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Twist of Fate 14 July 2021: Beeji asking Pallavi and Meera why they are smiling seeing Vikram and Abhi. Vikram says the ladies are ready before time. Abhi says we don’t have to wait for anyone this time. Ranbir asks why did you leave us with the aunties and asks the guys to come with them. The ladies tells that a man shall come with them. Beeji tells that Vikram has to walk behind her, holding her Pallu till he was in 11th class. Vikram tells Abhi that he don’t come because of this and tells that he will leave.

Abhi collides with Meera and says sorry. Meera smiles. Ranbir asks if he will joke about him. Pallavi says no. beeji asks Pallavi not to joke about him. Aaliya comes to Purab and says I don’t remember when you smiled last time. Purab says you don’t remember and tells that his smile will not affect her. Aaliya thinks how he will smile if he thinks of Disha. Rhea thinks if Ranbir came or not. Meera comes there and says she is not seeing her happy these days. Rhea says she is happy. Meera tells that she knows her more than her. Rhea says something is going on , about which she is not sure, asks her to wait for sometime. She hugs her.

Prachi comes there with Pragya and Shahana. Rhea sees Pragya and tells that she is so simple, yet so beautiful, says such a pure soul. Meera thinks she turned to Anuradha ji. Rhea goes to Pragya and says when I saw you, I thought to welcome you. Pragya asks where is my hug? Rhea hugs her. Shahana asks Prachi what happened to Maasi? Prachi says Maa gets friendly. Shahana says why she gets overfriendly. Prachi says yes. They wish Meera happy lohri. Meera comes to Pragya and wishes happy lohri. Rhea sees Ranbir coming. Pragya thinks Rhea is seeing someone else. Rhea excuses herself. Pragya tells Meera that may be Rhea likes someone. Meera says it is awesome. Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir admires Prachi from far. Aaliya comes to Rhea and says you are looking gorgeous. Rhea says what is the advantage when Ranbir doesn’t look at her, and looks at Prachi. Aaliya says you don’t know what you deserves.

Rhea says she feels that problem is with her. Aaliya says Prachi is a schemer. Rhea tells that Ranbir is looking at Prachi as she is the most beautiful girl, tells that she don’t have good features, or dressing sense. Aaliya tells that whenever she sees Prachi, she thinks her mum must be happy at home that Ranbir likes her daughter. Rhea says Prachi’s mum loves Ranbir and says if he proposes her then she will agree. Aaliya says this will not happen. I have a plan.

Shahana tells Prachi that the water is tasty in party. Ranbir follows them and hides behind the lights. Aryan asks what happened to you. Ranbir tells that this girl is making him crazy and tells that he has gone mad fully. Aryan asks if he is feeling for Dida. Ranbir says no, for Prachi. Ranvir says she made me crazy. Aryan sees Prachi and Shahana coming there and tells Ranbir. Ranbir turns and says happy lohri. He says you are looking good today. He makes an excuse and goes. Prachi meets Beeji and touches her feet. She asks how is she? Beeji tells that she is fine, but Ranbir is not fine. She tells that Ranbir is lost and talks to himself. She says I think Ranbir is in love. Prachi says this can’t happen to him. Beeji says why this can’t happen. Prachi tells that Ranbir falls in love with a girl daily and then he falls for someone else. Beeji says I thought he is serious. Prachi says he will fall in love some day.

Shahana stops Abhi and Aryan and asks what happened? Ranbir says Deendayal called me. Shahana asks why did you see Prachi? Ranbir says no. Aaliya calls a girl Maya and tells Rhea that the girl will kick out Prachi from Ranbir’s life and will fit her (Rhea) in his life. Rhea asks about her plan? Aaliya says you are very innocent and tells that your plan backfired as Prachi is smart. She says I will directly plan everything. Rhea tells that Ranbir and Prachi are a couple now. She tells that Ranbir will be hurt when Prachi don’t trust him. She says Maya will tell everyone that Ranbir molested her. She says when everyone questions Ranbir, including Prachi then he will be hurt. She says then you have to support him to win his love. She says you have ruined his image to get him.

Abhi comes to Purab and asks what is he doing alone? Purab asks him to leave him alone. Abhi asks how to let this moment go and tells that he will take his sin on his head and drinks wine. Purab smiles. Abhi says I won’t let you fall, you are my brother, we will drink together. Purab says you are result of my good karma. Abhi says you are result of bad karma of my last birth.

Meera sees Pragya looking at Abhi and asks if she knows about love. Pragya says yes. She tells that they want themselves to stay with their love, but sometimes it is not possible. Meera says she is happy seeing her love happy and asks Pragya not to tell anyone. Pragya thinks he is here, thinks he might have come here to perform.

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