Twist of Fate 4 January 2022: The Episode starts with Tanu coming to Pragya and says we know about it. Pragya gets up and goes. Tanu says I was about to tell her that she is strong and hardworking, but she didn’t listen and went. She says if Abhi bites like mad then who will stay here. Prachi searches for Ranbir in the college. Palak calls him and says sorry, tells that she told truth to Prachi by mistake. Ranbir says it’s ok, I will handle.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and raises her hand on him, but stops. Ranbir asks her to slap him. Prachi says she is thinking when to tell the reason before or after slapping. Ranbir says you was praising me outside. Prachi says I didn’t know how was Ranbir Kohli in reality, calls him betrayal, fraud, and cheater. She says you tried to marry me in cheat. Ranbir says it would have been betrayal, if I had married you. She says it is same that you thought. Ranbir says but I thought about you and didn’t marry you. Prachi says how can you think this? Ranbir says I regret that I should have married you then itself.

Prachi is shocked. Ranbir says I didn’t have any other way out, you always think me wrong. I told you many times that I love you, but you don’t understand, but overreact. Prachi says you was not like this. Aryan comes there. Ranbir says I was not like this, but today you will see new Ranbir Kohli. I loved you each day and you will see new Ranbir Kohli every day and tells that nothing wrong will happen with you, and if it happens when I am not with you. Prachi says I don’t love you. Ranbir says I love you. Prachi says she doesn’t love him. Ranbir asks Aryan to look in his eyes and tell. Prachi says I don’t love you, and tells looking in his eyes. She thinks of her deal with Rhea. She says the girl is not Prachi, who used to love you, and tells that she will see new Prachi every day and she will tell the same daily. She goes. Aryan asks Ranbir what did you do? Prachi goes out. Palak calls her and asks why are you upset with me, your sister Shahana was with me too, in this plan. Prachi is all the more shocked. Ranbir asks her to stop. Prachi runs and sits in the auto. Ranbir asks her to listen, but she goes. He sits in his car and follows her. Prachi thinks of his words.

Pragya comes home and locks herself in the room. Sarita behen is on call and ends it seeing her. She asks her to open the door. Pragya cries and sits shattered. She recalls Abhi’s bad condition, how he was beaten up by Aaliya. Sarita behen manages to come inside as the door opens and asks her to tell if she met Mr. Mehra. She looks at her hand and asks who did this? Pragya cries badly and hugs her. Sarita behen asks did Aaliya do this? Pragya says no, Aaliya didn’t do this? Sarita behen asks then who did this? did they call the Police? Pragya says he had bitten me. Sarita behen asks why? Pragya says whatever we was thinking was not right, tells that he is fine, but not fine. Sarita behen asks what? Pragya says maybe as he is shot on his head, he behaves childishly and can’t meet outsiders now. She tells that he got scared seeing me, but didn’t touch me until Aaliya came there, then he bit me. She says Aaliya had beaten him so badly, how she can beat him? Sarita behen asks why did you come here? Pragya says if I had stayed there, then Aaliya would have got doubtful. Sarita behen asks her to go tomorrow and find out why his condition is bad and asks her to meet the doctor as the caretaker and asks what can be done to treat him. She asks her not to come home and stay at their other home which is vacant. Pragya asks why? Sarita behen says if Shahana or Prachi see you in this get-up then? Pragya cries hugging her.

Prachi calls Shahana. Shahana comes there. Prachi blames her for betraying her and asks you want me to marry Ranbir by cheat? She asks if a sister do like this? She says you told me that Palak is marrying, but actually, Ranbir wanted to marry me. She asks her to go and not to come infront of her. Shahana says if I helped him then it is for you. Prachi says what do you think that whatever is he doing is right. Shahana asks about whom you are talking about? Prachi says Ranbir Kohli.

Ranbir takes out his anger on the boxing bag. Aryan says do you know how you was behaving with Prachi. Ranbir says don’t teach me, tells that he has changed himself for her, but I got rejection. Aryan says you know…Ranbir says yes, I know that she likes and loves me. He says she will be Mrs. Ranbir Kohli, I will break her stubbornness. Aryan says you was not like this. Ranbir says yes, I regret that I should have married her that day. He says everything is fair in love and war, tells that he will get her and will change the world for his aim. He says now the world will see..Aryan goes. Ranbir thinks of her words and thinks our love is one-way traffic, one you come there, you have to just go on. He kisses the ring and says be ready to become of Ranbir.

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