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Young Dreams 5 February 2021: Young Dreams update Friday 5th February 2021, charu messages Mayank to meet him at 6:30 in the suhagraat room. Mayank takes the mobile from vikram and reads the message in his mobile. Vikram gets ready and gunjan and rachna compliment him and gunjan teases vikram and tells him to come with her and see the suhagraat room. Shail asks her not to tease him and tells the girls to keep quiet and tells vikram to wait in the room till she comes and calls him. Gunjan goes in charu’s room and tells seema to go and eat something and she will tell dholu to wait. Seema agrees and goes and dholu sits there. Charu thinks of something and tells dholu that she is going to the washroom and he asks her to come fast and not to run away. Charu is about to shout but she controls her anger and says that she will come fast. She goes in the washroom and runs away from the window and somehow manages to go to the room.

Mayank also gets ready and says that charu wanted to see him in the groom’s dress so she will see him but after that she will be exposed and he will make everyone know what she is. He also wears the groom’s dress and gets ready and goes. Gunjan goes and calls vikram for the rituals and Mayank is also going from there and he sees them and hides and gunjan and vikram go from there but from the other way. Charu is going to the room and sees rachna going in the same room so she hides and waits for rachna to go. After rachna goes she goes in the room and says to herself that she is feeling that she is in heaven and her god Mayank will come soon and complete her wish and be hers and from there onwards a new love story will start. She dances on the song ang laga de re from ram leela, seducing her own self. Gunjan and vikram are going and gunjan says to vikram that he should see the suhagraat’s room and he says what if shail comes to know about it. So she says that no one will come to know and they leave to see the room. He and gunjan stand outside and are about to go but rachna calls him and she asks him to wait and goes and meets rachna and she tells gunjan to get vikram down as shail is calling him. Gunjan says that they are coming and goes to vikram and tells him that shail and others are waiting so they shall see the room later. Vikram goes down with gunjan and sits for the rituals.

Young Dreams 5 February 2021 update: Mayank goes in the room and charu asks him to come ahead and she says that she was waiting for this moment from long time and says that today is the day when they will get together and no one will be able to stop them from getting together. She then removes her jewellery and hugs him and says that she was waiting for this day from long. Then Mayank also hugs her back and she feels it. The screen freezes on charu’s happy face.

vikram asking where mitthu is and prabhu asks him to wait as she will come. The priest asks shail to get the bride and she agrees and is going but rachna stops her for some work and gunjan tells shail that she will get charu. Gunjan goes in her room and asks dholu where is charu and he tells her that she is in the washroom. She waits and then shail comes after sometime and shail comes and ask her where is charu so she tells her. She then finds something fishy and both shail and gunjan break the door and find that charu is not there. They get shocked. Charu on the other hand tells mayank to kiss her and she was waiting for this day from long time so that they should get together and today this day has come and she wants to live this moment and today she will get him back. He goes near to her and charu closes her eyes and she says mayank to kiss her. This shocks the person under the sehra and he stops. She again says mayank to kiss her and she then opens her eyes and opens the sehra and sees vikram and gets shocked to see him. She then breaks all the things around her and asks vikram angrily that where her mayank is and why he did some here and how can mayank play a game with her and how can he betray her. She starts shouting and it hearable till the mandap and all people hear her shouting.

Young Dreams 5 February 2021 update: She goes running down and starts shouting where mayank is. Shail comes and asks her what has happened and charu asks where her mayank is. Charu sees someone in the groom’s dress and says that how can vikram be here in two places and shouts mayank to come out. The person standing in the mandap opens his sehra and everyone excluding gunjan gets shocked to see mayank. Then charu in her anger and frustration spills out her whole plan. She tells mayank that now she will show the pictures to gunjan and he will be exposed. Then gunjan shows her the pictures and asks her whether she is going to show theses pictures. Charu gets shocked as to how gunjan knows this. Gunjan tells her that mayank has told her everything and mayank and she made a plan and trapped her only in her plan. Shail gets shocked to hear everything and feels guilty about giving one more chance to a girl like charu and slaps charu hard.

She asks her why did she do like this with vikram and should have at least thought about vikram. Charu says that she did this to get her mayank back and she just used vikram to get back to her mayank as he was the only person through whom she could get back to mayank and this house. Shail gets angry. Then charu tells mayank to come with her as he is yet her husband and she had made fake signatures on the divorce papers. Shail and others get shocked. Then gunjan tells her that if she remembers that she had taken her signatures on some papers saying that those were delivery slip papers but those were the divorce papers. Charu gets shocked that her plan has failed and gets angry. The screen freezes on charu’s shocked face.


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