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Wedding Planners Starlife Full Story: Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers

Wedding Planners Full Story: Wedding Planners Starlife is an Indian TV Series that is expected to Commence on the 19th of October, 2021 at 8 pm CAT and is expected to Replace The Frontliners Starlife.

Preeti, a basic and caring lady, wishes to acquire confidence by filling in as a wedding organizer after her child, Tarun, and his better half, Rati, toss her out of the house.

On the opposite side, KT, who seems glad, conceals a profound injury inside. At the point when Chanda Rathore, an imminent lady for KT, affronts him since he dismissed her, KT’s uncle Sushant persuades him to work once more.

KT offers a business association to Preeti, which she at first denies yet concurs when KT represents her before a pitiful customer. They face many issues in their underlying long periods of business, however, this leads them to foster an obligation of companionship, trust, and regard.

Tarun advances a test before Preeti where, in 25 days, she should substantiate herself equipped for turning into a finance manager. With KT’s assistance, she wins.

While coordinating Bua Sa and Fufa Sas 50th wedding commemoration, mistaken assumptions happen, driving Preeti to break her organization with KT subsequent to completing an occasion with a strange customer.

Upon the arrival of the wedding occasion, the strange customer ends up being KT’s ex, Nandini. To get his vengeance, KT weds Preeti. Notwithstanding, Preeti realizes that their relationship is regard for one another.

After their marriage, Preeti goes gaga for KT, and they team up to find Nandini’s rationale.

Upon the arrival of Makar Sankranti, Nandini unveils Arjun is a vagrant. KT is burst into flames, however, is saved by Preeti. Nandini is captured however pledges to return. Afterward, Tarun and Arjun apologize to Preeti for abusing her.

Kusum breaks attach with Preeti when Neel denies having any affections for Priyanka and becomes drawn into Shika. Neel tells KT and Preeti that Kushaala forced him to wed as they went through a business emergency. Preeti and KT organize the cash through Shaadi Mubarak. Kusum apologizes to Preeti and gives her endowments to Priyanka and Neel. Preeti and KT both consent to separate, as KT doesn’t adore Preeti.

While Preeti leaves for Mumbai, KT acknowledges he is infatuated with her. Frantic to win her back, KT races to Preeti and proclaims his affection for her freedom, and they accommodate.

Kusum travels to another country with Aastha for her examinations. Preeti is grief-stricken subsequent to being determined to have ovarian malignancy. KT and Peeeti long for a youngster so they picked Phurti, a lighthearted effervescent young lady who fantasizes about getting comfortable in London, as a substitute as a trade-off for sending her to London. Phurti becomes pregnant with KT and Preeti’s youngster through IVF. Preeti acquaints Phurti as her sister with the family as she lives in the Tibrewal Mansion.

The Tibrewals are in unrest following the disclosures viewing Phurti’s pregnancy as KT acknowledges the child as his and Preeti’s. Kushaala reprimands Preeti for removing her child from her after KT stands firm on his and Preeti’s choice to pick surrogacy to get KT and the family a youngster. After some pressure, the family ultimately acknowledges the surrogacy circumstance.

After Eight Months

Juhi discovers a specialist that can fix Preeti. While KT and Preeti’s child shower happens, Kushaala discovers Preeti in torment subsequent to sneaking in the washroom and concedes her to the clinic. Subsequent to seeing Preeti at the malignancy medical clinic in Delhi on the news, KT goes up against Juhi, uncovering Preeti’s sickness. Phurti goes into untimely work and conveys a young lady. Preeti’s medical procedure is effective, yet she is experiencing amnesia. While the emergency clinic bursts into flames, Preeti helps a pregnant Shikha and is taken in by her and her significant other, Vishal.

KT has a passionate upheaval when he doesn’t discover Preeti and faults Kushaala for not really focusing on her. Vishal and Shikha go to the clinic to look into Preeti’s family, however, some disarray drives them to imagine that Preeti is an alternate patient, Mohi Bansal. Shikha conveys a child young lady however requests Mohi to take care of her after a mishap. Vishal abhors Mohi, thinking she is the justification behind Shikha’s demise. KT prevents his family from playing out Preeti’s last ceremonies and states that she will return.

