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Mahek is cookery and sees Neev enjoying. Julie calls Archie and asks if work are done? Archie says yes my attorney can bail Mandhar out. Julie thanks her. Kanta comes there, she sees the paper on the ground with that Neev is enjoying. Julie ends the decision. Kanta asks what happened regarding Shaurya’s offer? Julie says we have a tendency to haven’t thought it and don’t need to speak about it, you cleared that you {just} don’t need to induce concerned in our matter therefore why care now? Kanta says I just came to relinquish halwa to Neev, Neev says thanks, aunty, Kanta says my Mahek was your mother’s age and accustomed decision me Chachi therefore you decision me grandparent, Neeb says i will be able to decision you Chachi-Nani(aunt-grandma). Julie says i will be able to send the box back later.

Archie’s attorney brings bail papers within the station. Inspector says I even have got high court’s order that Mandhar’s bail cant be. Mandhar gets angry and says I won’t keep here. law officer throws him in jail.

Archie says to the attorney that my bail request got canceled, it means that somebody knew i used to be aiming to file for bail these days and created it get canceled by the court. Archie is angry and says who will do this? Shaurya comes there and says to me. Archie is dismayed to check him there. Archie says you here? attorney leaves. Shaurya glares at her and says you won’t justify science today? that i’m running behind the illusion? Archie says I.. Shaurya shouts shut up, you vie a game with me, you cheated Maine and stony-broke my trust, I cant bear infidelity particularly from an individual whom I sure most. Archie cries and says I did this for you. Shaurya pushes her away. Arvind raises what happened? Shaurya says ask your daughter regarding it, keep one’s hands off from me otherwise you may understand why individuals don’t mess with me, he says to Archie that no matter was between us has terminated, keep one’s hands off from me and don’t attempt to get involved with me ever once more. Archie is shocked to listen to it.

Our relation is finished, Shaurya says to Archie, he leaves. Archie gets angry and says this can’t happen. She cuts her hand with glass. Arvind rushes to her and stops her, Archie says Shaurya is mine solely.

Shaurya involves Kanta and hugs her, he thanks her. Kanta says Neev told me everything regarding Archie, however she tried to assist Julie therefore Mahek wouldn’t come back to you. Shaurya sys currently Mahek has got to come back to Maine, i’ll win her over. They leave. Archie was then called after her spy heard them he tells her everything. Archie says Mahek can keep my life like the devil, its time to end her life.

Shaurya involves eating place, chefs are operating. Shaurya says to Vicky that she didn’t come? Vicky says not until currently. One cook says she sounds like Mahek, alternative says however she isn’t Mahek, initial one says why would shaurya bring her here then? Shaurya appearance at them and thinks that I created this eating place however Shaurya gave it love and brought it to life, please come. Shaurya appearance at Mahek’s mother’s pic and says i’m praying for Mahek to return here once more, please help me and bless me these days. Shaurya feels her presence after hearing heel sound, Shaurya smiles and says Mahek you came. He turns to envision Mahek getting into the eating place. He appearance away, Tu mohabbat.. tu aashiqui hai plays. Mahek is afraid and says, Mister? I came. Shaurya appearance at watch and says you’ve got no work ethics, you’re late on the primary day, air time from next time, she nods. Shaurya provides her a contract. She is confused. Shaurya says it’s written within the contract that you just can work here for one month, you’ll hear my orders, next month is annual food gala and once you sign this, you can’t leave the eating place for one month. Mahek says you’re trusting me an excessive amount of, I don’t skills to cook abundant Mr. Shaurya says i do know what i’m doing, you only sign it and decision me is sir, not mister.. she says okay Mr. I mean sir. Shaurya says to Vicky that cut her wage if she is late once more, she could have joined on completely different conditions however she is AN worker, show her room and stuff. Vicky takes Mahek away. Shaurya smiles. Mahek involves room and prays, she appearance around. She wears an apron. Shaurya smiles observing her and thinks everything unsuccessful after I tried to create you bear in mind recollections, this room is last hope wherever you would possibly bear in mind your recollections.

