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Young Dreams 22 February 2021: Young Dreams update Monday 22nd February 2021, Rachna feels cold and sleepy while KT is fixing the car. After he finishes fixing it, Rachna asks him if she can sleep in the back seat. KT says okay. They arrive at Rachna’s house and Rachna is sleeping. KT gets off the car to wake her up. Rachna loses her balance when she comes out and KT holds her with her shoulder. Rachna feels uncomfortable. She moves away his hands. She then thanks him and leaves. Sonal sees it and decides to create more misunderstandings in Rachna’s mind.

Rachna is confused with KT’s behavior. She wonders if she should directly talk to him or no. One of the men from Nathulal’s gang comes to Rachna’s house with a fake moustache and beard. He asks for Mayank as he has to deliver a package to him which his boss gave. Rachna says he’s not at home and asks him to come after few days. Rachna doubts him as he was continuously looking inside the house. Rachna then closes the door. The guy wonders what all Vidhi was telling him then.

Garg family returns home and they ask about Gunjan. Rachna lies that she’s sleeping. Seema cries and everyone comforts her. Seema throws out some photos and Rachna sees the guy who just came. She asks Seema who is that. Seema says these are the people who trapped Mayank. Rachna thinks of telling the truth to everyone, but then decides against it. She receives a call from Gunjan and she goes to her room. Rachna tells her about the guy and Gunjan wonders if Nathulal’s gang has doubted her. She tells Rachna that she will have to stay there tonight else they may miss this last chance. She asks Rachna to take care of everyone in house.

Nathulal comes and asks Gunjan with whom she was talking. Gunjan says she was talking with passport agent. She’s again to fool Nathulal, but he warns her that if she’s doing anything against them, then it won’t be good for her, she’ll be risking her life.

Rachna is worried how she will hide the truth when Seema comes to Gunjan’s room. Rachna quickly sleeps and puts a blanket on her. Seema goes to wake her up, but then decides to let her rest. Rachna is relieved.

The guy returns to Nathulal’s place and says he found nothing wrong at Mayank’s house. They wonder why he didn’t come for the attendance today then. Vidhi is very sure that Gunjan is with Mayank. She makes everyone agree to check Gunjan’s phone which will prove if Gunjan is with Mayank. Gunjan hears it and worries how she will clear all the history that quickly.

Vidhi and her gang members enter Gunjan’s room and find her sleeping. Vidhi finds her phone and pick it up quietly, but it doesn’t start. Gunjan wakes up and shouts at her. Vidhi asks her to start her phone if she is not really doing anything wrong. Gunjan tries to start, but she can’t start it either. She blames Vidhi for breaking it. She then says this is enough, she can’t work with people who can’t trust her. Nathulal scolds Vidhi and request Gunjan to stay. They leave. Gunjan is relieved. She recalls putting her phone in water on the last moment and therefore it didn’t start. She is now confused how she will contact KT.

KT is working. Sonal comes and gives him a massage. She tries to find out from him what’s happening, but KT doesn’t tell her.

In night, KT recalls Rachna’s strange behavior. He’s getting worried for Gunjan and calls Rachna. Rachna says Gunjan is fine, but she didn’t tell her about the plan. KT tells her to let him know if she gets any update and hangs. Rachna finds KT strange as on one side he’s so worried for Gunjan and Mayank, and other hand he’s angry with her.

Gunjan wakes up in middle of night and goes out to call KT from a public phone. Nathulal wakes up to drink water and he doesn’t find Gunjan in the house. Gunjan tells KT that their plan is on. They will meet at 8pm on highway. She returns home and finds everyone standing there.

Vidhi again doubts Gunjan. Gunjan asks her to shut and is able to convince Nathulal that she is not doing anything against them by saying she went out to relax as she can’t sleep whenever she’s about to do something big. Nathulal scolds Vidhi and asks her to remove doubt from her mind.

In morning, Sonal comes to KT and reminds him it’s Holi tomorrow. She plans to go out with him as he doesn’t play Holi. Dadi hears it and she proposes for a Holi party. Sonal doesn’t want it to happen, but she can’t say no. Dadi smartly gets an approval from KT. Sonal asks Dadi if they will invite Rachna and her family as well. Dadi says of course, they are their neighbors. Sonal says she doesn’t think they will come as there is some problem in their house. KT says problem will be solved by tonight.

Seema packs lunch for Mayank and then goes to Gunjan’s room. She removes the blanket and is shocked to find Rachna instead Gunjan.


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