Twist of Fate 18 August 2020: Twist of Fate update Tuesday 18th August 2020, The Episode starts with Tanu calling Nikhil thinking about Aaliya’s threat and leaves a voice note for Nikhil asking him to leave Kiara right now else he will fall in a big trouble and says even your life can end, and tells that I have nothing to do with Kiara’s kidnapping and asks him to leave her. She thinks it is a huge mistake, he should have done kidnapping. Ashish gets a call and says nobody shall go out. He asks them to switch on the TV. Ashish asks what Abhi is doing on TV. Disha switches on Tv by mistake. Pragya asks her to switch off the TV. Abhi on TV tells that I am Abhishek Mehra and my daughter is Kiara Mehra. He says whoever has kidnapped her, must be watching this news today. He says he says kidnapper asked 3 crores rs, but I will give this money not to kidnappers but to the person who gives me Kiara’s news. He says I will give the money happily and tells Kidnapper that the game is his, but the daughter is his and asks him to give his daughter and take the money. Reporter says Abhi will give the money to the person bringing kiara. Pragya gets upset with Abhi and says don’t know what they will do with Kiara. Disha asks her to relax and says he might have a plan. Pragya says jiju must have thought something. She says he shouldn’t have involved police and says we couldn’t do anything when kidnapper took her right infront of us. She says Kiara is really a good girl, she must have shouted and I couldn’t hear her. She says she was never away from me, but since we came here. She recalls seeing Tanu and says I will ask Kiara.

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Aaliya comes and says Tanu didn’t do this. She says I thought this is done by Tanu, and that’s why scolded, threatened her, but I couldn’t get her. Pragya says she must have seen her elsewhere. Aaliya asks her to trust her and says we have Kiara now, and she is important to me like my brother. She says I love my bhai and I love Kiara, she is family to me. She says I want to search her and asked Tanu, but if you think that you wanted to go, then I will take you. Pragya says I want to go to her house. Aaliya says I will take you. Abhi comes back. Pragya asks why did you do this? Abhi says it was necessary and says he is doing this so that situation is in control. Pragya says you went to give money to Kidnapper and get Kiara back, and asks why you take this on your ego. Abhi says matter is not about ego and says I can give my life for my daughter. Pragya says kidnapper will leave Kiara when he gets the money. Abhi says kidnapper needs revenge and will kill Kiara once he gets the money. Pragya slaps him. Abhi promises her that he will bring Kiara. Ashish tells Abhi that people are giving false news due to the greed of money. He says kidnappers will tell us and says I will make the prize money double. He comes out and asks the media to telecast his announcement. He says first I had told that I will give 3 crores to the person and says I will give 6 crores to the person who gives me Kiara’s news. He sees Tanu standing and tries to catch her. People give their comments that Abhi did wrong.

Nikhil gets angry and shouts Abhishek. Nikhil says you have promised to give the money to the person giving my info and says you have hit the arrow on her leg and says what kind of father, you are. Abhi says I can do anything for my daughter. Nikhil says then why do you not give the money to us. He says nobody knows about me so you will not get any info. Abhi says you are fake kidnapper and bluffing. He says that man didn’t know about Kiara or her address. Nikhil asks his men to bring Kiara. He asks Kiara to talk to Abhi. Kiara says daddy…and asks him to take her home. She insists to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to get scared and asks kidnapper not to touch her. Kiara bites on Nikhil’s hand. Nikhil shoots at her. Abhi, Pragya and others are shocked. Pragya says they killed Kiara and cries. Ashish comes and says Kiara is alive, we heard the recording again, and says when the bullet is shot, there was no shout of Kiara, and says bullet hit the metal. He asks them to relax and says Kiara is fine. Nikhil asks the goon whom Kiara calls as angel to take her and says I will kill her once I get the money. King comes to Pragya’s room. Pragya tells him about Kiara’s kidnapping. King is shocked.

He says I saw Abhi announcing on TV and says we shall give the money. Pragya says he believes that kidnappers will not return Kiara even after taking money. King says if you think that he is doing right then its ok. He says if I would be on his place then would have given money to kidnapper. Pragya asks him to give the money to kidnappers and says you are my last hope. Disha asks King not to support wrong thing and says this matter is about Kiara’s safety. Pragya says he is equally worried for Kiara as she saw him first and held his finger and walked etc. She says don’t know what Kiara is doing there . King goes to arrange money. Pragya asks Disha not to tell anything to Abhi if she ever thought her as her sister. Suddenly she gets labour pain.

