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Twist of Fate update wednesday 24 June 2020 on zee world, The Episode starts with Abhi asking Neha to come. Neha asks him to listen to her once. Abhi makes Neha and Tarun sit in the car and signs Pragya to sit as well. Pragya nods her head and sits in car. Abhi starts the car. Tanu tells Aaliya that Disha fought with her and Mitali talks to her in loud voice. She says they told that Abhi don’t love me and I am just his name sake wife. Aaliya says it is fact. Tanu says they even say that you didn’t marry yet. Aaliya says it is fact too. She says we gave them chance to speak and we shall let them know that we are back together and will give strict reply to them. She says time has come to make them remember their value in the house, and they shall lower their eyes infront of us and shall close their mouth. Abhi thinks Pragya shall think that I am not doing wrong and thinks King will get out of lock up. Pragya thinks his intention is right, but his way is wrong. Their car is stopped and a guy tells that they can’t go with this way as a big tree fell down. Abhi asks about the other way. Guy tells that the other way is dangerous and dacoits were there. His wife tells that there is a ghost there. They ask them to go back.

Twist of Fate 24th June 2020 update Abhi brings Neha, Tarun and Pragya back to the farm house and sneezes. He asks Neha and Tarun to sleep in different rooms.. Pragya thinks if his sinus problem started. Abhi thinks she must have forgotten that I have sinus problem. Pragya thinks to make kada for him, and thinks why will he drink from my hand. Tarun secretly comes to Neha’s room. Neha hugs him and cries. She says I should have listened to you and eloped with you. She says we shall tell everything to chucks. Tarun says may be we will not meet again after tomorrow and asks her to make him go with a smile. Neha hugs him and cries. He sneezes and thinks weather is getting bad. Pragya comes and asks why is he standing near the window and asks him to come. He asks why she gives him order always. Pragya says as you don’t listen to straight words. They argue. Abhi asks what did she bring? Pragya says she brought kada.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 24th June 2020 Abhi says I would like to drink poison from your hand and refuses to drink kada. He refuses and keeps aside the bowl. Pragya says fine then and pretends to call someone. She says I asked him to drink kada, but he didn’t listen. She asks him to talk. He refuses. Pragya says she will put call on loudspeaker. Abhi says he don’t want to talk and argues with Pragya. Pragya gives call to Abhi and he asks who is on call. Suwarni Dasi is on call and scolds him. She asks him to drink kada. Abhi says I will drink and asks her to sleep. He sits to drink and make faces. Pragya gives him angry look. Abhi asks her not to think that he will drink for her. Pragya asks him not to think that she made it with love and says she was talking to Dasi when she asked him to make kada for him knowing his sneezing problem. Abhi says it is good that you didn’t make it by yourself. Pragya argues. She sits and makes him drink kada. Allah wariyan…….

Tarun tells Neha that they shall make Pragya and Abhi remember their love so that they can understand their love. Neha says we have to rekindle their love to save our love. Tarun says exactly. He says he will think. Neha says she will go and check them. She says she is getting, good, romantic feeling. Tarun gets romantic and holds her hand.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 24th June 2020 Pragya remembers bringing kada for Abhi when they were together. A fb is shown, Abhi refuses to drink kada and says the one asking to drink shall be jailed. Pragya asks him to drink quietly. Abhi says I have a condition and says if you want my breaths to go on a long live and if you want me to fight with cold and sinus then you have to give me kiss. Pragya says ok and asks him to drink. Abhi says I heard ok, but nothing happened. Pragya says ok, I will kiss you. Abhi says I will eat bowl also now and drinks kada. Pragya says very good and is about to go. Abhi stops her. Pragya says you asked kiss that day. Abhi says lets stamp the place where you didn’t kiss. Pragya asks him to close eyes and kiss above the eyes. Abhi opens the eyes and asks where is the kiss? She says I kissed you. Abhi says I get angry on the persons who cheat? He is about to kiss her. pragya says cockroach is there. Abhi says this devil will not stop and covers themselves with blanket. Allah wariyan plays….fb ends..