After Five Years

KT is an RJ and a hovering father of his and Preeti’s girl, Kirti. Preeti, who actually thinks she is ‘Mohi,’ moves to Udaipur. Shikha and Vishal’s girl, likewise named Preeti, and Kirti is conceded to a similar school. Kirti, not realizing Mohi is her mom, detests her when she makes her clean the school floor. Mohi detests KT when he rusticates her after Kirti grumbles to him about her.

Mohi calls KT to face him about his choice, yet he doesn’t reply, so she goes to the Tibrewal chateau. The Tibrewals are cheerfully observing Holi while KT feels Mohi’s quality and looks for her. KT experiences Mohi, and she cautions him to withdraw his grievance. Everybody becomes enthusiastic seeing her while she angrily goes from that point.

KT finds out with regards to Mohi’s past and gets to know her, yet he conceals his personality and passes by the name ‘Keertan.’ Mohi acknowledges Keertan’s solicitation to join Shaadi Mubarak, yet in the wake of discovering that the proprietor is in all honesty KT, she quickly decreases the bid for employment. Keertan causes Mohi to understand that KT is anything but a terrible individual and she rejoins the workplace.

KT is stuck to his place after Kirti stalls out in a fire and recollects the clinic episode. Mohi salvages her while KT admonishes Kirti for not regarding Mohi. Vishal plans retribution on Mohi for isolating his little girl from him. Mohi presumes Keertan’s goals after he agrees with KT’s stance at whatever point he arrives into inconvenience. Kushaala goes up against Priyanka and Neel subsequent to catching their discussion to isolate Mohi and little Preeti. Priyanka holds fast by expressing that she feels Mohi isn’t getting what she merits and uncovers that she has experienced two unsuccessful laborers and is just giving a valiant effort for the family. Mohi observes Kirti and little Preeti being captured and safeguards them.

Kusum says we didn’t realize we will see this day. She gets Jyoti’s call. She attempts to show her adornments to Jyoti. She says we are going to Preeti’s child’s marriage. Jyoti says don’t have a clue how is Preeti overseeing alone. Kusum says my child Sumedh and bahu Juhi are helping Preeti well since a month. Preeti accomplishes a lot of work. Jyoti says Preeti didn’t call me for kalash rasam, however welcomed me for mehendi, she didn’t agitated anybody, she is greatly esteemed. Tarun requests that Preeti see sherwani fitting. She applies dark spot to him. He says I don’t have faith in this. Juhi says mum will give you a decent shock today. Kusum comes and welcomes them.

She asks where is my child. Juhi says he is working outside. Kusum says you are making him work. Juhi says simply till marriage, then, at that point, we will be in your home. Kusum signs her little girls. She says we will have food and go. Juhi gets the kalash. Sumedh holds it. The man requests that she say the chann for Sumedh. Juhi sees Preeti. Preeti signs her. Juhi says the chann. Preeti and Juhi dance. They do the ghoomar. Kusum says each young lady knows ghoomar here, Preeti is my samdhan, in the event that I dance, her dance won’t look great. Tarun comes and says I let you know that Rati and I will have a court marriage, Rati’s wedding lahenga got torn, assuming lahenga doesn’t come, Rati will not come till the mandap. Sumedh says relax, I will do a few game plans. Tarun says you got me offended. Preeti takes him. She gives her lahenga. Tarun says Rati had purchased planner lahenga. Preeti actually takes a look at the web. She sends Tarun and join the lahenga. Juhi says Preeti is a very mum, you will know it soon, she can do anything. He says you generally acclaim mum. Rati comes and likes the lahenga. She says goodness… . Juhi asks did they like it.

