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Twist of Fate 5 August 2020: Twist of Fate update wednesday 5th August 2020, The Episode starts with Abhi reading Kiara and his DNA report and says our DNA matched, I knew she is my daughter. He looks at Pragya’s pic and says my heart knew that she is my daughter, and says now it is proved. He thanks her for giving what he wished for. He thinks of Pragya’s words and thinks Kiara and Pragya will be with me now. He runs and collides with Tanu. Tanu feels pain. Abhi asks her to dance and shows Pragya’s pic. Tanu asks why are you showing her pic. Abhi says she is beautiful by behavior also. Tanu asks him why is he saying that? Abhi asks why she wants to know and says I am your wife and have the right to know. Abhi says you don’t need to understand, just Pragya wants to understand. Tanu thinks why Abhi was happy and what good news he got about Pragya.

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Disha is in kitchen. Purab tries to romance with her, but she pushes him. Purab says how I will become romeo. Abhi comes there and asks them to make the day romantic. He tells them that Kiara and his DNA matched with each other. He says he will lift Pragya and Kiara and take them home. Tanu calls Nikhil and scolds him. Nikhil tells that DNA test report came, and says he bribed someone to give the report. Tanu asks what is the report? Nikhil says it will come in sometime. Tanu says report shall come in my hands first. Nikhil assures her that she will get the report first. Abhi eats sweets. He tries to take Purab’s sweets. Purab says he will not share. Disha gives sweets to Abhi. Purab says let my sister come tomorrow. Abhi says I will bring your sister. Purab asks him to sit. Disha says what you will tell her. Abhi says I will tell her that he has won the challenge and will show the DNA report. Purab says she will get upset with you. Abhi says I will handle her. Purab fears that they might have a fight and asks him to say sorry to her. Abhi asks what? Purab asks him to say I did wrong with you..I did many mistakes and thought that I will stay without you, but I forgot that you are my life’s biggest happiness. He says Pragya…come back to my life and return to my life. I promise to keep you life. Abhi says I am going to bring her here and not to propose her. Disha says di will get angry as she lost the challenge, and asks him to make her understand with love and talk to her nicely. Purab asks him to do as he said. Abhi says you are teaching to a rockstar how to propose. He asks them to romance and goes. Disha asks Purab why he doesn’t make her understand. Purab says it was for you only. Abhi comes there and looks at their romance and goes.

Abhi is driving the car and thinks of Pragya’s words happily. Ke tere sang paani yun saa….song plays.. He thinks he will make everything like before, infact more better than past. Tanu scolds Bahadur if any courier came? Bahadur says no. Tanu scolds him for using mobile and asks where is he going? Bahadur says to give tea to Dadi. Tanu asks him to stay on the door and wait for the lab guy to come, and take report from him. Bahadur says shall I tell Dadi.. Tanu says no and asks him to go and give tea to Dadi first and come there. Disha hears her and thinks Tanu knew that lab report was going to come today, but she didn’t come that it had already come. She worries thinking what she will do.

Dadi comes to Sunny’s school and see two women arguing about studies. Dadi tells the lady not to pressurize her daughter to study and asks them to listen to Narendra Modi. She tells about his event on the education at 11 am, LIVE on Modi APP.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s house and asks how is her pain? Pragya says fine. Abhi asks who was the doctor? Abhi says I. He gets nervous and asks her to forgive his mistake and says I forgot your mistake. Pragya asks him to come later. Abhi says I have come to talk. Pragya says I know you have come to snatch Kiara from me. Abhi says I came to take you also. Pragya says you might have tried to prove that Kiara is your daughter, but that didn’t happen so you might have come here to emotionally blackmail me so that when I tell that, you take Kiara from here. Abhi says you didn’t need to confess anything. I know that Kiara is my daughter and you are not King’s wife.

Pragya is shocked. Abhi says we both know that we love each other and kiara is the proof of our love. He says you have hidden Kiara from me, but you have given biggest gift to me. Pragya says I am not married to King, but Kiara is Mr. Singh’s daughter. Abhi gets angry and says enough. He gets teary eyes and then says sorry. He says you are forcing me, and says I have proved that she is my daughter and DNA is the proof. He tells that he got their DNA test done and that reports matched. He says it is clearly written that she is my daughter. Pragya is shocked.

