Twist of Fate 15 September 2021: Twist of Fate update Wednesday 15th September 2021 The episode starts with Beeji telling that she had gone to the temple. Ranbir is surprised. Beeji says she was joking and tells that Meera had gone to the temple and I just brought her thaali. Pallavi says so much hera pheri. Ranbir tells him that she is becoming dangerous Dida. 

Twist of Fate update Wednesday 15 September 2021 Zee world

Doorbell rings. Pallavi asks Ranbir to have his breakfast and goes to see the door. She says Prachi said that Aaliya’s phone is with her. Pallavi opens the door and finds police standing outside. Pallavi is shocked.

The Inspector comes inside and asks Ranbir to come to the Police station and tells them that he is accused of stealing money. Beeji says you are always behind my grandson. Vikram says look at our house and us, do you think that our son will steal. Beeji says he is not going anywhere. Vikram tries to stop his arrest. Ranbir tells that if he is innocent then he will come back. Pallavi asks who has filed the complaint.

Inspector that the fusion beats company has filed the case. Pallavi says it is our company. Inspector tells that the complaint was filed by Varsha. He takes Ranbir from there. Vikram recalls and tells that Varsha is Aaliya’s sister. He calls Aaliya. Aaliya sees his call and recalls asking Varsha to check the CCTV footage and file the police complaint, then switch off her phone. She thinks nobody knows her first plan and will not know her second plan.

Rhea comes there and tells them that she wants prasad. Pallavi tells that Police came and arrested him. Rhea says she will call Buji. She blames Prachi and goes to her house. She pushes the door and gets inside. Prachi asks about her behavior. Rhea blames Prachi and asks what did she say that forced him to steal in his own company. Prachi is shocked and tells that he didn’t catch the thief? Rhea tells that he didn’t catch the thief. Prachi asks how do you know? Rhea asks her not to ask a question from her and tells that you are wrong since birth. She tells her that Ranbir is in jail because of her. Prachi says I really don’t know anything. Rhea says it was your plan, you had stolen the money, then acted to be innocent so that Ranbir steals from his company and proves you innocent. She asks her to return to Hoshiarpur and tells her that you have ruined everything.

Prachi goes from there. Does Rhea think where is Buji? Aaliya thinks about why she doesn’t have blood relations and closeness with Prachi. She says I am just getting angry. She has troubled my Rhea so much, tells that now she just hates her. She says this is destiny, whatever Pragya used to say was nonsense? A FB is shown, Pragya asks her to be happy with whatever she has, and tells her that money is nothing. She says still there is time and asks her to get better. Fb ends.

Aaliya thinks you didn’t get the thief tag on your name, but your daughter will. She says people will call you to chor ki maa and says if I didn’t do this then my name is not Aaliyah. Rhea comes there and asks why you are chilling here and not picking the call. She says Ranbir is arrested. Aaliya says the game is on. Rhea asks did you know that Ranbir had stolen the money. She asks why did you do this? Aaliya says this time Ranbir shall feel that Prachi is unlucky for him, this was needed so that they don’t come closer to each other. Rhea tells that she can’t see Ranbir in jail. Aaliya says he will get better if he stays in jail.

Ranbir says what Prachi will think if she comes to know about it. Prachi comes there and asks him why did he cook up the story and why did he steal the money? Ranbir says whatever I had done is for you. Prachi says it was my responsibility to return the money. He asks how? She says I had taken help from Sarita behen, would have taken maa’s jewelry and loan. He says he has done this for her.

Prachi says you have done wrong and have created everything. She says my charges is on you, even now I am suspect. She asks him not to tell anything and says if I say anything then will regret it. She says a lie is a lie and asks him not to do this for anyone. She says if I am not in your life, then also you will have everyone, don’t do this. She leaves. Rhea comes there and tells that she doesn’t think like Prachi. She says you can talk to me. Ranbir says sorry. Rhea tells that you didn’t do any mistake, you helped her as a friend.

Prachi is seeing your way, but not your feelings. Ranbir says I had no option. Rhea says you had the option not to do anything and says you shall not help those who don’t respect you and your friendship. Ranbir says she helped me in Maya’s case so much. Rhea tells that Prachi will not do this like you have done this for her. She tells that for Prachi, her values, home, and rules are everything. She asks him to ask her next time and she will tell how much he shall help others. She leaves. Ranbir thinks of Prachi’s words and thinks that she said right.

Vikram and Pallavi come to the Police station. They tell that Varsha is their employee and is missing. Pallavi says this was our company and we are taking back the case. Inspector tells that until Varsha comes here, the case won’t be taken aback. He says the full investigation will be done. Aaliya calls Vikram and asks if everything is alright.

Vikram says the Police arrested Ranbir. Aaliya says she will come to the Police station. Pallavi tells that Inspector asked them to bring Varsha there. Aaliya asks her to tell the Inspector that Ranbir is the owner of the company and why he will steal. Pallavi asks her to bring Varsha there. Aaliya says she will try. Inspector asks them to either bring Varsha or hire a good lawyer. Aaliya bribes Varsha and asks her to get her legs broken. Varsha is shocked. Aaliya asks her to just act and thinks Ranbir is just her mohra to defeat Pragya.

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