Rati says a ton. Juhi says Tarun said mum is anything but a super lady. Rati says let him know that she is extraordinary, how could she get it unexpectedly early. Juhi says it’s mum’s marriage lehenga, she has made it a planner one. Rati says I will attempt it now, this is so beautiful. Her mum says I thought you are being absurd to move Preeti to your home. Rati says she is so flawless, blameless, and solid, you have seen her overseeing unthinkable circumstances, she will oversee house, I will deal with my vocation, its intense to get workers, I will deal with her well, she can’t talk. Juhi requests that Preeti accompany her. She sees a few papers. She says it implies Tarun’s marriage gift is prepared, your dazzling sonnet. Preeti prepares. Juhi says I like your sonnet a ton. She peruses the sonnet and embraces her. Kusum and girls come for the wedding. Sumedh praises her and says we will take a selfie. Preeti grins seeing Tarun and Rati. She sees the crystal fixture tumbling down. She yells Tarun and rushes to push him. Preeti asks are you fine, the crystal fixture tumbled down, you ought to have been cautious. Everybody gets stunned seeing her talking. Rati says you can talk. Juhi says indeed, she never lost her voice, she was quiet as she had a mannat for Tarun. Tarun takes a gander at Preeti.

Juhi says Preeti had sewed lehenga for Rati in 30mins, she had sewed her lips for the wellbeing of 20 years for he, Tarun ate glass when he was a child, he was unable to talk, mum had a mannat, assuming he gets his voice back, she won’t talk until he wears his sehra, she generally endured and didn’t talk of all time. She embraces Preeti. She says she generally preferred to sing and ramble, yet she got quiet after that mannat, it was the last day of her mannat, she planned to end this quietness by telling the sonnet, she talked today to save you. Sumedh says I heard a ton about moms, however, I can barely handle it, you locked your voice for quite some time. Tarun asks if the show is over or are you going to start. He blows up on Preeti. He says you think I got my voice on account of your mannat, what’s the utilization of specialists. Juhi says it’s regarding confidence, mum makes penance for youngsters. He says you did show to hush up, you realize I needed to feel offended in light of your dramatization, I went out and went to lodging as a result of you, I needed to bear a ton. Juhi contends with him. Preeti cries.



  • Rajshree Thakur/Rati Pandey as Preeti Jindal. A widow who starts Shaadi Mubarak’s wedding company with Keertan Tibrewal. Juhi, Tarun and Kirti’s mother; KT’s wife and business partner; Preeti’s foster mother; Arjun’s adoptive mother.
  • Manav Gohil as Keertan “KT” Tibrewal: Former Rajasthani film star; an RJ; Preeti’s husband and business partner; Kushala and JP’s son; Nandini’s former husband; Kirti’s father; Arjun’s adoptive father (2020–2021)