Archie writes Shaurya’s name on board and smears it together with her blood, she says you can’t separate me from Shaurya, initial I threw Mahek within the lake currently I will hit her with the automotive and can do 1000 items of her Neev.

Neev involves Mansi and says my Maa works therefore i need to assist too. Mansi smiles and says you welcome guests together with your smile. Neev says affirmative i’ll make love. He starts hospitable guests. Jeevan asks Kanta why you’ve got created Neev employee here? is that this your and Shaurya’s set up for Vandana? Kanta says Neev isn’t a employee, he’s our happiness package here and Vandana is functioning in white chilies therefore Neev will reside a food truck, she’s going to take him together with her once going away, ought to I send him back if you don’t like? Jeevan says no no… let him be.

Archie is writing on board with blood. Arvind asks what’s this craziness? Archie says this not craziness however love.

Mahek is functioning within the room and appears at butcher’s knife, she asks what’s this for? Vicky says it’s for cutting meat. Mahek says however i’m feeder, Vicky says you don’t need to work on the meat. Shaurya smiles at her. Shaurya gets Archie’s decision however he disconnects it.
Archie is angry and says i will be able to kill Mahek with my clean hands, i would like my Shaurya, Arvind asks her to relax, she says don’t tell me that, shaurya is mine, I want him.

Mahek is functioning within the room, she strives with one cook and plates slip. Mahek panics. Shaurya comes there. Mahek tries to line flour will however it falls down on Shaurya.. she says i’m sorry.. she slips on the flour-covered floor however Shaurya catches her, they share eye lock.. manga ye duan plays… Mahek moves faraway from him. Shaurya leaves.
Archie calls the helpline of white chilies, the waiter says Shaurya is busy. Archie says you, idiot, i will be able to destroy your life. He ends the decision. Arvind tries to prevent her however she locks his area and leaves.

One cook asks Mahek to see the consistency of the sauce, Mahek says I don’t understand what it’s, she tastes it and tries to use beater, Shaurya comes there. Mahek tries to beat sauce however it sprinkles on shaurya, he glares at her, tries to wipe it from his coat.. he holds her hand. Mahek is shocked and moves it away, she says i’m sorry man.. I mean boss. Shaury stares at her and leaves while not language something. Vicky whispers to Shaurya that I hope your experiment works before the building is destroyed, she sounds like Mahek however she doesn’t have that quality. Head cook involves Shaurya and says you aforesaid she’s going to handle everything however she is functioning thus slow and he or she doesn’t understand something. Shaurya says to Vicky that Mahek works best besieged, earlier too she gave her best besieged, he recollects cooking competition that they had earlier and smirks.

Archie is driving recklessly and says he can depart from me? wants Mahek? currently i will be able to show him.

Kanta and Shaurya talk over with Neev, Shaurya says you perceive what you have got to do? Neev says i will be able to pull it off. Kanta says can you be able to act? Neev says affirmative however i might would like gol gappas, Shaurya says i will be able to get plenty for you, he hugs him and smiles.

Mahek is working within the room and tries to fold piece of material as per standards, she says its simply towel, there’s no got to create styles with it. She tries to fold it nicely however fails, she appearance around embarrassed.

Kanta asks Neev to starts acting. Neev screams i need to meet Maa.. please. Mahek hears him from the building. Shaurya won’t you allow him meet her for minutes? Kante said, Shaurya says I actually have rules within the building, he cants meet her in operating hours. Mahek comes there, Shaurya asks her to travel back, Mahek says can’t you see he’s a child and crying, let me see him for minutes. Shaurya says I ought to send all back to home. Shaurya says to Mahek that you just cant meet Neev throughout operating hours, rules are constant for everybody. Mahek says if I cant see Neev then I don’t need to try to to this job. Shaurya says I ought to have familiar that you just middle-class individuals will solely add house’s kitchens. Mahek looks like she had detected that taunt before, Shaurya says in line with contract you signed, you can’t leave this job, you have got to serve one month otherwise Mandhar can rot in jail forever.

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