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Twist of Fate 22 July 2020: Twist of Fate wednesday 22nd July 2020 update, The Episode starts with Tanu looking at Disha as the latter is going and recalls her words. Disha thinks something had happened. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Disha says I don’t know and says I am going to keep the clothes. Tanu takes clothes from her hand and throws it. Disha says yes I know, but I will not tell you. She asks her if you throw my clothes again then I will not reply with words only. Tanu gets angry and keeps her foot on the clothes. Disha gets up. Tanu says she will make her life difficult and says my time will change. Disha says time changes, but the person doesn’t change. She says I will stand fearless infront of you as I will unite di and jiju. Tanu fumes. Disha asks her to go to Aaliya and complain about her, and if possible then cry also. Tanu thinks your attitude make me angry and I will break your attitude one day. Abhi sees Kiara’s pics on the projector screen while the song Pareshan hun main plays….He thinks of Pragya’s words that Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter. He gets Principal’s call and asks him to receive someone who came to meet him. Abhi says ok. Principal ends the call. Abhi thinks to send the form pic to Pragya and then talk to her. Pragya walks inside. Abhi says I was remembering you and says a teacher is going to come here with Kiara’s admission form. Pragya says it was me and asks him not to steal the thing which do not belong to him. She says I told truth to Principal, now she is very upset with you and locked the form in her locker. She says Principal Maam will not come in your talks. Abhi says you might be scared that you will lose if I get the form. Pragya asks him to do whatever he wants, but don’t use kiara. Abhi says we are related to each other like a family. Tera yaar hun main plays…both turn their face and get teary eyes. Pragya leaves. He sees her going and thinks she shall not go. Pragya also looks at him and leaves in her car.

Twist of Fate wednesday 22nd July 2020 update: Tanu comes to Aaliya and throws the things. She asks who is Kiara? Aaliya says Pragya’s daughter. Tanu tells her about Abhi’s toy having a doll like Kiara. Aaliya asks what are you saying? Tanu says if Kiara comes here, then Pragya will follow him. She says she won’t let Kiara come to this house and says she has to do something. Aaliya asks her to keep quiet for sometime. Tanu says Disha came as a storm in your life and ruined everything. She says they don’t have a baby and that doesn’t mean that Abhi gets someone else’s child. Aaliya says she is bhai’s daughter. Tanu says she is not my daughter and tells that she can’t bear. Aaliya asks her to wait for the right time and behave like a normal wife, and Abhi shall not feel the need of Pragya and says nobody will take your place, and I will make sure of that. She hugs Tanu.

Twist of Fate 22 July 2020: Disha thinks she did a mistake and thinks Tanu shall not know that jiju knows that Kiara is his daughter. Abhi and Purab come there. Disha asks what happened? Purab and Abhi argue. Disha says my stress level is increasing. Purab says Abhi wants to do crime. Abhi says he is not courageous like before, who fought with goons for you. He tells that he is asking Purab’s permission to steal the form, but he is not agreeing. Disha says he will help you. Purab asks are you the same teacher who used to teach that stealing is bad. Disha says it is wrong to keep our safe keeping with others and says chori is the best option. Abhi says we went straight to Principal, but she refused and Pragya scolded her. Purab asks Disha what she will teach to his kids. Disha says I will make them fight for their rights. Abhi gets happy and praises Disha. He asks Purab to support him. Purab refuses. Disha tells Purab that she will go. Abhi goes, Purab also follows him.

Kiara asks Pragya to come with her and see magic. She takes Pragya to her room. Pragya sees the room decorated with balloons. Kiara asks if she likes the surprise. Pragya says yes. Abhi is in his room and tells himself if you can open the locker. He says yes. He gets Kiara’s call and says hi jaan to her.

Twist of Fate update saturday 30 May 2020 on zee world

Abhi thinking he shall see a good face before starting a new work, and calls Kiara. Kiara asks him to come over to her place. Hunge Juda Na Hum plays…..Abhi looks at Pragya behind Kiara. Kiara asks Abhi to come. Abhi asks her to ask her mummy if he can come? Kiara says you met before also when I was not with you both, and says I want to make you friends. Pragya nods her head. Kiara says she said yes. Abhi says I didn’t hear and thinks that he has to go tonight to steal the admission form, and tells Kiara referring her Jaan, darling and tells that he will have party tomorrow..He says I love you. Pragya says he must be busy. Kiara says ok and gets upset. Pragya asks Kiara about the balloons. Kiara tells that Abhi gave her balloons and asked her to think about the test and not about the result. She says he is best. Pragya thinks he is world’s best father. Kiara hugs her.

Twist of Fate 22 July 2020: Purab and Abhi come to school in the night. Purab says we would have gone inside with the car. Abhi says we are thieves now. Purab says you would have planned earlier. They see watchman playing on his mobile. They ask him if the money is his and give him money, fool him and goes inside. Abhi tells Purab that there is a thrill here. Purab says where is thrill here and worries if they get caught. Abhi says you would have sent Disha, as she wanted to come. Purab says I came because of Disha else she would have scolded me. Watchman comes inside suspecting someone entered, looks in the room and goes. Purab and Abhi go to Principal’s cabin. Tanu fumes when she couldn’t find Abhi and thinks he is spending more time with Pragya now, and thinks I won’t let you enjoy the time. She thinks of Aaliya’s words asking her to calm down and act infront of Abhi. She throws the glass and says she can’t calm down. She says if Abhi is found in her bedroom then I will not leave him. In the principal’s cabin, Abhi asks Purab why he gets much scared. Disha calls Purab and asks if the work is done. Purab says time is needed for stealing. Disha asks him to give call to Abhi. Purab says Abhi is busy and says lock is not opening. He asks her not to call again and says he gets tensed. Abhi opens the locker’s room with a pin.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 22 July 2020: Tanu rings the door bell. Pragya thinks if Kiara wakes up again then she will not sleep. She opens the door. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Pragya says he is not here? Tanu asks what you do with him and blames her for calling him to her place. She accuses her for snatching Abhi from her. Pragya tells that it was she who snatched him. Tanu says she will go and check inside. Pragya stops her and says she is not here? Tanu says my doubt is confirmed now and goes to her room. Disha thinks once Abhi gets the papers then Kiara and Pragya come back home, and thinks Tanu have to leave them, and hopes Pragya will return to save them from dangerous and mad Tanu. Tanu pulls the blanket saying this is too much Abhi. Kiara cries and says Mamma. Pragya asks her to sleep and says mumma is here. She makes Kiara sleep. Pragya asks Tanu to leave immediately.

Twist of Fate 22 July 2020 update: Pragya kisses Kiara and tells that she won’t let anything happen to her. She says I will be with you always. Abhi searches for the form and thinks of Pragya’s words that Principal locked the form in the locker. He asks can you see any locker here? Purab says no. Abhi thinks where is locker and thinks Pragya will not lie to him. He sees certificate and says OMG. They see locker behind the certificate. Abhi says thanks to pragya and says it was destiny. Purab asks him to take her to dinner. Abhi says I have fake keys and puts the keys in the locker to open it. They hear the police jeep sound and find the door locked, and lights on. Pragya senses Abhi’s life is in danger. She tells that she is worried for her papa. Kiara says he must be fine and says he asked her to take care of her.

Police comes there and opens the door. Purab says they will take us to Police station. Abhi asks Purab to run, and runs. Police catches Purab and asks Abhi to stop.

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