Twist of Fate update Wednesday 6 April 2022: The Episode starts with Gaurav coming to Pragya and meeting her outside the PS. Pragya says you have sent the video in that delete after once view format intentionally. Gaurav says I thought to see your arrogant face. She says you got everything, then why don’t you give the video. He says you were punished, but not Abhi. He says he had beaten me and my brother. He says I am not Aaliya and Tanu, I am Gaurav Thappar, I never fail and lose.

Pragya says you didn’t defeat, as I was in hurry to show the video to Inspector, and take Abhi home. She says she has defeated him and his father, and many more. She tells that a wife can take Durga’s avatar, she takes her avatar and kills the evils who eye her kumkum. She says you wanted to ruin businesswoman Pragya, but this time you are standing in front of Mrs. Pragya Mehra. She says she will get her husband freed from court with respect and will take him home right in front of you. Gaurav thinks if she will do this, or is bluffing. He thinks about how she will win from me.

Pragya comes to the office and gets some printouts. She searches some papers in the files and gets some info. She meets Santosh Jain. The next day, the Inspector refuses to let Pragya meet Abhi, and says the time has come to go to court. Pragya says if you want any innocent guy to get punished. Inspector says you can go and meet him for 2 mins. Inspector tells Constable that a wife shall get a chance. Does Abhi ask what she wants to do? He says he heard her talking to Inspector. He says I will be jailed and the contractor will give the wrong statement against me. He says before I will be taking there, I want to tell you something. He says I came into your house with the intention to trouble you, but couldn’t do this. She asks do you want to say something. Abhi says when cockroaches came in your house, I thought it shall get stuck with you. Pragya asks what else. Abhi says I just thought, but can’t do anything against you. He says she can call him to snake in sleeve etc. Pragya says you don’t want me to meet you. He says when I will get jailed, how will I serve the punishment without seeing your face. Constable comes there and says I came to take you to court. Pragya says I wanted to ask you something. Abhi comes out of lock up and hugs her. Inspector and another constable also come there and ask him to come. Pragya shows Santosh’s pic to him and asks did you see him there? Abhi says this guy was there too. Pragya calls Gaurav. He says he was going to register the papers signed by her. He asks who will handle you after Abhi goes to jail, your partner etc. Pragya says I want you to come to court for hearing, it will be interesting for you, it is going to be fun. She ends the call. Gaurav gets worried and calls Contractor. Contractor asks him for 10 lakhs rs. Gaurav says I will transfer in your account. Pragya reaches court and thinks this time, you have messed with Mrs. Pragya Mehra, and it will prove costly for you.

Prachi wakes up and calls Ranbir, says it is 10 am. Ranbir comes there and asks her to have breakfast first. Prachi says you have presentation and asks him to go. He says I will make you eat with my hand and brought your favorite breakfast. She says I will eat, you go. He says you don’t want to eat with my hand, I will go. She says don’t get angry, I will eat. She eats it and asks did you make food? He says I went to get flowers for you, but shops were closed. He says then I thought to make breakfast for you. Prachi calls him near her, and says you are the best husband, I am the luckiest girl. She says I know you didn’t sleep all life and was seated by my side. Ranbir says I can see anything, but can’t see you in pain. when you are happy, I feel that everything is fine, and my life came to a standstill, if you get unwell. He says I will never love anyone. Prachi says if he plans to love someone. He says no. Prachi says she just wants him to be hers and looks at him. Ranbir says I am yours always. Sid comes there and asks Prachi to have hot sheera. Ranbir asks Prachi, if she ordered him and asks from where did you come between us? Rhea comes there and says Siddharth haven’t made tea for me till now and made Sheera for her, not bad. Prachi says he knows how to make sheera, but don’t know how to make tea. Prachi takes sheera from Sid and thanks him. Ranbir asks how did you know that Sheera will lower the fever? Sid says once I had come to your rented home and was unwell. He says Prachi had made sheera for me, and also taught me. Ranbir asks when? Prachi says you was not at home that time. Sid says I learnt to make sheera from her. Rhea smiles. Ranbir looks upset, as Prachi and Sid do hifive. Ranbir says I will make kada for you. Prachi says this sheera is enough. Ranbir insists and goes. Prachi asks Sid if he wants Sheera. He says no. She says I will not give.

Abhi is brought to the courtroom and thinks Pragya haven’t reached till now. Aaliya asks if he is fine? Tanu says you will be freed today. Abhi asks how? Tanu says I trust the law. Inspector asks Aaliya and Tanu to move from there, and says only his wife is allowed. Tanu says she wants to talk to him. Inspector asks them to sit.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Gaurav didn’t call since Pragya signed the papers. Gaurav comes there and sits, tells that he don’t betray the ones who are with them. He thinks where is Pragya, where did she go after inviting me here. Judge comes there. Prosecution lawyer Anmol Malik asks Abhi to come to the witness box and tells about the accusation against him, that Abhi ordered to break the wall, it fell and resulted in 6 people’s deaths.

The defense lawyer tells that he didn’t give any order to break the wall. The prosecution lawyer says Contractor Subhash told that Abhi had given him orders. Subhash comes to the witness box and tells about himself first. He says he had come to the site, I told him that the office side can fall if they break the wall, but he ordered me to break it, as he wanted sunlight in his office. Abhi says he is lying. The contractor lies and says he was neither concerned for his office nor the poor people. Abhi says I asked him to strengthen the wall, and not to break it. The prosecution objects to him. The defense lawyer says my client has full right to tell. Judge says Abhi is not threatening and just clarifying his side. The prosecution asks can you prove in court that you didn’t ask Subhash to break the wall.

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