Twist of Fate 14 September 2022: The Episode starts with Prachi telling Rhea that she didn’t come to play ghar ghar game, she came to punish her and Ranbir. Rhea takes her clothes and says for the remaining stuff, I will send Niti. Prachi says send Niti later, first send my husband to my room. Rhea says I am not your Servant. Prachi says get habitual to it and remember that I saved you from going to jail. Rhea says I did a mistake and says I should have told infront of Police, why you chose this day, to return after a month. Prachi says I was waiting for the right time to hurt you. She asks her to send a glass of water for her and says my throat is paining after talking to you. Rhea says shall I press it? Prachi says I will make you massage my feet and asks her to send water for now. She says don’t forget to send my Ranbir to my room. Rhea goes out and falls. Ranbir helps her and holds her. Prachi looks at them. Ranbir says you would have asked Niti to bring it. Rhea asks when you are coming to sleep. He asks what do you mean? Rhea says we are married now and husband and wife sleep together.

Prachi calls Rhea and comes to them. She handovers her jewellery box to her and says you have 1000 flaws, but you have one quality still and obeys elders. She says I asked her to send my husband to my room. Ranbir says she didn’t tell me. Rhea says I wanted him to. Prachi says Ranbir didn’t get any message, but I shall tell. She says Rhea is my illegal sautan. Rhea asks her to stop it. Prachi says you have gone behind Ranbir. Ranbir says you are getting confused Prachi. Prachi says I want to show what is Rhea’s status in this house. She asks her to be in the limits, else I will call NGO and complain against you. She asks her to stop acting and stop testing her patience. She says you have no right on Ranbir. Ranbir says I have right on myself and will decide. Prachi holds his hand and says I left from your house, but not from your life that you got ready to marry Rhea. She says that marriage was illegal and says I can tell him with my right that you can’t sleep in my sautan’s room. Rhea asks how dare you to say this. Prachi asks shall I get tattoo on my hand, that my husband is mine. Ranbir says I will not sleep in your room, Prachi. Prachi asks did I ask you, and says until I am here, you will sleep in other guest room, and will not sleep with legal or illegal wife. She says dispute is going on, until it settles down, you will sleep there. Rhea says you can’t say this after the divorce. Prachi says husband and wife are talking. Ranbir says I will be in guest room. Prachi says that’s like good husband, who obeys his wife. She tells Rhea that no jewellery is important than the husband, but you shall sleep with this jewellery to get peaceful sleep. She says good night Ranbir and goes to her room.

Rhea says Prachi can’t do this. Ranbir says she can do this, as we have given her this right. Rhea asks you are taking her side even now. Ranbir says I am on truth side and she is also on truth side. He goes to sleep in other guest room. Rhea says what the hell, Ranbir and Prachi can’t talk to me like this. She says Prachi got her grah pravesh on my marriage day.

Pallavi recalls Prachi’s words that Ranbir is married to her, and she will rule in the house. Vikram comes to Pallavi and asks her not to think much. Pallavi says past has returned, she is back. She says she had snatched Ranbir three years back, but when Ranbir came to us finally and Rhea became our bahu, she came to snatch our happiness. She says she has insulted us infront of everyone and she told that Rhea married Ranbir by cheat and had forged her signs. She says she has made sure that Ranbir don’t like Rhea and get angry on her. Vikram says it was our mistake, to get the marriage done without divorce with Prachi. Pallavi says divorce is done. Vikram asks her not to act infront of him and says if divorce had happened, then Prachi would have been in jail and then Rhea would be rightful wife of Ranbir. He says if I was on your place, then would have taken Ranbir’s sign and then Prachi would have signed.

Saina asks Rhea why she is not staying with Ranbir. Rhea says Prachi asked Ranbir not to stay with me. Saina asks why didn’t you fight with her. Rhea says so that NGO people comes here. She tells that she will snatch Prachi’s happiness and says all Kohli family is with me, and says how can her govt will be made. Saina says she will claim her rights. Rhea says he married me and accepted me as his wife.

Prachi looks at his pic and tells that she don’t want to look at him. She asks how can he marry Rhea? He thinks if Mummy and Rhea are right that Prachi came to take revenge. He thinks she has chosen this day to take revenge. Prachi says your smile, close it, I am getting very angry on you and asks him to move from her sight. He hears sound from Prachi’s room and thinks she wants to trouble me. He stops himself from knocking on her room. Prachi is hitting hammer on the wall. Ranbir thinks she didn’t get successful, as I haven’t gone there. He again hears the sound and goes to her room through the window. He asks what are you doing? Prachi asks what are you doing in my room. Ranbir says I am trying to sleep and you are disturbing me. Prachi says your photo is disturbing me. She says she has problem with his smile in the pic and says you are laughing at me. He smiles and says you had brought this frame and told me that your day passes seeing it, and says it is tragedy that you are moving it. Prachi says you have kicked me out from your heart and life. She asks did you celebrate? He asks her not to keep his stuff here and there, and says I will get it when you leave.

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