Wednesday update on Geet 25 march 2020 starlife


Geet 25 march 2020; Maneet are walking in the alley ..their hands bound to each other by the thread that was tied by Dadi..!! Geet 25 march update. Both are lost in each other..!! They arrive near the entrance of the Room and Geet comes back to reality and says… ‘Maan what is this new drama?? Why are u tailing me..Even u have to get ready right??’ MSK grins and Geet says…’Well..if ur up for some new mischief then let me remind u that Dadi told in front of u that we both need to get ready and go down fast as Panditji has come… so now u go. .and i have to go and get ready as well!!’  Geet tries to walk ahead…n is pulled by the thread which is tying her n MSKs hand together..!! MSK says… ‘This is nice…u urself are moving around tied with me…and now u urself is asking to go away?’ Geet looks around and then pulls MSK with her inside the room (Outhouse -Geets room) !! MSK says…’Geet?’  Geet says..’Look..u better open this knot and hurry out!’  MSK says..’Ok’ and starts to work on the knot..trying to complicate it further Geet wednesday 25th march 2020 update  Geet sees and says…’What are. u..doing?? Again??’ MSK says… ‘What did i do?’  Geet says…’I can see very well..what u are doing! Instead of untying the knot..ur complicating it further…!!’

MSK says…’This is heights..!! First you yourself are not able to open this knot..and now blaming me??’  Geet says…’Maan please dun play mischief…please open this knot fast…!! Dadi will send someone to fetch us…!!’ MSK says..’Geet..if this is not opening..then what can i do?’  Geet says…’If you try only then it will open!!’  Geet tries to open.. but MSK  holds her hand and stops her..and says..’Whats the hurry Geet? Let it be! Let me be near you for a while!’  Geet says…’No way.. we dont have any time…! Also..i have to change! Maan hurry up!!’  MSK holds her hand more tightly and says…’U have to change (Geet nods) .. Then change right here!! I dun mind!!’
Geet says… Geet wednesday 25th march 2020 update ‘Maan..everytime a new mischief comes to ur mind! If we dont reach downstairs in time..Dadima will get angry!!’  MSK says..’Well.. if ur getting late..then ..go ahead open it…but i m not going to open it !!’  Geet says..’So ur challenging me?’  MSK says…’ Well u can think that!’ Geet says..’Ok…now leave my hand’ Geet lifts the tied hands and starts to use her teeth to undo the knots..!! MSK admiring her…n Maneet steal a glance before..Geet feels shy and leaves the thread..!! Maneet stare at each other!! Geet quickly removes the thread!! MSK shocked..!!
Geet looks away and says…’For one.. u r not helping me… n on top of it…why are u looking at me like that??’ MSK says…’Its not my fault…Its all your fault..!!’  Geet says..’Mine? This is nice…’      Dadi comes…and Maneet look embarassed and start looking sideways..!! Dadi says…’Children…in a while both of you are going to get married..! Now no longer do u need to meet secretly…nor do u need to blush when anyone comes..!! Very soon..both of u are going to be husband-wife ..legally!!’ Maneet glance at each other..!!  Dadi looks at Geet and says…’What is this..i sent u long back…and you havent changed yet?? What if the Muhurat of the wedding goes off??’ Geet starts to explain…’Dadima… Geet wednesday 25th march 2020 actually all this is his fault…i m telling him since long ..but he doesnt even listen to me!!’  MSK interrupts Geet and says…’No Geet… actually the thing is Dadima.. Geet is looking very beautiful in these clothes i had suggested that why does Geet need to change her clothes! Why not wear this only! Thats why we din change..’ (stops after realising what he said..) and says…’thats why she din change..!!’  Dadi says…’Oh so thats the thing! (Looking at MSK) So Maan…. Geet said that…you are looking very good in these clothes and so u din change?? Well then….you dun need to change anymore..!! ‘ Dadi looks at Maneet and says…’The muhurat for the wedding is passing by…please get ready fast and come down!’ Dadi leaves and pulls MSK along…!! Maneet keep looking at each other..!!
