as their oxygen mask is pulled off. The doctor goes inside the ward. Sushma says it is good that you called me. The Police come there and arrest the goon. Prachi asks who is he? and who has sent him. Tanu is at Gaurav’s house and Mahesh offers her a drink. Tanu says she drinks when she celebrates. Mahesh asks if you will drink hearing the death news of Abhi and Pragya. Tanu says just as I come to know about their death, I will drink. Police come there with their team and hears Mahesh and Tanu’s conversation. Inspector says we didn’t know that crime confession is going on. Tanu tries to escape but is caught by the lady constable. She asks why did you catch me? Lady constable says we know what you have done, else why you were running. Gaurav says Abhi and Pragya have done this for business rivalry. Inspector says they are not in their senses and tells that the goon confessed and took your name. He tells Gaurav. Gaurav is shocked. Tanu says why you are arresting me, I am not involved. Inspector says then why did you come to take charity. He says the court will decide, but we will not leave you. Mahesh says so you will arrest us? Inspector says yes and drags them out.

Ranbir comes home. Rhea gives him an angry look. Does he ask if Prachi and the doctor came? Rhea says Prachi is not at home. Ranbir says if Prachi is fine, and asks if she went out. Rhea asks what is his problem and says her home is getting ruined due to him. Ranbir asks her what she wants to say and asks her to tell clearly. Rhea says now you want to know clearly, though you don’t trust me. Ranbir calls Prachi. Rhea says she went with Sid, and says she must be fine as she is with him. She says they didn’t go to doctor or chemist, they went for a date and asks him not to wait for her. She says they will come late. Ranbir says enough. Rhea says I told and showed all lovestory, but you closed your eyes. Ranbir says you are mad and needs help, and says anything. He says Prachi is my wife and Sid is my brother and asks her to keep her bad thoughts in her mind. He says if you say this again then I will. He goes inside. Rhea looks on upset.

Prachi looks at Pragya and Abhi from the window pane and thinks of her moments with them. Rhea gets Shaina’s call, and asks her to tell why she called. Shaina asks what happened? Rhea says Ranbir always take Prachi’s name all the time. Shaina says she is his wife so he will take her name. Rhea tells Shaina that whenever she tells him that Prachi and Sid are having an affair, he refuses to believe her. She says Prachi said that she is unwell and will stay at home. Shaina asks if Prachi really went with Sid. Rhea says that is not the point, and says she is trying to prove affair with them. She says she showed them laughing, but Ranbir didn’t believe. Shaina asks her to do something drastic, so that Ranbir thinks that they are having an affair.

Prachi cries and hugs Sushma. Sushma says Pragya is strong, will defeat death and will return. She asks her to be strong being Pragya’s daughter and says everything will be fine. Sid looks at them. Doctor comes out and says as the mask was moved, they couldn’t get the oxygen. Sushma asks what happened to them? Doctor says they went in coma. Sushma says what were you doing and says I don’t want to lose my daughter again. Prachi runs inside. Other doctor says until we came, the patient couldn’t get oxygen and slipped in coma. Sushma says if anything happens to my daughter, then I will sue this hospital. She tells Sid that she can’t get weaken and will take her to London and will get her treatment. She says nothing will happen to my daughter. Prachi looks at Abhi and cries. Naina song plays…..She recalls her moments with Abhi. She then looks at Pragya and recalls her moments with her. She sits at Pragya’s bedside and says Maa, what are you doing here? She says you can’t lie down here, your place is with all of us. She says you always give courage to everyone, you can’t lie down like this. She says you have promised me that you will make Papa fine and everything fine. She says you have done it. She says I came late, if I had reached before, then would have done something. She asks Abhi to get up and cries. She hugs Pragya and says I will be with you. Doctor says meeting time is over and Sid to take her out. Prachi says Maa can hear me and I will stay here. Doctor says there is a way to treat Coma patient, and asks her to go. Prachi refuses.

Ranbir comes to Rhea and apologizes for getting angry on her. Rhea asks him to sit down and listen to her calmly and says the matter is there itself, why Prachi went with Sid out. Ranbir asks her to fight with Sid and leave Prachi and him. He says I don’t like this, don’t say such things. Rhea says I can ask where is Prachi, she is my sister. He says her call is not reachable. Rhea says even Sid’s phone is unreachable. She asks Ranbir why don’t he call Sid and asked. Ranbir says if they have went together then might have gone for professional work. He says Prachi is hardworking and professional and had gone for work before also, when she was unwell. Rhea says why she didn’t agree to come with you, when you said that she is your lucky charm, but she denied. He says it is my mistake that I came here and talk to you. He says I was wrong, you can doubt and do whatever you want, but don’t involve me. Rhea calls Sid and says Ranbir wants to talk to Prachi. She ends the call and says they are coming home. Door bell rings. Ranbir opens the door. Prachi is crying. Ranbir asks what happened? Prachi hugs him. Rhea asks where was you? Ranbir and I was worried and asks if they forgot that they have a family. Ranbir says not now.

Sid tells that he heard a guy talking on the phone and conspiring to kill Abhishek Mehra and Pragya, your mom and dad. He says I called Prachi immediately. Prachi says Mama and Papa are in a coma and hugs Rhea. Ranbir asks how? Sid says they were trapped in the cold storage room. He says Doctor said that they are in a coma, as the oxygen level dipped. Rhea is shocked and recalls her moments with Abhi. Ranbir tells Prachi that nothing can happen to her mom and dad when she is there. Rhea gets angry.

Later Ranbir and Prachi promote the shows tere bina jiya na jaye and agar tum na hote on Zee TV.

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