Young Dreams update Monday 1 March 2021 Zee world


Young Dreams 1 March 2021: Rachna says she’ll face KT. KT sitting in the workshop thinks that he does not understand Rachna. First she apologizes and then spoils the entire thing. He will have to make the design once again. He sets for work on it. There Rachna is also preparing the design. KT prepares a draft and thinks this was not the original design. Rachna calls the tailor and tells him she is reaching in 15 min and they have only 1 hour to complete the work. Pihu thinks ‘What a big designer! Did not let me sleep for the whole night’. Rachna meets Gunjan in her way and tells her she’ll talk to her sometime later. Gunjan asks what the matter is. Rachna tells her how Sonal did something yester night for which KT holds her responsible. Gunjan encourages her to teach the right lesson. Rachna leaves. Pihu comes in front of Gunjan. She remembers how Shail had said to leave her daughter alone. She leaves without saying anything to Pihu.

Pihu gets a text message. It said Good Morning. She wonders who it was. Then another text message arrives saying ‘Did you recognize madam? ’ Pihu gets happy and thinks how sweet he is, made my day by sending wishes in the morning. Another message from him read ‘Read the newspaper, there is a surprise for you in it.’ She gets excited Surprise in the newspaper!

Young Dreams update Monday 1 March 2021 Zee world

In the workshop Rachna is fittning the dress on dummy. KT comes from behind and asks how dare she come here. He asks what is it that she wants to spoil now. And it’s not her home that she’ll come whenever she’ll like and leave whenever she’d want. He tells her to leave. As she goes away he sees the dummy wearing the exact design he ordered initially. He exclaims Wow! Out of the world! It better than what I designed! Amazing! He turns around to see Rachna who was standing there. He asked how she managed it in one night. She said she was his assistant. How she could see his reputation going down. Rachna said she must leave now. KT tells her to stop and says sorry. Rachna says this had turned to a design to. First he takes her wrong, then says sorry. She tells him if this happens again she will truly leave. Their journey together was already a week long now, after that she’ll leave the job. She goes inside. He picks up the paper he made the design on.

Pihu goes out to see the newspaper. There was a rose wrapped in it. She thinks that Vicky is so sweet, knew what she wanted in only a day, and there is Murli who couldn’t give her a cauli-flower in so many years of marriage. Baugi comes asking for newspaper. She ran inside and handed him over the paper. He tells her that she shoul also read newspaper as election is near. She was going inside holding the flower when she comes across Gunjan. She runs inside the room hiding the flower at her back. Gunjan thinks there must be something wrong.

Young Dreams update Monday 1 March 2021 Zee world

Pihu was going out all dressed-up. Sangeeta , Seema and Gunjan sees her. She tells Shail that she was going for acting classes, Shail greets her good-bye. Seema thinks why she over-looked the way Pihu was dressed. Gunjan offers that she will drop her to acting classes while going for college. Pihu leaves without saying anything. Shail calls Gunjan to come inside and listen to her. Pihu comes out and thinks Thanks God mummy stopped Gunjan from coming along. She waved for a rickshaw but it din’t stop. Soon there came a guy on bike, wearing helmet. She starts walking along the road when he stops the bike in his front, takes off the helment and greets her. It was Vicky. He offers her the lift . She denies by saying that it was her meighbourhood and everyone recognizes her. He said they’ll get late for class. She agrees and sits with him on bike. Gunjan sees this while coming out of the house.

Sonal wakes up thinking that Rachna will have no other option than to back up now. Someone knocks on the door. It was Rachna. She says Good morning to her and gives her the green tea that she brought for her. She thanked her to make her able to say sorry to KT by spoiling the designing. Sonal warned that she will not allow any of her schemes to be successful. Rachna says she also thinks the same. She tells her that she will reveal her real face to KT in a few days. She also likes KT and Sonal will have to leave him.


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