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Twist of Fate update Wednesday 12th May 2021 Zee world Rhea asking Ranbir to break Prachi’s heart soon and then his ring will be in her finger and asks about the status of his plan. Ranbir says I need time till tomorrow. Aryan calls him. Ranbir says you are very beautiful Rhea Mehra and goes behind Aryan. Abhi tells the people that his wife knows that he is best and returns home. Purab says wives know that their husbands will not go anywhere. Abhi says my wife knows that her life is in me and that’s why couldn’t stay away from me and coming infront of me again and again. Purab says even I couldn’t stay without my wife and tells Abhi that he wants his wife. Abhi says even I want my life. Purab says lets go and bring our wives. Purab dances standing on the table and Abhi joins him. Shaitaan ka sala song plays….They have a gala time with the other people in the bar. Abhi and purab leave from the bar.

Sarita behen asks Madhu to work faster and keep the things in the auto. Prachi comes and asks for Pragya. Sarita behen says she is tired and sleeping. Rishi offers help to Sarita behen and says he isn’t going to office today. Pragya comes and tells that she has some work and will go with Prachi. She asks Rishi to go with Sarita behen.

Purab is talking to an employee. Abhi comes and says hi…Purab asks him to move his hand from his shoulder. Abhi asks shall I tell what happened yesterday. Vikram says I am excited to hear. Abhi says two brothers went to bar yesterday and one was heavily drunk and danced on the table. Purab says I danced on the road. Vikram asks him to dance for him. Prachi and Pragya come office. Prachi says I thought you are going to some other place. Pragya says she has to collect some papers for Rishi and asks her to go. Abhi sees her hugging Prachi, but don’t see her face. He gets a call and goes. Pragya comes to a peon and asks him if he knows Rishi. He says yes and asks what happened? She asks if Mr. Mehra asked you to call Rishi. Peon says Priyanka asked me to call him. He asks if she is a lawyer. He says he don’t want to be stuck in any problem. Pragya says I will not put you in any problem and thanks him for his help. She says I might pull someone out of trouble because of you and asks him to help her if needed.

Aaliya comes home. Rhea comes to her running and hugs her. Bahadur Kaka comes there. Aaliya asks him how is he? And asks him to get her stuff from the car. Pallavi comes there and asks about Purab. Aaliya says he went for meeting. She asks Rhea who is that guy and says she heard her singing song. Rhea says there is nobody. Pallavi asks her to let Rhea go and says she mightbe going to college to meet him. Aaliya says we will find out about the guy. Rhea says bye and goes. Aaliya thinks to find out about the guy and hopes he is not poor guy. Purab sees Pragya and greets her. Pragya asks if he is fine? Purab says yes and says he wants to say something hesitantly. Pragya asks if he broke all relations with her. Purab says no. Pragya asks why there is hesitation? Purab says Abhi misses you a lot. Purab says it is shown. Pragya says even I miss him and asks if he told something. Purab says he told that you both have a fight because of Rishi and Priyanka and says I always took your side and says this time you might be wrong. Pragya says you are thinking this based on the info and says now I am more sure that he is innocent. He asks about his elder niece. Pragya says she is fine. He asks about her name? Just then Pragya gets a call and excuses herself. Prachi sees Pragya and is coming towards her with Vikram.

Purab gets Aaliya’s call and thinks why she is calling him now. Purab thinks to ask Pragya today about what she does. Aaliya sees Disha’s pic in her room and gets upset with her. Pragya tells Purab that they will talk tomorrow. Purab goes. Vikram and Prachi come to Pragya. He greets her and praises Prachi. Pragya thanks him for giving job to Prachi. Vikram asks her to thank Mr. Mehra for this. Prachi goes. Vikram asks her to meet Mr. Mehra. Abhi talks to Lawyer Vyom and says he wants to end this case and wants justice for Priyanka. He says Rishi shall be punished. Vyom says he wants to talk to her about the case. Vikram comes to Abhi and asks him to come to see the surprise. Abhi asks him to go and says he is having important talk with Vyom. He thinks of Priyanka and lies to Vikram that the matter is about him and his wife. Vyom says when I met you all for the first time, I thought you all are brothers. Abhi says we are not blood brothers, but brotherhood in our blood.

Aaliya comes to office. Purab asks when did you come? Aaliya thinks of Disha and says you was worried when you left from here and then when you left from there, so she thought to ask him. Purab says sorry and says relax, I am fine. Aaliya says I thought you love me. Purab recalls dropping disha’s pic in the room. Aaliya says I thought you love me, but you love me very much. She says I was sleeping and you left me. Purab says sorry. Aaliya says you wanted me to rest and I appreciate that. She says you lied to me, I hate lies. She says our engagement ring will fit you now and says whenever you see it, you will realize that you are just mine. She makes him wear the ring.

Vikram takes Pragya to his cabin and tells that Mr. Mehra is busy with his personal problem. Pragya asks if Rhea is fine. Vikram says I am surprised seeing Rhea’s closeness with you. Pragya tells him that Rhea is like her husband. Vikram looks on surprised.

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