Abhi telling Pragya that he got Kiara and his DNA test and it matched. He says it is clearly written that Kiara is my daughter, our daughter. He says why did you hide this from me, what was your helplessness. He asks how can you hide such a big truth from me and asks her to tell. Pragya cries and gets emotional. She hugs him and says I was scared. Abhi asks why? Pragya says I thought if I take Kiara to you, then you will take her and will punish me for the mistake which I haven’t done. Abhi says didn’t you see love in my eyes. He says Kiara was away from her father for many years and asks what do you think that I will separate her from her mother. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says you gave me such a big happiness, that I can leave my life, but not you. He says I don’t want kiara alone, but my family. He says both of you are similar and says when I see her, I miss you and when I see you, I miss her. He says did I say you that I came in this world to meet you and love you. He says today if I am alive is because of you, so I want to stay with you, live with you. I can’t separate Kiara from you.

He says first we were two, now we are three. He says I am pleading and begging infront of you and asks can I get my Kiara and family. He says I can’t stay without you both and promises her that he will not fight with her and will not let her go. He says I can do anything if you are together. Pragya says we will stay together, you, me and Kiara. They have a hug…It turns out to be Abhi’s dream. He thinks I have started dreaming again and says I am going alone, but will return Kiara and Pragya.

King is at home and thinks of Pragya’s words. He thinks why Pragya met me and asked help from me, she made my career and says he didn’t understand the Karmic connection. He thinks he listens to Pragya and realizes he is in love with her. He thinks Chachi had told me, and thinks if she is right about me then she is right about Abhi. He thinks if Abhi has feelings for Pragya. Abhi comes to King’s house.

Bahadur is standing at the door and tells Tanu that nobody came. Tanu says I know. Disha hears them. Bahadur asks her to go to her room and says he will bring the report to her room. Tanu scolds him. Disha hears them. Door bell rings. Tanu sends Bahadur to kitchen and opens the door and gets the report. She checks the report and reads that sample was contaminated. She thinks Abhi couldn’t prove that Kiara is his daughter, then why he was happy. He shall be sad and thinks he might be happy to make her feel sad or jealous, and thinks it is good. She thinks once Abhi loves her then she shall not be scared from Pragya. Disha is hiding and smiling. She recalls waiting outside and colliding with the delivery guy and replacing the reports. She thinks Tanu will be confident now and will not do anything.

Abhi rings the bell. King sees him peeping inside. Abhi asks where is Pragya? King says not today and says today we will talk about your behavior which changes seeing Pragya. Abhi says I want to meet Pragya and says he will go to school and meet her. King asks him to forget Pragya and take her out of his heart. Abhi asks what happened? King says Chachi told me that you have feelings for Pragya, but I ignored her words and told that Abhishek is my friend and can’t do this, but after whatever I have seen with my eyes, I have realized that you have feelings for Pragya. Abhi says you are thinking wrong. King says when I kept my hand on her shoulder, you felt pain and when I was about to dance with her, you held her hand and took her to dance floor. He says it was cheap thing and asks him to say yes or no. he says Chachi saw you and Pragya together, but I said no, my friend can’t do this. He says I didn’t know that my friend comes to meet my wife at my house, and have soft feelings for her. Abhi says I am friend and about to tell…but King asks him to say yes or no, and asks him to say if he has feelings for Pragya. Abhi says yes.

He says she is so good that naturally feelings come out. King says Chachi was right, you are fixing Tarun and Neha’s relation so that society restriction ends and you get a chance to get closer to her, so she was right, but whatever you are doing is cheap. Abhi says you are making fun of my feelings. King says you are making fun of my friendship and says you didn’t think before eying at my wife. He asks him to get out. Abhi says you didn’t know what we have between us. King says if I see you with Kiara or Pragya then…..Abhi says truth is that neither Pragya is your wife nor kiara is your daughter, so you have no rights on them. King says you know the truth, but that doesn’t matter to my family. He asks did you ask Pragya with whom she wants to live? He says Pragya is my wife and Kiara is my daughter in society’s view. He says I love Pragya and will marry her soon, so that such people like you stay away from you. Abhi tries to tell him about their relation. King asks him to remember their enmity and tells that they will not talk other than Neha and Tarun’s marriage. He says after their marriage, you will see Pragya and King’s marriage and after that you will not take her name and will call her Mrs. Singh. King closes the door and goes inside. Abhi tells that she is his wife, but King doesn’t hear him.

Disha waits for Abhi and thinks where is he? She calls Purab and asks about Abhi. Purab says I thought he is at home. Disha says may be he is with Di. Purab ends the call.

Pragya is at Kiara’s school. Teacher asks him to sign the form and tells that all parents shall attend sports day. Pragya signs and gives the form. Teacher says you forgot to write father’s name. Pragya thinks of Abhi and King and tells that if she can give the form later. Teacher says ok and goes. Pragya thinks to tell all truth to Abhi after Neha and Tarun’s marriage to lower her heart.

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