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Twist of Fate update Tuesday 5th October 2021: Twist of Fate 5 October 2021, Abhi asking Aaliya not to try. He gets a call and tells me that if you were in front of me then I would have hugged you. He ends the call and informs Rhea that Ranbir called and said that their marriage hasn’t married, he is bringing his family back home. Rhea gets happy and tells that she will meet Ranbir first, he didn’t marry Maya. Aaliya asks Abhi to talk to Mahindras as there is a meeting in Bangalore. Abhi says ok and goes. Beeji brings the jewelry boxes and asks Pallavi to keep them in the locker. 

Pallavi asks why? Beeji tells that she wants to die with happiness. Pallavi asks if you will die so soon. Beeji says no and tells that whatever God does is right. Rhea hears them and thinks Ranbir is just mine. Vikram says it is good that Rahul exposed Maya and tells that for me, heroine, hero, and superman are just Prachi, she took a big risk and saved my son. Ranbir tells that she is one true friend. Pallavi says she is an angel and tells her that she is Devi, I didn’t see such a girl before. Beeji says she said right, Prachi saved Ranbir bravely. Pallavi tells that Prachi didn’t feel scared even once when Dushyant was holding the gun once.

Rhea gets jealous and thinks again she has become dear for the family, everyone started loving and praising her. Pallavi says I am the first mother of this world, who is getting happy to see his son’s marriage canceling. Ranbir tells that he is the first husband of the world to relax and feel peace for his canceled marriage. Pallavi tells that she will take out the bad sight off from him. Ranbir says ok. Beeji tells that she will talk to Vikram. Once they leave, beeji tells that if Prachi-like girl comes in Ranbir’s life who supports him in every circumstance then… Vikram tells that why someone else and why not Prachi? Beeji says she wants to slap him as he said right and tells that she wants Prachi to marry Ranbir. Rhea gets upset and goes.

Vikram tells that they shall ask Ranbir and Prachi about this. He says you have taken my alliance to Paro, but she refused. Beeji says she got awkward. Vikram tells that he is going out for 3 days. Beeji tells that she will handle this matter.

Pragya scolds her family and asks why did they do such a big drama. She asks Sarita behen, how she would have felt if arrested. Sarita behen tells that she would have felt ashamed. Pragya says if Dushyant had shot Prachi. Prachi says it was my mistake. Sarita behen tells that they have gone there for a catering order. Pragya says Prachi sat on the mandap to stop Maya’s marriage with Ranbir. Shahana and Prachi apologize to her holding their ears. Sarita behen also says sorry. Pragya warns them not to do this again and asks them to go to sleep. They go to sleep. Sarita behen tells Pragya that Shahana went to my room to sleep. Pragya says I need to talk to you and says if Prachi had been arrested then, what would have happened. Sarita behen tells that Ranbir would have saved her again. She tells her that Prachi and Ranbir like each other. She says Prachi has chosen Ranbir for marriage.

Rhea thinks of Beeji and Vikram’s conversation and takes out her anger…and cries. She says I hate you Prachi. I know Ranbir since childhood and you came later. She says why you get everything, his love, and support and says I hate you so much. She plucks flower petals and says Ranbir is mine, he is not mine.

Just then she hears Ranbir and Aryan talking. Aryan asks are you sure? Ranbir tells that he is sure and will propose Prachi tomorrow. He tells that tomorrow is rose day and your brother will give her a red rose, it is a symbol of love. He says he will propose her marriage soon. Aryan says propose her fast and says if you do something wrong then she will refuse you. Ranbir asks her to say positively. Aryan says Prachi will agree and will be happy with you. Ranbir laughs. He tells that he will give her a red rose. Aryan tells that he has a hidden bear and will drink today. He brings it. Ranbir tells that today he can’t drink and tells that Prachi thinks that spoilt brat drinks it. Aryan asks do you mean to say that I am a spoilt brat. Ranbir says so much. Aryan runs behind him to beat him with a stick. Rhea cries hearing everything.

Prachi is in her room. Ranbir comes to her room through the window. Prachi gets scared. He keeps his hand on her hand and tells her that it is him. Prachi asks why you have come here. Ranbir tells that he came for important work and is excited to tell her about his plan. Prachi shows her phone, tells that it has a good network too. Ranbir tells that few things can’t be expressed on phone and the message gets conveyed from eye to eye. She looks on. He tells that he has planned something for tomorrow and says he wants to ask her something. He asks if she thinks that he is a good guy and God has stopped making guys like him. Prachi nods her yes in approval. Ranbir says don’t you think that such guy who is very rare in this world shall be in your life…Prachi looks at him. Song plays…..SubhanAllah plays………

Pragya is tensed. Sarita behen says since I told you about them, you got tensed. She says I am not saying it just like that. She asks her to think that Prachi sat on the mandap with Ranbir, as she was concerned for him and was not scared. She tells that such courage is shown by people who are in love and worried for the other. She tells that love just happens and can’t be stopped. Pragya tells that love doesn’t see anyone’s status and money, but when two people get married, their status gap comes in between them. Sarita behen says I didn’t understand. Pragya tells that when 10 lakhs were stolen, FIR was filed against Prachi. She says I am not saying that they are bad, but they value money and they doubted Prachi as they felt that as we don’t have money, we can steal. She tells that they are very rich and asks her to think if Ranbir’s family will agree to the marriage. Sarita behen tells that only you can relieve this tension and asks her to call Prachi’s Papa here. She says your problem will end and Prachi will get her happiness. Pragya looks on.

Rhea calls Aaliya and tells them that she is celebrating her bad luck on the terrace. She is drunk and tells that nobody loves her, neither Ranbir nor his family. Aaliya comes there and says you are drunk. Rhea tells that she drank everything, her tears, and pain. She tells that she can walk properly and is good and fine. Aaliya tells that she will bring something to make her drink and asks her to sit right there. Rhea says I will be alone, nobody loves me, neither Ranbir nor his family.

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