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The Episode begins with goons exploit. Amba and Mannu cry seeing Jai and rush to carry him. Amba tears her dupatta. She ties her dupatta to his wound.

Mannu says I’ll get doctor. Jai stops him. Jai falls down. Mannu says I won’t let something happen to you. He asks Amba to carry him. Jai apologizes to Amba. Jai says its final modification, let me say, you modified my life’s that means, who was I until currently, you told me that I will become your dad. Amba cries.

Jai asks Mannu to vow that he won’t let tears are available in Amba’s eyes. Mannu guarantees. Mohini asks the goons what happened. The goons run away. Mohini gets appalled seeing Jai injured and shouts Jai. She cries. Mannu shouts no, and stops Mohini. He warns Mohini and says his state is attributable to you. Jai sees Amba, whereas she holds him. Mannu beats Mohini. Mohini says move off my means, if something happens to my Jai. Jai stops Mohini and says you can’t even bit me. Mohini says hear me, I even have sent goons for Mannu, not you, i will be able to take you from here, come.

Jai asks her to travel and pushes her. Mannu runs to Jai. Jai asks Mannu to create positive that Mohini doesn’t bit even his natural object. Mohini says no, you can’t die Jai, however can I live while not you. Jai says that’s why i would like to die, so you learn to measure while not me, this is often your penalty. Jai wipes Mannu’s tears.

Jai says I couldn’t grasp whether or not Amba was aiming to tell me affirmative or no. He appearance at Amba. He sees Amba and remembers their Lohri moments. Jai falls dead. Amba, Mannu and Mohini get aghast. They cry. Gunjan shows bridal dress to Simran. She says mummy can look sensible during this. Simran says affirmative. Gunjan says we tend to all are happy.
Amba comes home and washes her blood stained hands. They get aghast. Jai’s natural object is brought home.

Amba remembers Charan’s death. all of them cry. Mohini comes there. all of them stop her. Harjeet gets news that Raman is activity in village. He asks his men to search out Raman, inspector told him Raman is activity here, i will be able to check Pavaniya’s house. Swaroop hears him and thinks to try and do one thing. She says i will be able to come back on. Harjeet asks her to come back. Jagan says currently can we tend to do final rites of frauds, we tend to had to visualize today in new Shah’s rule. Mannu says don’t forget, Bebe’s death news came out attributable to Jai, simply Mohini was fraud here. Mohini comes and begs to Jagan to let her meet Jai. Jagan kicks her. Mohini asks Amba to let her see Jai once. Mannu says Jai failed to would like you to the touch him.

Mohini angrily holds Mannu’s collar. Amba stops Mohini and pushes her down. Mohini says you may regret tons, this is often my promise, you were aiming to die instead Jai, I failed to kill Jai, you all killed Jai, you may regret to be alive. Mohini threatens to ruin them.

Mohini crying seeing Jai. She goes. Harjeet and Swaroop come back there to search out Raman. Jagan asks what ar you doing here. Mohini stops and sees them. Harjeet says my son Raman is missing, we tend to came to search out him, we’ve to look your house. Jagan laughs and taunts Harjeet. Harjeet says you can’t do something to me. Jagan and Harjeet argue. Simran worries.

Amba stops them. Harjeet says i will be able to check the house. Jagan asks is that this your dad’s property. Mannu cries and asks Swaroop to go away, somebody died in our house. Swaroop asks Harjeet to come back. They leave. Mohini appearance on. Jagan shouts. Simran runs within the house. She goes to Raman. She hugs him and cries. Raman says I m going, i will be able to come. They cry. a person shows Raman’s pic to Mohini and asks her.

She says I failed to see him. She turns and sees Raman exploit from Pavaniya house. Mohini stops Raman and says Harjeet’s men ar everyplace, you’ll be able to tell me, Mannu has sent me to prevent you, Mannu aforesaid before Harjeet finds you, he needs to keep you at sensible place, you were activity here right, you probably did right, go and conceal within, Mannu can manage.

Mohini says i will be able to maintain my promise, Mannu your destruction started. Simran asks Raman however did you come back. Raman says a lady met me outside, she is aware of concerning us, she asked me to not withdraw, therefore I came back here. She asks who. They hear sound. Jagan comes there. Raman hides. Jagan asks Simran with whom was she talking. She says nobody, I came to urge rice from storage room.

Jagan says I detected a guy’s voice. She says no, I m alone, there’s nobody here. He says sound was coming back from here. He checks. She gets finite. He leaves. Simran sees Raman. Raman says Jagan got a doubt, what to try and do currently. Simran says we’ve to speak to Mannu, he can grasp a way. Mannu cries and tells dominion concerning Jai. dominion pacifies Mannu. dominion says once we become older, we’ll get a gorgeous lady, who can love us tons, if you were lady instead a boy, then i might have married you, we’d haven’t waited for somebody, you’re my ally and none might love me such as you, laugh now.

Mannu smiles and hugs raj. Mannu asks concerning Raman. raj says no, I m afraid, Harjeet is finding Raman, we tend to shall get back. Simran stops Mannu and says Raman… Mannu asks what happened to Raman. Raman hears Jagan and hides once more.

Jagan says i will be able to notice the rat. He hears some sound. He appearance around. Raman hides. Jagan goes his approach. Jagan hears sound and goes. He finds Mannu there. Raman sees Mannu. Mannu says i used to be keeping rat mesh, there are several rats here, why did you come back here. Jagan says I detected somebody. Mannu says perhaps I aforementioned one thing, it was me. Jagan leaves. Mannu asks Raman to come back out. He says its risky to be here, Simran’s move was dangerous. Simran asks would I leave Raman to die, once he came here, he was injured , he came here to meet me, he knew i will be able to defend him, as a result of i like him a lot. Mannu gets afraid. Raman hugs Simran.

Mannu thinks nobody can settle for their love, their relation will produce additional enmity between 2 families, what is going to happen currently.

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