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Young Dreams 26 February 2021: KT hands over the termination letter to Rachna and tells her to get out, there is no need to come here again after today. Rachna looks at him with a shock. He shouts “get out”. Rachna starts crying. She tells him that he can’t do this. He says he did it already. She says after she said the truth, he can’t remove her. KT says he doesn’t want to listen anything more and tells Rachna good bye. He starts working. Sonal smiles. Rachna looks at her and then goes to KT. She says him it’s not her mistake. KT says, it’s Sonal’s mistake right? Rachna says yes. He asks for the proof and after that he won’t say anything to her. She says she doesn’t have any proof. Sonal smiles again. KT says accuses are many, but no proof. He tells her only to come to him when she has any proof. Rachna leaves crying. She looks at Dadi who ignores her as well.

Gargs are wondering what’s wrong with Pihu when her husband, Murali, comes there. He too looks upset. They offer him breakfast, but he doesn’t eat anything and says he only wants to talk to Pihu. In room, Pihu tells Shayl to ask Murali to leave, else she will leave the house. Rachna’s dad tries to know from Murali what’s wrong between the two, but he doesn’t say it either. Shayl comes and she stops Sangeeta from going to Pihu saying she’s not at home. Murali tells them to call him when she’s here and try to make her talk to him. He leaves. Rachna’s dad asks Shayl what’s going on. Pihu comes out and everyone is shocked. Her dad tells her if she doesn’t say anything, then how they will help her. She says she wants divorce and doesn’t want to say anything more than that. She goes back to her room. Shayl says she will talk to her.

Young Dreams update Friday 26 February 2021

Rachna says everything is finish. She can’t expose Sonal. She then sees something and smiles.

Shayl talks to Pihu and finds out that Murali gives her no time, she has to work from morning till night and she is not happy in that house. She says she won’t go back to that house and if they have problem with her staying in this house, then she will leave this house too. Shayl hugs and comforts her. She says she is their dear daughter and she can stay there.

KT is shocked to see Rachna back. He asks her what she’s doing there. She says she came to do her work. He says but he fired her already. Rachna says he just handed her the termination letter, but she didn’t accept it. There are terms and conditions, he just can’t fire her like that. She in her mind apologizes to KT for talking like this.

Seema and Gunjan talk about some women power in political elections and promote some group.

KT asks Rachna to leave. She says she won’t. She has worked hard, contributed to this company, gave her time, so he just can’t fire her like that. He says, so you want credit now huh? Reason to fire you is I don’t like you. He asks her how she got so much confidence all of a sudden. She says it was always here, he’s seeing it now and if he won’t allow her to work, then she will complain to some employee group and whole world will know how KT behaves with his employees. He says he doesn’t care. No matter what, he doesn’t want her here. Dadi comes and asks both what’s going on. She signs Rachna to calm down. Rachna recalls her meeting to Dadi and asking her for help and Dadi agreeing saying it’s not because she trusts Rachna, but because she doesn’t like Sonal. She is not fit for KT at all. If Rachna is proved right, then Sonal will have to leave KT forever.

Young Dreams update Friday 26 February 2021

Dadi convinces KT to let Rachna work. KT says fine, but only till fashion show work, after that he doesn’t want to see her face. Rachna agrees. Sonal hears it and is shocked. She tries to make KT say no, but he says it’s just a matter of week. Him and Dadi leave. Rachna stares at Sonal.

Gargs are discussing about Pihu. Gunjan informs them that Pihu is not opening door. Shayl is afraid if they force her, then she may do something wrong. Her dad says they just can’t sit like that. He goes to her room.

Sonal warns Rachna that she won’t let her stay for even 2 days. Rachna says it will be her who will have to leave within a week, so it’s better if she thinks about herself first.

Gargs talk to Murali to tell them what’s wrong and then they all can find solution together. Rachna enters and gestures Gunjan everything is okay on her side. Murali says he tried, but Pihu is just not listening. It’s been 3 years, but she still wants her honeymoon to go on, keeps calling in office and says wants to go out. And after returning from office, if he talks to his mum, then she gets upset. He complains more. Pihu’s dad says if matter has reached to this level, then they will need to sit and solve it. Shayl asks Gunjan to call Pihu. Rachna also goes with her. Gunjan asks her about her job, but she says first they have to solve Pihu’s problem. They don’t find Pihu in the room and are shocked to see broken window. They wonder what they will say to Murali. Murali is coming to the room as well. Rachna and Gunjan find a note, but before they read, Murali comes and takes it from them. He reads in front of that in which Pihu writes, I can’t go back to that house, it’s like a hell for me. I am burden to you all, and I have decided to leave from here too. Sorry if I hurt anyone.

Murali says he came to solve the matter as Pihu’s dad asked him, but if she doesn’t want to go back, then that’s it. He leaves frustrated. Pihu’s dad breaks down.

Pihu’s dad is angry over her. He says she got such a good family and Murali is also so good, but she just doesn’t understand. And they can’t do anything either. Mayank calms him down and says him and Gunjan will go and find Pihu. Phone rings. Pihu’s friend tells Shayl that she is at her home and is very upset. Shayl tells her not to tell her anything and she leaves to go there with Mayank and Gunjan.

Young Dreams update Friday 26 February 2021

They return with Pihu. Seema lectures Pihu that everyone was so worried and Murali was so upset. Shayl speaks in Pihu’s favor that there must be a reason behind what she did. Pihu’s dad is shocked.


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