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Twist of Fate wednesday 24 June 2020 written update Abhi telling Pragya that the taste of kada is still same and it is a torture. Pragya says do I torture you. She gets upset and comes to kitchen. She tastes it and thinks it is really bitter, I made him drink kada and he drank too. She thinks to make coffee to change his taste. Abhi thinks to apologize to her and thinks medicine is bitter so is kada. He then tells himself not to apologize to her, as she will dance on his head. He thinks to tell her I am sorry. Pragya comes there and says sorry. Abhi doesn’t see her and talks to himself, says you made kada for me, and I scolded you. Pragya says loudly, ok…I understand. Abhi asks what? Pragya says just now you said sorry. Abhi says when. Pragya gives him coffee and asks him to drink. Abhi drinks it and says it is not that great.

Pragya tries to take the coffee mug and says she will drink remaining. Abhi asks her to freeze and takes cup from her hand and drinks it. Pragya says we never played this game. Abhi says yes, don’t know why you played. Pragya beats him with pillow. Neha and Tarun come to his rescue and ask her to calm down. Abhi sees them and says Pragya did this. Neha and Tarun smiles. Abhi asks what they are doing together. Neha says we are feeling hungry. Abhi says way is closed and says you should have thought before eloping. Pragya says she will make something to eat and goes to kitchen.

Twist of Fate 24 June 2020 Abhi asks her to make something better than kada and coffee. Tanu gets a dream that Abhi hugging Pragya and gets tensed, wonders why did she get such dream. Pragya serves food to Abhi and others. She asks Abhi not to make Tarun nervous. Neha says Tarun is a good guy. Abhi asks Neha and Tarun to sit afar from each other. Pragya scolds Abhi. Abhi tells her that the teacher still have his pics posted. Pragya argues with him. Abhi says you started mogambo giri. Pragya says you called me mogambo and argues. They both argue. Neha and Tarun get up and tell each other that they love each other a lot and that’s why fighting. Tarun says we shall stop them from fighting and hugs each other. Abhi sees them hugging and stops them. Neha says she slipped so he held her. Abhi says just like we used to slip and says he falls in trouble because of Pragya. Pragya gets irked.

Twist of Fate 24th June 2020 update Abhi asks what did she cook? Pragya says mushroom. Abhi thinks I disliked it and asks if bread is there. She says no. Abhi asks neha to take her plate and go to room and asks Tarun to take his plate and go to other side. He tells Pragya that even he is going as he can’t eat infront of her. He tastes the food and asks her to call fire brigade, says food is too spicy. He runs to room. Pragya sees his phone and picks the call thinking someone called from home. Tanu says may be I called by mistake. Pragya says no, it is Abhi’s phone. Tanu scolds her and asks how dare you to pick his call and says you are searching an excuse and is after him. Pragya says yes, I came here for him and tells that they are enjoying, have dinner together and dancing. Tanu says I knew it. Pragya says she is not interested in him and says how to make her understand. Tanu says you are doing double talks, whom to believe. Pragya asks her to think whatever she wants and ends the call. Tanu panics.

Tarun comes to Neha. Neha says if Chucks sees him then he will play his band. Tarun says I didn’t know how they will get back together as they are fighting like tom and jerry. Neha says yes. She sees lizard and tells Tarun, says she is afraid of it. Tarun asks if Pragya di is afraid of something. Neha says cockroaches, darkness etc. Tarun says good and says when anyone is in danger, he accepts the other person and hopes their issue is resolved. Neha says even Chucks is afraid of such things. Tanu says it is more good.

Twist of Fate update wednesday 24 June 2020 Abhi asks Pragya not to make him angry as they can’t go out now. Pragya says you shall praise me for making food, but you are scolding me. Abhi says you made Mushroom which I dislike, and also added spices. He says you took revenge as I didn’t open the rope. Pragya says I will tell take now. He takes his phone. Pragya says Tanu called and she told her wrong thing.

Abhi calls Tanu and tells whatever Pragya said and says she said that she is mad in your love and enjoying and asked me not to disturb you both. Abhi says she said this. Pragya says she got angry and said this. Abhi says he is busy with Pragya and ends the call. Pragya says she said it in anger.

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