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Twist of Fate update Wednesday 26th May 2021 Sanju tells his friend it’s now time, he will have to do that. He didn’t want to, but he is left with no choice. He calls Rhea and says he is ready. Rhea was happy and makes a call that she needs that powder.

Mitali eyes Vikram and comes to him asking if he was watching her. Vikram wish her happy new Year and Happy Diwali. Mitali asks if he had to ask her something. Vikram says she would mind that. Mitali laughs that she never minds. Vikram says its nothing important, she must let go of it. Mitali turns to leave. Vikram says may be she doesn’t dislike, he would buy her anything if she dislikes. Mitali agrees and asks him to inquire what it is about.

Vikram asks Mitali that years ago, their families took the decision to live as neighbors; he noticed there were multiple fights between her and her mother in law. He needs the secret of a pointless fight. Mitali says she actually dislikes, and wants him to gift her the diamond necklace of her mother in law. Vikram asks what is the matter that ignites such a fight, he wants to be cautious and that there is no such fights in his house. Mitali says Vikram has already handled them well. Vikram was curious to know how. Mitali says he never tells Pahlavi that his mother is intelligent, neither has he told his mother that Pahlavi is more caring nor he prioritizes his mother’s cooking in front of Pahlavi. Resultantly, there are no insecurities between the two. There won’t be any fights when there are no jealousies. Vikram happily hugs Mitali and promises to buy her a new necklace. Mitali says she will sent the design.

Prachi was furious over Ranbir holding her hand. Ranbir warns Prachi that Sanju isn’t safe guy, he is trying to flirt her. Prachi argues that Ranbir flirts almost every girl he meets. Ranbir now shuts her up and threatens her not to cross her limits. He wants to remind her what her limit is. No matter what he thinks, she must do whatever she thinks is right. She isn’t his type, not even in his list. Prachi says she hates flirting of any guy, no matter its Ranbir or Sanju. She shouts at Ranbir to shut up. Ranbir says it now seems she had been flirting that guy, what she will do then. Ranbir says he always felt she was different from others, but he was wrong. He asks her to go and do whatever she feels right.

Prachi comes to the hall in tears. Rhea wonders if they were fighting. Prachi felt bad over the fight. Pahlavi comes to Vikram and asks what’s happening here with Mitali. Vikram says it was just… she is a nice lady, graceful and sober. She praised him when he said there is no one as great as his mother; she loves him the most in this world. Pahlavi was insecure and asks if she doesn’t love him. Vikram replies Maa’s love is irreplaceable, she has taught him the best values in life; whatever he is today is because of his mother. Pahlavi was jealous and says she is here in the house to bring his children up and cook. She hasn’t given any values to their children. She doesn’t even take any care of him, what if he wears his mother’s photo as locket; instead make a T-shirt with her mother. She suggests him to do Pooja of his mother instead of Lakshmi. Vikram warns Pahlavi not to disgrace his mother and only speak to him. Pahlavi leaves furiously. Vikram says now Pahlavi will speak to Maa ji in jealousy and he will see how there isn’t any fights between the two.

Abhi and Pragya walk together in the dark. He steps over her dress, she was about to slip but he hugs her from behind. He lights the torch of mobile and says she knows all the feelings, and they both feel same for each other. Pragya asks when the last time he was serious was. He says just a while ago, when she wasn’t around. Pragya kiss his cheek and takes him to the fuse box. Abhi was offended that he is always turned into an electrician. Abhi touches the blue wire bare footed and trembles. Pragya holds him away at once. Abhi says he only wanted to see what she does if the gets the shock. Pragya asks her to fix the fuse once again.

Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir tells Rhea he has seen Sanju flirting with Prachi. Rhea says Ranbir must be thinking how he will now befriend Prachi. Prachi is a small town girl, and is loyal to any mate. If Sanju and Prachi unite, Ranbir won’t be able to accomplish Rhea’s plan. Ranbir agrees. Rhea says it’s a small challenge, Ranbir is trying to bear that Prachi and be close to her. She is happy that he took the challenge. Rhea gets a message and thinks she got the powder, and Sanju is not a problem but a big solution. Ranbir thinks he must be concerned for Prachi because of the task, else he is a bad person.

Abhi hears some footsteps. He asks Pragya if she can hear the voice and was terrified. Pragya couldn’t hear any voice. He asks Pragya to take him in a hug. Pragya screams and finally hugs Abhi as someone is there behind him. It was Madhu. The lights get on at once. Abhi now curses Madhu for being so terrified and inciting all the fear in them as well.

Sanju watches Rhea anxiously wait for her friend in the hall. His friend asks what she is upto. Sanju tells him to mind his own business. His friend convince Sanju that Prachi has other friends as well, she isn’t interested in him. He was with him earlier, but not in this mission. He leaves. Rhea takes the powder from her friend.

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