Tanu getting scared and thinks Nikhil will get caught and if he gets caught then she will get caught too. Just then a guy rings her bell and tells that courier came. Tanu says I have no courier to come. She opens the door and sees Abhi. Abhi asks her to tell where is Kiara and says I know that you got her kidnapped. Disha, Aaliya and others take Pragya to hospital. Pragya is in labour. Aaliya asks where is doctor? Purab calls Doctor and tells everyone that she is coming. Nurse asks Pragya to try and show double courage for the twins. Doctor comes there and asks Nurse to bring her file. Nurse comes out. Aaliya asks how she is feeling pain at this time. Other nurse comes and tells that she is in labour pain and calls her husband. She says Pragya was stressed, but everything is normal.

Abhi asks Tanu who can take revenge on him than her and says I kicked you from my life so you separated me from Kiara to take revenge on Pragya and me. Tanu says may be you have some enemy, with whom you did wrong. Abhi says I never did such thing with anyone, and never done bad with you. he asks about Kiara. Tanu says I don’t know. Abhi breaks the glass bottle and keeps on her neck asking her to tell. Tanu says I didn’t know. Abhi says if you don’t tell me then I will take just 3 seconds to kill you. Tanu says I will tell you and tells that Kiara is with Nikhil. She says sorry and says Nikhil has kidnapped her. She says I didn’t want to harm kiara and tells that Nikhil came to your house and kidnapped her. She says Nikhil said that you had ruined him so he will spoil your life. Abhi asks her to call Nikhil and put the phone on loudspeaker. Nikhil doesn’t pick the call. Abhi asks where is he? Tanu says I will enquire. Abhi asks her to inquire and let him know, else he will kill her and put her somewhere that nobody will know. He gets a call and is shocked. He says I am coming and tells Tanu that he wants Nikhil’s address else he will kill everyone. Tanu is shocked.

Abhi runs to hospital and tells Ashish that it is confirmed and tells that his daughter is with Nikhil. He tells that he is going somewhere. He asks Purab about Pragya. Dasi says she has a premature delivery. Dadi says we thought it is an ordinary man. Abhi says nothing will happen to Pragya as she is a tigress. Doctor tells that there is a good news and asks will you hear without sweets. Nurse comes and says daughters are born. Abhi and others get happy. Doctor asks them to be careful as the babies are premature. Everyone is happy. Abhi thanks the doctor and comes to Pragya.

Pragya is unconscious. Abhi congratulates Pragya and says you have fulfilled all my wishes and I don’t know what to give you in return. Nurse comes there and asks Abhi if he will not take them in lap. Abhi touches one of them and says they are delicate and he can’t hold them. Nurse tell that one is elder…Abhi gets emotional and tells that he has one more daughter, whom he couldn’t see at her birth. He tells the babies that he is their Papa and says you have elder sister too, Kiara and says she calls me daddy, and asks them to call him daddy. He promises to be with them for forever. He thanks the Nurse for taking care of Pragya and his daughters. Pragya gains consciousness and asks for Kiara. Abhi congratulates her for the twins. He says one is elder and one is younger. Pragya says where is their sister Kiara. Abhi says I have promised that I will bring Kiara and says I promise you that I will bring her back. King sees them from the glass window and thinks I was thinking about my family. He thinks he can’t bear to see Abhi with Pragya and can’t see him with her. He thinks I want my family back.

After two days, pragya talks to the babies and show them Kiara’s pic. She says she is not like you both and will scold you both if you trouble me. Nikhil calls Pragya and tells that if the twins were born before then he would have kidnapped them too. Pragya asks him to make her talk to Kiara. Nikhil shouts and tells her to give him money. Abhi talks to Ashish and asks him to go to his old house. He asks her to bring the money. Abhi comes there and takes the call. He asks him to tell where to come. Nikhil ends the call. Abhi tells Pragya that he will bring Kiara back. Pragya says I know what you are going to do? Abhi says I will bring her and tells that the kidnapper is mad. Pragya asks who is that man and what enmity he has with us. Abhi says I didn’t know and asks her not to worry. Pragya says you are lying. She says I have right to know about her and I am equally worried. Abhi asks her to calm down and asks her to take care of little daughters. Pragya says when kidnappers call, you talk to him. She says you went alone to give the money and then went to media without letting me know. Abhi says if kidnapper had to give Kiara then he would have given her then.

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