Twist of Fate update Tuesday 16 February 2021


Twist of Fate 16 February 2021: The Episode starts with Dadi wondering where did Pragya go missing suddenly. Abhi comes and asks what happened? I am here. Dadi says she is looking out for the girl. Abhi says I came for my fan no. 1 job, and tells that her name is Nikita. Dadi thinks if you are sure? Abhi says yes. Pragya thinks how I will give interview now and thinks to leave immediately. Abhi tells Dadi that he will drop her to temple. Dadi says she wants to go home now, as she is feeling unwell. Purab tells Beeji that Abhi told me that he left Pragya home, but didn’t tell me about his promise to find a job for her. He calls him. Abhi thinks Nikita is strange. She went without saying anything. He picks Purab’s call and says I came for Nikita’s job. Purab asks why you was pretending yesterday that you don’t care about her and says you have hidden fact from you. Abhi asks who told you this? Purab says someone told me, and the bottomline is that you didn’t tell me. Abhi says there is something wrong with you, and sees Pragya there, ends the call. Beeji asks Purab to show his hand to a good palmist and wear ring.

Tanu couldn’t believe Aaliya and says you gave me surprise suddenly. Tanu says how you will react when I will tell you that Purab is going to propose you. Aaliya says shut up. She asks her to do something so that Abhi falls in her trap. Tanu says you have given me green signal, now see what I will do. Abhi sees Pragya and asks her to statue. He asks what do you think of yourself and asks why you are leaving silently. Pragya says I was leaving because of Dadi. Abhi asks what? He asks her to tell about the number of hairs on her head. Pragya tells 6 lakhs and change. Abhi thinks she is clever and have answers of my questions. He asks why you was leaving? Pragya says I didn’t like the office, as it is a construction company. She says I have no interest in construction company, and says I thought it is a music company. She asks him to get her a job in a music company. Abhi asks you like music and teases her. He gets Aaliya’s call and she asks how is the meeting? Abhi says it is good and asks her to come and check out once. Aaliya asks him to come for a casual meeting in the evening with her model friend Tanu. She says Tanu invited me and I thought to take you too. Abhi says what I will do with you both. Aaliya asks him to come suddenly and check her. Abhi says okay. Tanu gets happy, but thinks what will happen if he don’t come. Aaliya says I will go mad with you, and says I will cancel the meeting. Tanu says I was just sharing my feelings. Aaliya says I am least interested and asks her to change her get up, says it is now or never.

Abhi asks Pragya, what you was saying? Pragya says I told that I like music company. Abhi says I will slap you under your ears and teases her. He asks her to go. Pragya thinks if Dadi saw me, then thinks she didn’t see me. She comes home and sees Sarla talking to someone, who was insisting her to return his money. Sarla promises to return his money soon. Pragya thinks what I am doing? I forgot why I am doing job, so that I can meet the house expenses. She thinks to find job as soon as possible.

Aaliya and Tanu are in the restaurant. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi is on the way. Tanu gets excited and asks if her make up is fine, or needs touch up. Aaliya asks her to pretend as if she didn’t know about Abhi coming there, and asks her not to over act. They see Abhi coming and start acting. Tanu tells her that Abhi has a gold of heart and single too. Aaliya says even you are busy, and have a many male following. Tanu says I blocks 100’s of guys daily and tells that she needs a guy whom she can trust. Abhi hears her words and looks on. Abhi says trust’s market price is high and only few people invest in it (very true). Aaliya acts surprise and asks Bhai you are here. Abhi says I thought to join you, getting bored at home. Tanu says it is okay, you can join us. She says I will order juice. Aaliya says her preferences is same as you. Abhi is surprised and compliments on her fresh and charming face. Tanu smiles.

Pragya thinks what to do about the job and calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call and says hello. Aaliya gets tensed. She thinks why he is looking at me this way. Abhi asks Aaliya why didn’t you send the installment and says they have called me now. Tanu says Aaliya handles your work and asks him not to scold her rather boasts her efforts. Abhi says sorry. Aaliya says it was my mistake, I should have been more careful. He gets Pragya’s call then, and wonders why she is calling me now. He excuses himself and takes her call. Pragya tells him that she couldn’t find a solution for the problems and that’s why called him. She tells that she needs money to pay the loan taken by Sarla. Abhi asks do you need money? Pragya says I need a job and says you can get a job for me. Abhi asks will you do any job? Pragya says I will not do any wrong work. Abhi says I am not that kind of a guy and says your wish is accepted. He says I will call you later, very busy now. Tanu asks Aaliya, do you think Abhi is impressed with me. Aaliya asks her to keep silent.

Producer meets Abhi and introduces himself. He says it seems you came for dinner with family. Abhi says with my sister and her friend. Producer asks about Bhabhiji. Abhi asks Bhabhiji. Producer says I mean your wife. Abhi is shocked.


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