Twist of Fate 22 March 2022: The Episode starts with Aaliya giving money to Pradeep. Pradeep asks only this much. Aaliya says Tanu said this is enough for the time being. She asks if you are really her husband. Pradeep says no, I am her brother in law, if she would have been my wife then I would have killed her. Aaliya says one can get money from Tanu by blackmail and asks why is he blackmailing her. Pradeep says 4 cunning people get together, but couldn’t know each other’s secrets and says my lips are zipped, and Tanu gives me money for this. Abhi is sleeping in the room, when Tanu comes there and calls him. She lies on the bed beside him. He starts snoring. Tanu wakes him up and says you snore much. Abhi acts to get shocked seeing her and says I don’t snore. Tanu goes to sleep on the couch. Abhi snores.

Pragya gets up and recalls taking the bridal outfit when someone made her smell chloroform. She recalls Aaliya coming there and asking goon if the work is done. The guy asks her to ask Tanu to give him money. Pragya then finds the chloroform handkerchief which was used by the guy to make her unconscious, and goes to Aaliya’s room. She asks Aaliya if you both belong to the same parents. She says when you and your blood have the same blood then why did emotions are so different. She says you have betrayed him so big. Aaliya asks why are you so angry? Pragya asks her to see the handkerchief and says it is yours. Aaliya recalls giving it to the goon and tells that it was missing. Pragya asks until when she will act and says I know that you got him married to Tanu. Aaliya says finally. Pragya says we never thought that it is you, who helped Tanu. She says you took Tanu out and made her get ready for marriage. You have hired someone to make me unconscious. She says when I thought that we will unite, you separated us.

Aaliya asks what wrong did I do? She says I always told that I will accept you for my brother’s happiness, but when Tanu told me that she will take back the case against Bhai if I get her married to him, then I thought she is right as whatever she has done can only be done by a wife. She says I was against when she was against Bhai, but now she is his wife. Pragya is shocked and says even I was protecting your brother, your brother would have freed from the case, I would have shown the video. Aaliya says my dreams will not be fulfilled. She tells that she wants to become partner of the company, but Vikram was made as partner. She says Tanu will fulfill my dream, if you had come, then your life priority is just you and your family. She says what about my dream, and I am not sorry for that. Pragya says I think that you will feel ashamed and tells that her soul is dead. She says I will tell him after Rhea’s marriage and Tanu and you will both be out. She says I always asked your brother to forgive you, but I will kick you both out from here. Aaliya smiles.

Ranbir is sad and thinks of Prachi’s words. Pallavi asks if Prachi refused? Ranbir says I will marry Rhea. Pallavi says God knows who is your soulmate and whatever happens is for best. Ranbir hugs her and cries. Manmurade song plays…ranbir says he will sleep now and will talk to her tomorrow. Pallavi asks him to sleep and goes out.

Next day, Mitali tells Pragya that she got the mandap decorated and asks her to check. Pragya asks where did you keep the puja stuff. Mitali goes to bring. Pallavi comes there. Pragya asks if Ranbir is not ready. Pallavi says he is ready and tells that once Rhea gets ready, I will do their aarti. Tanu comes there and asks how am I looking at your place. Pragya says I would have shown, and tells that her family members haven’t supported her. Rhea comes there. Tanu says if you couldn’t handle your responsibility of a mother then I will take care. Pragya says I might be in pain, but I won’t let my daughter suffer. Rhea asks Pragya to ignore her words and tells that even she has ignored her. Pragya asks Rhea, why she didn’t get ready? Tanu says I went to her room, but she wants to get ready by you. She taunts Pragya. Aaliya pretends to scold her. Pragya says let it be. She says I will get you ready. Abhi tells Pallavi that he is going to market to get gift for Ranbir. Pallavi says it is not need. Rhea thanks Abhi. Abhi goes. Pragya asks Pallavi to bring Ranbir to Rhea’s room and do their aarti.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he will just have regret in his life. Aryan says I had so much plans for your marriage, but..Ranbir asks him to bring bear for him. Aryan says ok. Pallavi comes there and asks him to come to room, tells that she wants to do aarti. She asks if he is upset. Ranbir says he is very happy. He goes with her. Shahana comes there and tells Aryan how can Ranbir be happy with Rhea. Aryan asks her not to say if she doesn’t know and tells that Ranbir tried to convince Prachi, but she refused and told that she is waiting for rich guy. Shahana asks if Ranbir agreed to Prachi’s sayings. Aryan says Prachi will never get such guy who loves her, tells that like Ranbir cried, Prachi will cry too and her heart will break like Ranbir’s heart broke. Shahana says enough and says only Prachi knows the real meaning of love and that’s why doing this. She tells about Rhea and Prachi’s deal. She tells him everything and tells that Prachi loves her parent and Ranbir too. She tells that Prachi had given her promise and that’s why she didn’t tell anyone. She says she told him fearing he might curse her.

Pragya makes Rhea ready for the marriage and compliments her beauty. Pallavi says I got a good bahu and Ranbir is getting a beautiful wife. I don’t know who is more lucky. Prachi comes there and hears her. Pallavi asks Ranbir to stand with Rhea and tells that she will do her aarti. She does their tilak and do the aarti. Prachi gets teary eyes and goes. Ranbir looks at her as she goes. Pallavi says this kala tika will save you both from bad eye. She asks Ranbir to make Rhea wear this. Rhea asks what is the need? Pallavi says it is shagun, our kul guru ji kept it in our kul devi’s temple. She says so many problems come in your marriage. Rhea asks can I wear it later, as my hand is having injury. Pragya asks her to wear it now. Pallavi says ok, she can wear it later. Rhea tells that she will come later as she is waiting for her friends. She calls her friends.

Pandit ji tells Mitali that varmala is missing. Tanu says she got it used for the decoration. Mitali tells Pragya about it. Pragya tells that she will bring it from the temple nearby and takes the car keys. Tanu thinks to do something that Pragya doesn’t returns.

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