Wedding Planners October Teasers 2021: In the wedding service, she abuses her promise of quiet, which she has taken for quite some time. Why?

Starlife Wedding Planners Teasers October 2021

Tuesday 19 October 2021 

Scene 1 

Preeti anxiously is planning for her child’s wedding.

Scene 2 

K.T the appealing film entertainer graces the wedding and lifts Preeti’s state of mind. While visitors are awed by K.T, Juhi is goaded by Rati’s narrow-minded choice.

Wednesday 20 October 2021 

Scene 3 

Rati makes an odd solicitation to Preeti following her Gruhapravesh. Somewhere else, K.T. ‘s family has seen some uncommon reports in the paper.

Scene 4

K.T chooses to give his mom a new almirah. He is attracted to one that was charged by Preeti. Then, at that point, Preeti faces a hopeless circumstance and contacts K.T.

Thursday 21 October 2021 

Scene 5 

Preeti is attempting to eliminate K.T. from the home before Kusum shows up. As Rati and Tarun will meet their managers, Preeti gets blamed for taking cash.

Scene 6 

KT is gone up against with a ruthless memory of his past, while Preeti chooses to stay away from Tarun or Rati for a while. In the following scene, KT makes an unfair suspicion about Preeti.

Friday 22 October 2021 

Scene 7 

K.T. figures out how to hold Preeti back from falling when she has passed out. Before very long, Preeti is bewildered when Tarun demands that she leave the home.

Scene 8 

As Kusum is hesitantly permitting Preeti remain, Piyu causes a situation at the home. Then, at that point, Juhi will not release Preeti, no paying little heed to what she requests.

Saturday 23 October 2021 

Scene 9 

At the point when Preeti isn’t anywhere near, Rati grievances to Tarun about the errands of family. In somewhere else, Preeti feels abnormal remaining at Kusum’s home.

Scene 10 

When a passionate Preeti goes to Kusum’s home, K.T. can meet Chanda at his home. Nonetheless, K.T. is stunned when Chanda endeavors to have a heartfelt connection with her.

Sunday 24 October 2021 

Scene 11 

A sad K.T. goes out, while Kusum will meet Rati just as Tarun. Afterward, K.T. is astonished by the letter.

Scene 12 

As things begin to get tense after Kusum and Preeti experience Rati, K.T. gets back to his home. Then, at that point, Preeti and Kusum get a lavish festival to check Mother’s Day.

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