Arjun lights up the candles on the center table n smiles at Anne…!! Arjun says..’After the Jaymala..our wedding is complete. Now i will make each and every promise to you …after which we will become one forever and no one will be able to separate us!’ Arjun extends his hand and Anne gives her hand in Arjuns.. *wedding vows in bg*  Arjun and Anne taking Pheras around the candle lit table and Arjun says…’This moment… this environment….this fire…are all witness to my promise …that i m going to make to you!! From today…..right this moment… Geet wednesday 25 march 2020 update your every happiness, sadness… i shall be with you in good and bad times..!! My life shall begin with you and end with you! I shall face every trouble coming on you or me! My every breath…every heartbeat …every thot shall be only and only yours..Anwesha! Till yesterday…our union was a dream …but today it is a reality!’ Anne -Arjun hug!! 
MSK arrives at the mandap for the wedding with Dadi..!!  A guest gets up and showers money on MSK
(a wedding custom) !! Another lady.. gets up and blesses MSK!!  MSK removes his shoes..n Pinky notices..and tells her band of girls…’MSK has taken off his hurry!!’ Pinky steals the shoes and as she is about to run… Romeo notices and says… Geet 25 march 2020 update  ‘Excuse me ..we are not gonna let go of our Grooms shoes so easily…so keep trying !! Best of luck!!’ (Takes the shoes from Pinky and puts it where it was..!!)   Pinky grumbles…’Well…wont let them win…and we will only steal the shoes.’ Pinky wonders where Tasha is….and  says…’That whenever any work is given to her…she runs off to get a touch up done….!! Come lets hurry..and find her out!!’  
MSK.. Dadi… Adi and 3 Bandars at the mandap…!! Pinky comes and calls Adi .. Adi hesitates ..but Romeo sends him forcibly…!! Pinky flirtingly tells Adi…’Adi…since it was the wedding today…you were so busy that u din even notice me..!! U din even tell i was looking’ (Adi stares) Pinky takes a twirl and says…’Tell am i looking’ Adi lost in staring at Pinky and Pinky smartly takes the packet from his hand (which has MSKs shoes) and runs off..!! Adi keeps staring like a lovestruck puppy..!!
Manisha/ Romeo come and exclaim ‘ Oh my god she took it and left!!’ Geet 25 march 2020 
wednesdayupdate Adi says…’Yes she left…’ Romeo says..’Oh loverboy… she left with the shoes!’  Adi ..shocked!!
Arjun-Anne break from the hug…!! Suddenly they hear footsteps and hide behind some cartons..!! Well its Tasha and Pinky ..who come to hide the packet which has the shoes and leave!! Anne-Arjun eyelock and both start getting romantic..!! Arjun touches Annes lips…and touches her face…and removes the Jaymala from her neck n then his own neck…*Sajna Ve in bg*  Arjun holds Annes shoulder…she turns around..and Arjun kisses her ear…and then neck..!! Anne turns back around and Arjun sets her hair from her face..and kisses her..!! Arjun makes Anne lie down on the bed and removes her earings..!! He then kisses her FEET !! Geet wednesday 25 march He comes near Anne..and she has tears of happiness in her eyes and Arjun squezes her hand..and the screen blurs…!! .
Geet arrives at the Mandap…!! Dadi goes to bring her…!! MSK sees her and smiles..!! Geet sits next to MSK !! Pandit ji starts chanting the mantras..!! MSK says to Geet..’So u listened to me finally!!’ geet starlife daily updates Geet says…’Ofcourse…after all on the day of the wedding… atleast something should b as per ur wish …!!’ Maneet smile at each other..!! Both are shown offering to the wedding fire!! All are shown admiring Maneet and smiling… !!
Part 2
Anne comes and asks Manisha ‘Have you seen Arjun?’  Manisha says…’First you tell us..where were u?? This is not done..!! We were looking for you for so long..but there was no news of u..!!’ Anne says..’Well had some work to take care of with the caterers..!!’ geet wednesday 25th mrch 2020 starlife Manisha says..’Now go…Dadi was searching for you! Go to her..!!’  Panditji is chanting the mantras…. Anne goes and sits near Dadi..!! During the rituals.. Maneet keep glancing and smiling at each other..!! Daarji shown in the wedding venue.. walking towards the Mandap..!! 
Panditji says…’Call the Brides parents for Kanyadaan!!’ Everyone falls silent…Maneet look at each other..! Panditji.. says…’Muhurat is passing by.. please call the brides parents for Kanyadaan’ All are silent..and worried..! Pinky says…’Poor who will do her Kanyadaan?’  Dadi says…’Panditji…i will do the Kanyadaan’ !! All are happy and smile..!! Geet looks at MSK and both smile..!! Dadi extends her hand..and as Panditji is about to start… Daarji comes and says..’Stop’ ! Geet shocked to see Daarji  n holds MSKs hand…saying ‘Maan’ !! Everyone stares …surprised!
Part 3
Geet tells MSK to stop Daarji..or he will take her with him…..!! Geet looks scared..and keeps pleading to MSK..who looks on …as Darji keeps approaching….closer to the Mandaap and Maneet!!!!!!!


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