The “Bloods” are the scariest and most vicious pack in the city. A rebellious city… where packs rule the roads… The awful and homicidal killer Slater is their chief. The city is his area… he runs the show! There are people who are not individuals from posses like Mikey and his companions. Mikey parties day in and day out, he is trying and consistently in tough situations and battles. His sibling Mathis and his companions attempt to stay safe at any expense. Vengeance turns into the rationale for Mikey when his sibling Mathis disappears and is killed. To vindicate the demise of his sibling Mikey should battle those answerable for his sibling’s less than ideal passing. With extreme concentration, Mikey trains his body and brain. He takes on all corners in road battles and battling competition… his name becomes dreaded in the city. The “Bloods” and Slater become, to him, the last foe. A foe he will just win against fully backed up by his companions. The horrendous, vicious, and destructive battle prompts just a single outcome… Mikey is shipped off jail. Here the truth hits Mikey. The battle isn’t finished at this point and it isn’t as if it were “The Bloods” who are his adversary.

Runtime: 102 mins

Release Date: 26 Jul 2012

Starcast: Mike M�ller, Volkram Zschiesche, Oliver Juhrs, Mathis Landwehr, Alister Mazzotti, Nico Sentner, Spiros Anastassiadis, Michael Bornh�tter, Michael Braun, Najely Chumana, Sigo Heinisch, Bernhard H�fner, Alessandro Janus, Steffen Jung, Dirk Rabe, Eskindir Tesfay,

Director(s): Mike M�ller

Genre: Action, ,



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