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Twist of Fate 3 February 2021: Twist of Fate update Wednesday 3rd February 2021, Pragya scolding laundry man and says you haven’t iron the clothes properly. Janki comes, checks the clothes and says it is fine. Pragya says no, and scolds him. Sarla comes and asks what happened? She asks her to drink water. Pragya drinks it and says I am getting irritated sitting idle at home. Don’t you think I shall do some job. Beeji says yes, and we will be saved from your scolding. Janki says you can work. Sarla says yes, but you need to be happy. Pragya asks can I go now and says she has marked in the newspaper. Sarla asks her to drink water before the interview. Pragya leaves. Beeji asks her to go with Pragya and jokes. Sarla prays that Pragya should get a job of her choice. Beeji says job is more important to us also, and says we can buy your medicine if she earn money. Pragya thinks she has to work for her family and bring happiness. A fb is shown, Pragya reminisces Abhi. Dadi thinks Abhi didn’t remember Pragya since a month. Just then Abhi comes and says he is getting hiccups. Dadi makes him drink water. Abhi says your plan is failed and asks why am I getting hiccups. Dadi says whenever we love someone and that person is far then we get hiccups whenever that person remember us. Abhi says Aaliya and you are here, then who will miss me. He drinks much water. Dadi thinks about Pragya.

Pragya talks to someone on phone and comes to Abhi’s office for interview. Saiyyara Re Saiyyara plays…………….She sees Abhi’s pic and cleans with her dupatta. Receptionist comes there and says she is now manager. She tells that she is happy now as checks her resume. She says you are over qualified for this job, and asks if you are ready. She hires her for the receptionist job. Pragya gets happy. She goes and sits on the chair…Sanam Re plays while she looks at Abhi’s rockstar pic. Receptionist says I was also excited on my first day. Pragya stares Abhi. Receptionist asks do you love Abhi? Pragya asks herself to control her emotions. Receptionist says I used to love him, but now I got my cutie pie. She says I wish I could get him, and says that girl will be lucky. Pragya thinks I was that lucky one, whom he forgot. Receptionist turned manager says now you can see him, and asks her to go home and come tomorrow. Pragya thanks her and goes.

Abhi is in car. Aaliya talks to him over mobile and asks to check music. Abhi says okay. Pragya thinks I got a job and can be near him now. She thinks he will smile. She reminisces going to paani puri stall with him. A fb is shown of the same. Abhi orders spicy pani puri and then feels it to be too spicy. Pragya laughs. She is going to the same pani puri stall……….and is about to hit with Abhi’s car. Driver comes out and scolds her for coming infront of car. ( strange old receptionist and now driver couldn’t identify Pragya). Pragya sees Abhi in car, recalls Doctor saying that the normality in his life shouldn’t be affected. She hides. Abhi comes out and asks what is happening. The angry people tell that the girl is about to be injured by his car. Abhi asks where is that girl? But Pragya is gone.

She comes home and tells Sarla that she got a job as a receptionist. Sarla scolds her and asks why didn’t you get job in college as professor. Beeji says she has experience in music company and says she can become manager. Pragya says yes, and says growth is much in this company, and tells that she can see Abhi from her seat. Sarla and Beeji are clueless.

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