Download Warriors of the Rainbow Seediq Bale (2011): During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, the Seediq had to lose their own way of life and surrender their confidence. Men were dependent upon brutal work and kept from customary hunting; while ladies needed to serve the Japanese cops and their families by accomplishing the family work and surrendering their conventional winding around work. Most importantly, they were illegal to tattoo their appearances. Furthermore, these tattoos were viewed as the Seediq’s conventional conviction to change themselves into Seediq Bale (“genuine people”). Mona Rudao, the hero, saw the suppression by the Japanese over a time of 30 years. At some point between harvest time and winter of 1930, when the slave work is at its cruelest, a youthful Seediq couple is hitched and a blissful party is tossed. Simultaneously, a recently delegated Japanese police officer goes on his examination visit to this clan. Mona Rudao’s most memorable child, Tado Mona, offers wine to the police officer with energy, yet is consequently whipped on the grounds that his hands were viewed as not spotless enough. With outrage, Tado Mona and his sibling Baso Mona assaulted the police officer. Also, from that day ahead, their clan is living in the shadow of being the object of vengeance by the Japanese. In a couple of days, a gathering of youth encompasses Mona Rudao. They unequivocally demand he lead the counter against the Japanese. Mona Rudao battles for quite a while between broadening his kindred’s lives and retaliating for nobility, until he sees these young person’s countenances – clear without Seediq’s tattoos – that he decided. He tells the youths, “Japanese soldiers out-number the stones in Dakusui River, more concentrated than the leaves in the woodland, yet my assurance battling them is ever more grounded than Mt. Kire.” “Kids! On the tip of the Rainbow Bridge prompted the home of our progenitor’s spirits, there is another wonderful hunting range. Our precursors are by and large present! Keep in mind, that just valiant spirits can enter this spot, and we can never lose it. My colleagues, let us chase the tops of our foes, and we wash our spirits with blood so we walk the Rainbow Bridge to be dependable with our predecessors.” The film Seediq Bale portrays the Wushe Incident, which happened in focal Taiwan during the Japanese rule. At the point when the Seediq Bale, having confidence in the Rainbow, and the Japanese, trusting in the Sun, met each other, they battled. The head of Seediq Bale, Mona Rudao, drove 300 heroes battling against 3000 Japanese officers. The main thing they neglected was whether it was the Rainbow or the Sun they had confidence in; they really had faith in a similar sky.

Runtime: 276 mins

Release Date: 26 Apr 2011

Starcast: Masanobu And, Umin Boya, Chi-Wei Cheng, Lin Ching-Tai, Da-Ching, Jun’ichi Haruta, Michio Hayashida, Akira Hibino, Vivian Hsu, Yi-Fan Hsu, Yoshitaka Ishizuka, Kenji Kasai, Sabu Kawahara, Yichi Kimura, Bowkeh Kowsang, Junji Kumagai, Ju-Lung Ma, Minoru Matsumoto, Lo Mei-Ling, Hiroshi Noguchi, Chie Tanaka, Shiang-Chu Tang, Soda Voyu, Landy Wen, Pong-Fong Wu, Masaru Yoshitake

Director(s): Te-Sheng Wei

Genre: Action, Drama, History



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