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Twist of Fate Tuesday 18 May 2021: Twist of Fate update Tuesday 18th May 2021, Pragya waiting for Abhi to get up and thinks she was waiting there to talk to Rhea’s father, but Abhi came there. She thinks to call Rhea and ask if she is fine. She calls her, but Rhea is sleeping and doesn’t pick her call. Madhu knocks on the door and gives her coffee. Pragya takes coffee and closes the door.

Rishi takes Shahana to room and asks why did you bring me here, and says I want to know who was that man? Rishi says I know what you saw? Shahana asks who was that man? Rishi says I can’t tell you. Shahana says I will go and enquire. Rishi says I will tell you, but you shall not tell anyone. He says Maasi knows him. Shahana thinks if he is Prachi’s father and thinks to tell Prachi. Rishi asks her to promise and asks her not to tell anyone. Shahana says ok and says when Maasi trusted you, I will not tell anyone. She thinks to see the man’s face and tell Prachi anyhow.

Vikram asks beeji to give newspaper. Ranbir says I want this. Beeji takes the newspaper. Vikram and Ranbir argue. Aaliya comes there and says she wants to take his opinion. Vikram tells that he has importance in office. Ranbir says chief is not here so she came to take your opinion. They argue. Vikram throws pillow on Ranbir. Rhea comes there and tells that she came for Buji. Ranbir thinks she must be apologetic about yesterday’s behavior. Pallavi comes and takes Rhea to have paratha. He asks where was you and tells that he came to her room. Rhea asks where was he? Ranbir says in the office and then came in his car. Rhea asks him to shut up and says I will not explain. Pallavi asks Aaliya to have food.

Twist of Fate 18 May 2021: Shahana thinks to go to room with Prachi and see the man. She calls Prachi. Sarita behen comes and says she is taking bath. Shahana thinks to check from window. Sarita behen asks Rishi to tell Pragya that she is going out and tells that Shahana ran out. Rishi realizes and goes out.

Abhi wakes up and sees Pragya. He says good morning and asks what is she doing in his room. Pragya says it is my room. Abhi realizes it is not his room and asks if she made him smell chloroform and kidnapped him. He says he always wanted to wake up and see her first. He says he missed her very much even though she scolds him a lot. He says your love made me alive and then your memories. Pragya cries. He asks her not to cry. Shahana tries to look inside through the window and sees Pragya crying. She thinks I will not leave this man. Rishi tries to stop her. Shahana says this man is making Maasi cry. Abhi says you have brought me here, so must not be hating me. Pragya says what are you saying? He asks if she missed him. Pragya asks what do you think that I will not miss my rockstar. Abhi hugs her.

Rhea calls Ranbir characterless for having relationship with Prachi. She says what did you say that you are in office. She says I saw you with Prachi at a food eatery. She says Prachi is trapping you. Ranbir says I was trapped in office with Prachi and we stopped to have food as I was hungry. Rhea gets angry on him for running behind Prachi there. Pallavi comes there. Rhea says we were fighting and goes.

Ranbir comes out and tells Rhea that he is not a cheater and you think that I was spending romantic moment with Prachi. Aryan comes there. Ranbir asks him to tell what happened yesterday. Aryan says Ranbir was stuck with Prachi in the office, so he called me. He says I searched for the key maker and got them out. Ranbir says I was hungry so I went to have food. Priyanka hears them and calls Rhea. She asks Rhea not to believe Ranbir so soon and asks him to break Prachi’s heart and propose you infront of all. Rhea says ok and goes.

Twist of Fate update Tuesday 18 May 2021: Abhi asks Pragya if she is sure that she don’t hate me. Pragya asks what are you saying? Abhi says if you had hate me then wouldn’t have brought me here and asks her to make him meet their daughter. Prachi gets tensed and says how to make you meet her suddenly. She says how will I explain to her that I brought you here as you was drunk? Abhi says I know you wouldn’t have told anyone that I am here. Pragya nods her head. Abhi says I really want to meet our daughter, 20 years passed, now I can’t wait anymore. Pragya looks at him.

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