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The Evil Eye 6 January 2021: Piya looks around in jungle and finds something emerging from mud, she is stunned. Piya sees a house emerging and says how did it come here? She starts moving towards it.
Mohana says to family that if anything happens to Ansh then I wont spare anyone. Vedsheree says then love him, dont use him. Mohana says he is davansh, he cant remain happy with Piya. Vedsheree says he has human heart. Mohana says evil will pull him. Vedsheree says devik will pull him towards good, he will marry Piya at any cost.

Naman comes to his washroom and finds Ruby in tub. He lusts over her. He says I am able to handle you. Ruby says you have to do my work, fool Piya. Naman says you know how much they beat me, my body doesnt have power, please give me strength. Ruby shows her cut-off braid to him and says it has a lot of power. Ruby asks him to go to Piya with this braid.

Ansh comes to jungle and says where is Piya? he says firefly and remembers how it brought him to Piya before too. He asks firefly to take him to Piya, firefly starts flying.
Piya enters house and hears someone calling her.

Mohana is about to fall but Ruby holds her and says now you know witch without powers? Mohana says its not time to joke, Ansh has gone behind her, Piya will search for her mother and go to a house but if Ansh stops her then.. they will become one and we wont be able to stop them. Ruby says dont worry, Ansh wont be able to stop Piya as I have sent him.. Ruby turns and says what are you doing here? I sent you behind Piya, Naman says I thought to meet witch before leaving.

Piya is in house and looks around for her mother. She hears Divya’s voice and sees a parrot.. she says maa and starts going to her. Piya suddenly gets surrounded by water.

All family members see Naman, Avi says you want to go in jail? Vedsheree says why are you here? Naman says you people beat me so much, I have to take revenge. Avi says if you dont leave then it will more bad this time. Ruby asks him to leave. Naman says I am not your servant, he says to Vedsheree that you promised to make me marry Piya, she snatched my Piya from me, I have to take revenge from her. He is about to go to her but Mohana comes infront and says you have to face me before going to my sister. Naman says you cant do anything, you are powerless.. your junior witch Ruby told me that, he pushes her away but Vedsheree holds her. Naman tries to attack Vedsheree but Shekhar and Avi stops him. Avi points gun at him.

Piya cries for help. Ansh hears it and looks around.
Piya is getting surrounded by water and cries. Ansh hears her earrings rhythm and says where is she? Piya cries help. Ansh looks around and finds a dagger, he stabs himself and jumps infront of house.

Avi asks Naman to leave. Naman says shoot if you can, you cant shoot an innocent person but I have a weapon, he sows him sharp knife.

Sushant is looking for his weapon and says Saanvi cant to it. Priest comes there. Sushant says I am scared that Saanvi has gone to take revenge, I am worried for her, she cant face a witch. Priest says she wont do anything which is not in her favor.

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