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Young Dreams 19 February 2021: Young Dreams update Friday 19th February 2021, Rachana receives a birthday card with the photos of her surprise party that Kabir threw for her. She wonders who took the trouble to send photos along with the card and left the card at the doorstep. She thinks its weird that the person did not even wish personally and leaves. Mayank tells Gunjan about applying for a loan from his office and discussing it with Natulal. Seema listens to this and is shocked. She asks who this is and Mayank lies saying its a contractor that he has to meet. Seema says that she is going to the temple as she made a wish and it was fulfilled. Gunjan asks what was her wish. Seema says that they are freed from Charu. She asks Gunjan to follow her but Gunjan is hesistant and says she has college. Seema says can’t she follow for Mayank’s sake and says that she can go to college after they visit the temple.

Gunjan agrees and tells Mayank she will see him once she returns. Rachana is walking and feels someone is following her. She turns and sees no one. Her friend calls out to her and says that she will be shocked once she sees it. Rachana wonders what it could be. The friend drags her and she sees a message wishing her Happy Birthday on the blackboard. Her friends tease her asking who is it. But Rachana says she has no idea who it is. Rachana erases the wish from the board. Seema tells Gunjan she forgot to bring coconut. She says she will get one in the market. She tells Gunjan to wait in the auto while she gets it.

Part 2

Young Dreams 19 February 2021 Meanwhile a car knocks a cyclist and the cyclist starts arguing with the driver when Natulal dressed as a cop gets down from the car and starts shouting at the cyclist and slaps him. Vidhi is also in the car and is angry at Natulal for getting involved and creating unecessary drama. Gunjan hears the argument and gets down from the auto. She can’t really see properly. Natulal starts beating the cyclist. Vidhi gets down from the car with her sunglasses on and breaks up the fight and disperses the crowd.

Young Dreams 19 February 2021 Gunjan realises it both of them and wonders what are they doing there dressed up like cops. She decides to call out to them but stops realising they will know she saw them. Gunjan gets into the auto and tells the driver to follow their car at a distance. Seema returns and does not find Gunjan and wonders where is she. Rachana is walking and again feels someone following her. She bumps into Kabir who offers her a lift. Rachana is lost in her thoughts about the stalker and Kabir thinks she feels awkward after the birthday dance. He tells her to follow him if she wants to be on time to work and she gets on.

Part 3

Gunjan tells the auto to stop and she sees Vidhi, Natutlal and Madhav. Vidhi tells them to act properly and leave the rest to her. The are walking towards a house and Madhav is holding a briefcase. Sangeetha is trying to get Dholu to study for his exams and he promotes DID lil Masters. Seema reaches home and calls out to Gunjan. Seema tells Shail that Gunjan disappeared and Shail says not to worry that she will be back. Mayank asks Seema where is Gunjan and she tells that Gunjan disappeared but she should have at least informed. Mayank worries wondering where she has gone. Seema asks him where would she go and Mayank says she said she will be back. He tries calling her but can’t get through and Seema says even she tried but couldn’t. Vidhi rings the doorbell of the house and a man comes and opens it. She says that they have a search warrant to search his house. She asks Natulal to show it to the man.

Part 4

Young Dreams 19 February 2021 Gunjan thinks that her first suspicion was right and they are all imposters trying to frame Mayank. The man asks what crime did he do that they want to search his house. Madhav says that he is an income tax officer and that they found out he has hidden a lot of black money in his luxurious house. Madhav says its an income tax raid. Vidhi tells the man to let them search his house and stopping them from doing so is an offence. The man denies having such money in his house. They start raiding his house and Gunjan watches in dismay.

Young Dreams 19 February 2021 They eventually find the money under the mattress and take all of it. The man begs them but Vidhi says to take it to the department and leaves. Gunjan says they are thugs for sure and they have made Mayank’s life like hell. Gunjan says she won’t leave them. Gunjan follows them. Vidhi realises someone is following them and Gunjan hides. Natulal then asks Madhav to look. He does and says no one is there and they shouldn’t worry as they have the money. They walk away when Gunjan’s phone rings. They turn to look from where the sound is coming from. Gunjan is scared.


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