Some time ago in the Southern Chinese city of Guancheng, there lived four families, every one of them dependable manager of hand-to-hand fighting. Any individual who needed to lay out another group, or another type of kung fu, needed to battle his direction through the family’s doors. In any case, when Liang Henlu demands a rivalry, he is dismissed and driven away, his unusual new weapon confused with a Japanese blade and in this manner taboo by idealist Chinese experts as an unfamiliar battling gadget. Liang is taken for a Japanese privateer and compelled to conceal in a boat loaded up with vagabond artists. After a progression of battles demonstrates Liang’s blade strong, the Guancheng aces begin to scrutinize their presumptions with respect to the weapon’s starting points. They at long last perceive that it is, in all honesty, the renowned blade called ‘Made in China’ (demonstrated on a Japanese weapon), which the observed General Qi utilized in his great loss of the Japanese attack.

Runtime: 108 mins

Release Date: 16 Aug 2011

Starcast: Yang Song, Cheng-Hui Yu, Yuanyuan Zhao,

Director(s): Haofeng Xu

Genre: Action

Tags: kung fu, martial arts



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