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Twist of Fate 25 May 2021: Rhea was with Sanju and Priyanka and tells Sanju to bend over Prachi deliberately, meanwhile the television would be off. Then they will show everyone how ill character Prachi is. Sanju asks how he can do all this, he travelled all the way from Hoshiarpur and is living hard way in this city; only to ruin her character. Rhea says this will move their love story forward only. When she will be left all on her own, he can lend his shoulder to her as support and eventually she will fall in love with him. He will be the hero.

Sanju asks who would be the villain then. Rhea says she wants Prachi to be heart broken, and after a week he may bring his proposal. There is time for party, he can think and decide what he needs to do. Rhea and Priyanka come out of the room. Rhea thinks no matter how much he thinks he will still do what she says.

Sanju was hiding from Prachi as she walks in the hall. He wonders why he is hiding, if he is nervous. Even bride is nervous on her wedding, but this doesn’t mean she never marries. Ranbir stops Prachi in the hall. Prachi was annoyed. He asks why she is irritated at a minor touch, he gets a soothing satisfaction when he teases her. Sanju thinks this guy is with Rhea and seemingly hates her.

Sanju’s friend come to him and says he had seen that guy with Prachi on the road side as well. He didn’t find this guy’s intentions towards Prachi as right. Sanju says if there is nothing from Prachi then he doesn’t care. He truly wants to win Prachi’s heart and is going to speak to her. His friend asks him to think well, what if she says a no and they have to return to Hoshiarpur.

Abhi was restlessly waiting. Madhu says Abhi won’t be able to spend time, he has to surprise Pragya. Abhi smiles that she is right. Pragya reaches home. She was left in awe watching Abhi there. Abhi moves forward to hug Pragya and wish her Happy Diwali. Pragya asks why he came here so suddenly. Abhi asks about everyone else. Madhu comes there. Pragya complains she had been crying on phone, and she knows it must be Abhi. She smiles Abhi would never change. Abhi steals moment and kiss Pragya’s cheek. Madhu asks them to take their shoes off, her Rangoli must not be ruined. All at once, the lights go off. Pragya and Abhi walk over the Rangoli, shifting colors on the floor. They apologize Madhu.

Sanju hits Prachi and her phone fell on the floor. Prachi recognizes Sanju and was furious over his stalking. Sanju asks if Prachi has forgotten everything. Prachi asks if he forgot what her mother said to him. Sanju says he remembers everything. He came all the way from Hoshiarpur, he hasn’t been able to forgive himself and came to apologize her and her mother. It’s his mother’s last wish. Prachi turns to him. Sanju says his mother is no more; she wanted to make him a good man and was angry for whatever he did. It seems her forgiveness will win him peace for his mother. He wish happy Diwali to Prachi and tries to hug her. Aaliya notices Sanju and wants Sanju’s introduction. She scolds Prachi for inviting such people to their party.

Sanju replies Rhea invited him. Aaliya mocks what happened to Rhea that she invited someone like him. Sanju boasts he is the only son of Hoshiarpur chief. There are multiple cars, jeeps, cattle and extensive land. Their Diwali celebrations are much large than these one. Aaliya was disgusted that she knew he would be Prachi’s friend. Sanju says he didn’t want to come to Delhi from Hoshiarpur but he came only for her. Prachi offers him a glass of water and walks away. Sanju speaks to himself that he will apologize his mother, he is looking for a daughter in law.

Madhu goes to check if the light is off in their neighbors as well. Abhi finds it an opportunity and gets romantic with Pragya. Madhu comes sooner and says there is no light only at their place. Abhi says no matter light isn’t here, atleast Pragya is happy. Madhu says Abhi was sure his face makes her happy. He inquires about fuse room, but Pragya says there is only a fuse box. Madhu goes to get aarti thaal. Abhi holds Pragya close, and says he wish to bring her all the happiness, ease and comfort to her. She deserves a better house, money and jewelry. Pragya says she never needed anything else, she has everything when he is with her. Abhi breaks into tears. Pragya asks him not to cry, at least they are together now. Abhi says they must now meet their children. Pragya was excited to meet Rhea. Abhi thinks about Rhea’s hatred for her mother and says he first wants to meet their elder daughter. Pragya says she went to a party at her friend’s place. Pragya was excited to meet him. Madhu comes to take them for aarti.

Pragya does the aarti and signals Abhi to hold her thaal. They now give a chance to Madhu. Pragya prays happiness for their life. Abhi asks if she prayed for their happiness. Pragya says she even prayed to get together in life. Abhi says he is even ready to snatch in life now.

Prachi comes to Sanju. She asks him not to be heart broken, Aaliya has a good heart. Sanju says none is better than Prachi. He complements her dressing and her smile. Ranbir watches them speak to each other happily. He comes to remove Sanju’s hand from Prachi’s shoulder and asks for his introduction. Sanju argues who is he? Prachi joins Sanju in joke. Ranbir drags Prachi. Sanju discusses with his friend that there seems to be a different matter than what he thought. His friend tells Sanju to do something, else someone might steal the bride. Sanju thinks about Rhea’s plan and thinks he will have to do it to take Prachi. He makes a call that he is ready.

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