Twist of Fate 20 September 2022: The Episode starts with Rhea telling Prachi that she has fixed her date to oust her from the house. She says you have challenged to throw me out in 3 days, but I will throw you out tomorrow morning, as guests look good when goes. Prachi asks if you are done with your talks and says I thought your one word interesting and says guest shall be treated well, and says you treat me like a guest, and I will make you do my work like a sevak. She says you are not my sautan, but my Sevak. She asks her to do work and get busy, so that Ranbir don’t come even in your mind. Neeti comes there and asks to whom this shall be given. Prachi says to guest and take the juice glass and sips it. Pallavi asks Vikram if he needs to go to office today. Vikram asks if this event shall be done here. He asks her to arrange the party some other place. Pallavi says Renu is sharda’s bahu and she requests me to organize the party here. She says I got an idea to introduce Ranbir and Rhea to them and Prachi will get to know her status. Vikram says so it will be our get together. Pallavi says she is just thinking about Rhea, and tells that she will have the great time. She asks him to come early for the party. He says ok.

Ranbir comes to the guest room’s bathroom and couldn’t see soap or shampoo there. He thinks to take bath in his bedroom bathroom and comes there. He calls Prachi and gets inside the bathroom. He thinks to take bath fast until Prachi comes there. Prachi comes to the bathroom and asks what are you doing in my bathroom. He says I didn’t come here to fight with you, and tells that he has important meeting today. Prachi says you should have taken bath in guest room bathroom. He says there is a problem, and there is no shampoo and soap there. She gives him all his stuff and asks him to go. Ranbir says you are troubling me and says I will take bath here, and says you go or not, I don’t care. Prachi says she is not shameless like him. he says you can’t afford to see me. She tries to go and finds the door locked. Ranbir says you can’t bear my sweetness. He says you are like honey bee, who is sweet, but bites to make the body swell. They argue. Ranbir asks her to go yaar. She says don’t call me yaar. She recalls and a fb is shown. Ranbir comes to open the door, but finds the door locked.

Rhea talks to the decorator and gets angry on the Servant. Saina calls Rhea and asks what does she need? Rhea says she don’t need anything and asks her to come fast. The decorator asks where to keep the flowers. Rhea asks if I have to tell everything then why I have hired you. She asks Niti to tell them. She asks the decorator to think that it is his house party and do the decoration. Prachi and Ranbir argue in the bathroom. Ranbir asks her to open the door. Prachi says bathroom door is like you, once stuck can’t open. Rhea comes there and calls Prachi. Prachi says I am here. Rhea asks where is Ranbir? Prachi is about to say, but Ranbir keeps hand on her mouth. Rhea goes. Prachi says Ranbir is here with me. Ranbir says she has gone. He asks why did you come, you was better outside. She says from your life too, and says now I will not go. She knocks on the door and asks rhea to open the door. Pallavi hears them and comes near the door. She tries to open the door and says it is locked. She asks why are you doing inside. Ranbir says it is my washroom, what I will do inside. Prachi says just give him some intelligence, when we can’t share the life, we can’t share the room and bathroom. Pallavi says I can’t stand by her and goes to call the carpenter. She asks the decorator if he knows carpenter’s work. He says yes. She asks Rhea where was she? Rhea tells that she went to make breakfast for Ranbir for sometime.

Pallavi says Prachi is cooking khichdi with Ranbir and says you shall be careful as sautan is at home. Rhea says I am sautan. Pallavi says what are you saying? Rhea says I am gharwali and she is baharwali. Pallavi says Prachi is locked with Ranbir in the bathroom and says God knows if it is locked by itself or if she has done this. They call the decorator/carpenter there. He asks for the tools. Rhea asks how did it get closed? Ranbir says Rhea. She scolds him and asks why did you go there. He says Prachi came after me. Rhea says she might have done this intentionally. She doubts them. Prachi tries to open the door and feels suffocated. She says she can’t bear to be with him here. Ranbir asks if she can’t bear him. Prachi vomits. Ranbir gets worried for her and asks if she is fine? She asks him not to worry. He asks her to have breath and rotates the cloth to give her some air. Prachi recalls and a fb is shown. Ranbir asks her to give him good news and says he always dreams to have the baby. He says I will distribute our love to our kids. Prachi says I didn’t get proper sleep and that’s why I vomit. She asks him to rotate the file so that she can get some air. He asks her to promise that she will tell him, when she gets pregnant, and if she don’t tell then he will die. fb ends. Prachi gets emotional. He asks do you want to tell me something. Prachi tries to tell him, just then carpenter opens the door and gets inside. Rhea and Pallavi get inside. Ranbir asks Prachi not to be scared and tell him, what she was saying? Prachi asks Rhea if she wanted to see what she wanted, and asks if she will still say that Ranbir is her husband. She says Ranbir was not fighting with her, but caring for her and says you couldn’t throw me out of the bathroom, how you will throw me out of his life.

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