  • Rajeshwari Sachdev as Kusum Kothari: Sumedh, Pihu, Choti, Aastha’s mother. Neel and Juhi’s mother-in-law. She supports Preeti and is KT’s biggest fan. (2020-2021)
  • Shefali Singh Soni as Juhi Jindal: Preeti’s daughter, Tarun’s and Arjun’s elder sister, and Sumedh’s wife. She always supports her mother in everything. (2020–2021)
  • Barbie Sharma as Kirti Tibrewal: KT and Preeti’s daughter (2021)
  • Puvika Gupta as Junior Preeti Agarwal: Vishal and Shikha’s daughter; Preeti’s adoptive daughter (2021)
  • Sandeep Mehta as Jay Prakash “JP” Tibrewal: Sushant’s brother and Kushaala’s husband; KT’s father, Preeti’s father-in-law. He is the owner of the Tibrewal Antiques and is a successful businessman. (2020–2021)
  • Dolly Minhas as Kushaala Tibrewal: JP’s wife, KT’s mother, Preeti’s mother-in-law. She belongs to a wealthy family and is a high-society woman who judges people by their wealth and appearance. (2020–2021)
  • Manu Malik as Sushant Tibrewal: Sneha’s husband, KT’s paternal uncle, Neel’s father, and Priyanka’s father-in-law. He helps and handles the business with his elder brother JP. (2020–2021)
  • Priyamvada Singh as Sneha Tibrewal: Sushant’s wife, Neel’s mother, Priyanka’s mother-in-law, and KT’s aunt. (2020-2021)
  • Kabeer Kumar as Neel “NT” Tibrewal: KT’s cousin brother, Sneha, and Sushant’s son, Shika’s ex-fiancé, Priyanka’s husband. (2020-2021)
  • Aleya Ghosh as Priyanka “Pihu” Neel Tibrewal: Kusum’s eldest daughter, Sumedh, Aastha and Choti’s sister, Preeti and Juhi’s sister-in-law, Amit’s ex-fiancée, Neel’s wife, and Tibrewal’s younger daughter-in-law. (2020–2021)
  • Gaurav Sharmaa as Tarun Jindal: Preeti’s son; Juhi’s younger brother; Arjun’s adoptive older brother; Kirti’s half-brother, Rati’s husband. He used to lose his cool on his mother and berate her but later he realizes his mistake. (2020–2021)
  • Akansha Sareen as Rati Jindal: Tarun’s wife. She wants to make Preeti a maid to take care of Tarun’s and her house. (2020–2021)
  • Nisha Rawal as Chanda Rathore: Rati’s boss and the owner of Dream Bell Event Planning company. Wanted to ruin Preeti and KT’s wedding bureau. (2020-2021)
  • Barkha Sengupta as Nandini Chitrubal: KT’s former wife, Arjun’s former adoptive mother. She ran away with KT’s best friend and returned to his life 17 years later, using Arjun to get revenge. (2020–2021)
  • Naman Gor as Arjun “AT” Tibrewal: KT and Preeti’s adoptive son, Tarun and Juhi’s adoptive younger brother. (2020–2021)
  • Pracheen Chauhan as Vishal Agarwal: Shikha’s widower; Junior Preeti’s father. (2021)
  • Achherr Bhaardwaj as Sumedh Kothari: Kusum’s son, Pihu, Choti, Aastha’s brother, and Juhi’s husband. (2020–2021)
  • Ayushi Bhatia as Aastha Kothari: Kusum’s second daughter, Sumedh and Priyanka’s younger sister, and Juhi’s sister-in-law. (2020)
  • Trupti Mishra as Kajal “Choti” Kothari: Kusum’s third and youngest daughter, Juhi’s sister-in-law, Sumedh, Priyanka, and Aastha’s youngest sister. (2020)
  • Aashish Kaul as Mr. Nathmal: Business tycoon who chooses Dream Bell for his daughter’s wedding as KT and Preeti fail to show their presentation. (2020)
  • Vaishnavi Mahant as Mrs. Gopalani: Who wants her son’s wedding in a grandiose way and doesn’t like people who have no grooming sense so dislikes Preeti. Breaks the contract after having an argument with KT. (2020)
  • Rohit Suchanti as Aryan Mantri: Wants everything to be trendy and cool. Later decides to do a court marriage after his father’s dirty act. (2020)
  • Nasir Khan as Mr. Mantri: Aryan’s father (2020)
  • Heli Daruwala as Tiya: Dancer at Aryan’s cocktail party (2020)
  • Ashwini Shukla as Sheena: Shaadi Mubarak’s secretary. (2020–2021)
  • Neelu Vaghela as Bua: Preeti’s aunt-in-law (2020)
  • Yashodhan Bal as Fufa: Preeti’s uncle-in-law (2020)
  • Dnyanada Ramtirthkar as Phurti: A con woman who deceives people to get money. However, is a bubbly girl who dreams of going to London. Kirti’s surrogate mother. (2021)
  • Shweta Gulati is Shikha Agarwal: Vishal’s late wife. Junior Preeti’s mother. (2021)
  • Deepak Soni as Inspector Deshmukh: He helps find the kidnappers of Preeti and KT’s child. (2021)


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